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A Traveller’s Guide To The Winchesters 
The Winchesters are not known for leaving the country, that is the United States. They might leave this dimension or this manner of existence (by being dead and brought back by one means or the other), but they have remained on American soil.
Their fans, however, are to be found all around the globe, people of different race, colour, religion or culinary preference. A convention will soon be held in Los Angeles (and others will follow in Chicago or Vancouver), and no doubt people from, gosh, all five continents will probably be there to visit, for a couple of days, Planet Winchester.

They might travel in the distinguished company of friends or family who are not familiar with the world of Supernatural. This often shallow or plain silly guide is meant for them – but also for everyone who loves to follow the brothers’ adventures.
  (I found the following pictures all over the www, and of course, copyrights lie with the respected owners.)
The Winchesters are goof balls. More or less. When they don’t have to hunt the odd demon or play war with angels and devils, they love a good joke, and they have a strong taste for slap stick, pointy one-liners and singing off key.
They are – prepare for an unknown fact – secret fashionistas who would never settle for a cheap suit, no, dear friends, they always go for the well-cut, flattering design, and they know how fabulous they look in a tux (which comes handy when they have to charm elderly ladies with invitations to exclusive parties or fight monsters of old Hollywood B-Movies).
The Winchesters are economical with the truth. Over the years they have learned to be exactly that. In fact, the lie to each other (and others) for simple reasons: to protect them from the occasional ugly truth. Sometimes they’re just afraid the other might get really mad if he found out the truth, which is mostly quite unappetizing. 
They, or let’s say: Sam knows how to get what he wants – he just gives others he needs to charm the ‘puppy dog thing’, and he is so efficient that even Dean encourages him to do so, because he knows how to make use of one of his brother’s best assets!

Sam and Dean don’t smile often. In fact, they don’t exactly find many reasons to smile, as their lives are consistently in danger and brushed by tragedy. But – when they do smile, the sun comes up.

Oh, I have to mention, they have a knack for guns (you might just think they’re from Texas)… Their impala’s trunk is loaded with guns of all kinds, rock salt ammunition, holy water (also referred to as  Jesus Juice), and stakes of silver and wood. We haven’t heard yet of wooden bullets, but I wouldn’t be surprised if those were somewhere in that hotchpotch, too.



# Suze 2010-03-19 07:50
What? What? Dunno, mate. Sorry, but my brain sort of fused after the Puppy-Dog-Eyes picture ... If you want cohearance go easy on the pretty! :lol:
# Karen 2010-03-19 07:52
Hi Jasminka
This is great!
And the pictures!
I absolutely love that last picture you posted of them.
The first time I saw that picture …my heart burst.
It captured so much of their friendship, it’s my favourite picture of them.
By the way your not alone, I also loved that knife from the pilot, so mid evil looking.
I guess it was too hard to conceal, doesn’t exactly fit in one’s pocket. 8-)
Thanks Jas this was a fun read.
# Randal 2010-03-19 09:42
Disdain for cheap suits? How quickly we've forgotten the fake DHS officials from Phantom Traveler, but you're excused in this blatant objectification into eye candy. Chicks. :D
# Jasminka 2010-03-19 09:55
Suze,Karen and Randal, eye candy it is....

Suze, who said anything about cohearance...? You go as you please, lady!

Karen, I love that last pic also so much. It is one of my favourites of the guys. One reason why I love doing this kind of lighter articles is the use of my fave eye candy... A woman can't live on food alone. ;-)

Randal, I know, I know, but don't you love us because of that? :lol: Sometimes I need to be shallow...

Thanks, everyone!! Love Jas
# AndreaW 2010-03-19 10:52
Jas, it's such a relief to know that there are other shallow people out there. Sometimes I think I'm the only one...
Indeed, how can a poor helpless woman NOT be shallow after seeing those smiles? ;-)
# Sablegreen 2010-03-19 10:56
Great article Jas, I LOVE the pics. WOW you found some really good one.

Thanks for the fun!
# Julie 2010-03-19 11:11
Jas, Thank you, I just love your articles and this one was perfect.
Just one point though-- No salad-- come on, I am sure that somewhere in those bacon cheeseburgers there`s an odd slice of tomato or rogue bit of lettuce.
# Bevie 2010-03-19 12:53
Thanks Jas, that was great and I had never seen some of the pictures before.

About Dean and his eating habits, he did get to eat a real salad, even though not quite himself, in "It's a Terrible Life". He probably doesn't remember that. :D He had a BLT in "What is and What Can Never Be" too, but I guess that won't count.

And those smiles are so rare they are more valuable than diamonds.
# Evelyn 2010-03-19 14:21
Love the article Jas. Great pics too - lots of brother togetherness. Although the picture of Sam and Dean dead, guh. Not liking those too much. :cry::

I am in agreement with everyone else about the last picture though. That is a wonderful shot of both Jared and Jensen and it speaks volumes as to the affection they have for each other. And that camaraderie they have together is what makes this show so great.

As to a road trip? I would love to take a road trip with these two. I can think/dream of the fun we would have and the trouble we could get into. Oh boy, when do we leave. ;-)
# AndreaW 2010-03-19 15:39
As for the death pics, poor Dean looks a mess, as is to be expected when one is a "Hellhound's chew toy". Sam, however, looks cute as a male Sleeping Beauty. I hope it doesn't sound too weird...
# ElenaM 2010-03-19 18:15
Loved this! this line especially cracked me up: "Sam and Dean tend to die every once in a while. It is in hideously bad taste (as often done via an infernal contract that put their souls on the line), not to mention inconsiderate to the surviving brother."
# joelsteinlover 2010-03-19 18:18
And the guide episode synopsis says in two weeks they're gonna die again. But not legitimately.


I liked this. It made me laugh. I too loooove that last picture.
# Jasminka 2010-03-21 04:12
So many comments, wow thank you guys!

AndreaW, sometimes I need to be shallow. And I bet we all do, as it provides harmless fun…

Sablegreen, ah, well, my pleasure.

Julie and Bevie, come on, do you really think, that odd piece of tomato counts? In It’s A Terrible life, Dean even got rid of the beer…. I think we can keep that under ‘not being himself’, eh?

Dany, yes, you’re right, we’ve all signed for that trip from the first moment we tuned in to watch this amazing show. Coherent thoughts? What’s that?
Thank you so much for your good wishes, you’ll hear all about my trip as soon as I get back! I expect to have great fun and meet nice people, meet some locals, too. Let me see if I can invalidate some of those terrible clichés…

Evelyn, you know, I had to put a bit blood in there. Always shock your audience.. ah, wait, this is not a horror flick, eh?
Yes, that last picture is a behind the scenes pic, and it does show their mutual affection. I love to see that with people. When you see someone looking at another and that look speaks of so much, whether it’s ‘the guys’ or complete strangers (which they are, too, basically).

ElenaM, thank you. I guess, I had a good day.

Joelsteinlover, really? I haven’t read that one, yet. Die again? A come on.

Thank you, take care, y’all, love Jas
# Ardeospina 2010-03-21 13:09
Fun article, Jas! It's nice to be shallow every once in a while! Plus, I bet this was a nice break from all the really serious and in-depth articles you usually take on. Those have to be so emotional.

And I bet Dean considers the lettuce on his cheeseburgers salad enough!
# Jasminka 2010-03-22 17:41
You're right, Ardeospina, articles like this serve one purpose, too: giving my mind a possibility to get out to graze - from work, but also from the other kind of articles which are always taxing to some extent, but always, too, fun to write. And since I'm still working on that God-article which will take some more time, this was a nice break, indeed.

Perhaps we should teach Dean a bit about healthy food?

Love Jas
# Ardeospina 2010-03-22 20:38
Oh, my goodness, a God article sounds massively challenging and impressive. I can't wait to read it! You know, whenever it's done and all that. I don't want to pressure you or anything! I totally understand the need for a break, too, because after my last list, I decided I wanted a nice, fun, relaxing one to take the edge off emotional endings.

I think there's a lot you and I could teach Dean about his eating habits. Perhaps he'd be so kind as to stop by sometime for a lesson.
# Supernarttu 2010-03-23 04:12
Thanks Jas, this was fun!! And so, so pretty. Ah, I'm back in Drool City again... Well, at least I'm not the only one :D

Agree with ElenaM, the "Sam and Dean tend to die every once in a while" cracked me up too. Yeah, talk about inconvenient!
Have a nice trip! *waves* Bring back lots of drool, I mean stories ;-)