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6.       Fairy tales


Yep, these fractured bedtime stories are even Grimmer than the originals (*ducking tomatoes, again*). Then there are unicorns, which weren’t ruined per se, but I know I’ll never look at them the same way again!
7.       Colored contacts

I think colored contacts look a little spooky to begin with, but as a Supernatural fan, I now find them extra creepy: if demons can have black, red, yellow, or white eyes, why not blue or green? Being able to see the pupils doesn’t reassure me. You can see the red-eyed crossroad demon’s pupils too.
8.       The Tooth Fairy

Open wide and say “ahhhh” . . .
When I lost my teeth, I’d place them under the pillow hoping to find a quarter in the morning like all the other kids. Apparently I was ok with some freak coming into my room in the dead of night. But there was never anything there. See, my parents are first generation immigrants—they had no idea they were supposed to play tooth fairy! As it turns out, I should be grateful. Thirty-two quarters will not cover the lifetime of therapy bills that poor dad will need after his encounter with Jesse’s version of the Tooth Fairy.
It’s too bad we didn’t get to meet Jesse’s parents--sounds like his dad had a pretty perverse sense of humor! Or he just came up with a creative way to hang on to his pocket change.
9.       Clowns

“Clowns?? What the—” Oh, Ash, don’t act so surprised. Didn’t you ever see “It”?   Pennywise ensured the ruin of clowns for an entire generation; the folks at Supernatural are just doing their part to increase the prevalence of traumatic coulrophobia in the population. Bonus points to Jas for teaching us the word of the day!


# Jasminka 2010-05-19 09:53
Hey, ElenaM, this is fantastic... And I wondered why I never touched those melonballers again for over a year...

I have always been afraid of clowns, kids in movies, dolls .. this show only enhanced that, thank you very much, Mr Kripke.

Remind me to never make a deal with a crossroads demon - the idea of being torn up by hellhounds (perhaps Crowley-big-one s) is not improving my idea of a quiet death.

Bring on part two! We need some laughs during this hiatus!

Thanks! Jas
# Randal 2010-05-19 11:07
A new liver, heh heh. Guess they'll have to dig up Doc Benton's alchemy text after all.

Can one ruin Arbor Day?

Ahem. Are you saying that heaven does in fact NOT contain a burning river or subpar sports teams?

Only Supernatural could turn a sweet golden retriever into a bloodthirsty killer.

Bonus points for the dig at our joke of a health care system, but this list would've scored an A anyway. Loved it! :D
# Julie 2010-05-19 11:07
ElenaM ,
I love lists and this one is just great . I may never recover from the trauma of seeing that screencap of the melon baller , this is the only scene I have never actually seen as I have to look away as soon as I see Sams eye taped open ( feeling ill just thinking about it )
Really looking forward to the next part though , thanks.
# Bethany 2010-05-19 14:31
ElenaM thanks :D i laughed my way through this list, which was a bit awkward as i was at work, but still brilliant list ... can't wait for part 2!

i loved the dog death in mystery spot it was one of my favourites! (after the taco and the archery)... i personally think kripke loves taking things that are held up and knocking them down in his own unique way ... is nothing sacred to kripke, i don't think so.
# Sablegreen 2010-05-19 14:33
Great list, ElenaM. The microwave is macabre for sure and the kitchen sink! :P Look forward to part 2!
# Bevie 2010-05-19 14:59
That was so funny ElenaM. Thanks for the laughs. :lol:

The bits I can no longer watch are the table saw in "The Kids are Alright", the garbage disposal in "Home" and the
cuisinart in "After School Special". Something about living flesh being minced! Just hearing the sounds freaks me out.

Always distrusted clowns, but after "It" absolutely hated them. Shiver!

Don't have a melon baller, but my ice cream scoop would do in a pinch and every time I use it I think of Sam's eyeballs. Eeeeek! :o
# Elle2 2010-05-19 16:32

I love the kitchen appliances! I'd forgotten about the melon baller...until I saw it again ugh!

Great list...and you have more to come!! Whee
# Aaricia 2010-05-19 20:05
Very good. But don't forget the BBQ fork (Bad Day at b
Black Rock)!
# Ardeospina 2010-05-19 23:06
Really fun list, Elena! I didn't even think of some of those things the show has ruined for me, and part 2 is still to come! I'll wait until then to see if you have had the same things ruined for you!
# ElenaM 2010-05-20 01:15
Before I say anything else: I'm so sorry about the melon baller cap!!! I really should have put a warning or disclaimer before it. Better late than never: scroll down carefully and skip screencap number 6 if you're squeamish!!! Honestly I tried to find one where the Doc was just holding it but it was hard to tell what it was in those caps...

Along those lines, I just went through part 2. I don't want to give anything away yet, but I'm putting out some disclaimers: tha cap for #19 is OK, but the scene referenced is probably one of our more disturbing ones... Numbers 21, 22, and 23 each contain a screencap with some stomach-turning potential, so scroll carefully. Still, nothing you haven't seen already...

Thank you so much, everyone--just wanted to contribute something fun for Hellatus, glad you're enjoying it, melon baller excepted ;-)

Narcissus, good call!!! The white nightgown totally belongs on the list. Can't pass one in the store without a shiver. But hey, I'd rather have plaid flannel PJs anyway (hmmm, I wonder why... ;-))

Jas, glad you liked! Yeah, this show isn't going to help anyone with any of their neuroses. Hellhounds wouldn't be my favorite way to go either. But Crowley did make me consider the advantages of having one for a pet ;-)

Leslie, Krip's just too twisted, isn't he? You can't catch a break with this show! And Provenance, creepy painting, creepy doll, creepy little girl, yikes. But it had one of the best motel rooms ever!

Randal, leave the doc in the fridge, please! No one wants to see that melon baller ever again. The black market will provide. Re: Arbor Day: yes. M Night Shyalamalan ruined it with the abysmal "The Happening", which is too bad 'cause I'm still a huge fan of Sixth Sense. And pouring so much crap into the Cuyahoga that it freaking sets the RIVER on FIRE does not help you climb the celestial ladder (IMHO), but being a fond Winchester childhood memory helps ;-). Not that the Miami did much better, mind. Kidding aside, thank you so much, and hope you like part 2!

Julie, sorry about that... for me the gas station scene from Simon Said is unwatchable (hmmm, more for the list). And Pestilence snotting all over the drugstore. I better stop, I'm not helping at all. Hoping you enjoyed the rest!

Bethany, I totally owe you! Your pointing out how Krip ruined the kitchen started this whole thing, so thanks again!

Thanks, Sablgreen! Gotta love the dark humor on this show ;-)

Bevie, oh no! Show ruined ICE CREAM for you? That is just so wrong!

Thanks, Elle2! Although the kitchen stuff was all Bethany, I just picked some screencaps :mrgreen:

Hi, Shauna! yeah, the Tooth Fairy was awesomely disturbing. Apparently the Rock has played the role as well, which I also find awesomely disturbing. I'm positive there'll be more creepy little girls, especially if Sera Gamble takes charge ;-), and evil leprechauns get a vote from me too! I love the holiday episodes.

Aaricia: Right on. The barbecue fork definitely gets a place of honor under ruined kitchen stuff--good call!!!

Ardeospina, thank you! Very curious to find out what Krip's ruined for you ... :D

Again, thank you everyone for your comments! No tomatoes yet, I can hardly believe it. There's still part 2 though :D
# Bethany 2010-05-20 02:01
Well i have to admit that when our sink backed up a few months ago, however irrational this may seem, i wouldn't go anywhere near it much to the amusement of my housemates ... thanks kripke!
# Suze 2010-05-20 07:17
Bethany, me too! I've now got such a morbid fear of sink related doom that I'm very reluctant to put my fingers any where near it, even though the nearest thing we've got to a garbage-disposa l is the dog ...
# Karen 2010-05-20 09:07
Hi ElenaM
Love the list, what a great idea.
For me I will never own a garbage disposal unit, ever!
The Clown never bothered me, but my daughter went into a panic attack on her first watch of Everyone loves a clown. But that was the fault of Stephen King and ‘IT’.
Can’t wait for part 2.
# ElenaM 2010-05-22 11:56
I'm quite fond of my garbage disposal, it's doing such admirable work on the veggie peelings and other dinner detritus. But if it ever backed up, I'm not touching it either. No freaking way. Which means I'll probably get sued by the plumber.

You know, Suze, dogs are on the list too--just kidding, I'm sure yours is (are?) great :D
Karen, I remember when "It" came out all the kids at my elementary school were freaked. Hope your daughter wasn't too frightened, that movie still scares me. Tim Curry classic, right under Frank N. Furter. Oh, and thank you!
# Suze 2010-05-22 12:37
Frankly, ElenaM, the occasional shredding of things and/or people are not the most unpleasant aspect of dog ownership by a long shot ... We've got two, an elderly Lab and something that looks like a warg crossed with a sheep and being bitten ( given a nasty suck ) is the least of ones worries. The farts alone could kill a bus load of demons ... ( Oooh! Anyone feel a FanFic coming on? :lol: )
# Suze 2010-05-22 12:39
Oi, what's going on with the bobbly emoticons, they're all strange and squiffy ...
# Freebird 2010-05-24 17:25
ElenaM, what a great list! You made my day :lol: :lol: