Before I post tonight's smile inducing entry from Karen, who shares her hiatus blues to rhyme in her own ingenius way (not to mention giving me a huge "Aw shucks" reaction), I wanted to make an official announcement.  Welcome Karen officially to The Winchester Family Business writing team!  Her poems have been so clever, heartwarming, touching, amusing, and downright awesome and I'm pleased to be able to post them.  Hers is indeed a unique talent that we're thrilled to showcase.  Below is her bio, which will also be found in the "Who Are We?" section.   

is our resident poet, finding extraordinary ways to share her love for Supernatural through poems.  She's married with one child, who’s in her first year of University.  She's from Southern Ontario and has worked for a large company for the past 30 years.  She found Supernatural the night they aired "Nightmare" and was immediately hooked. However due to shift work and a temperamental VCR, she was only able to catch a few episodes the first season and about half the second.  She was finally able to find the first season on DVD and caught up before season two’s came out. By the start of season three she had a digital box that she could record from and hasn't missed an episode since.

Welcome Karen!  We're thrilled to have officially be a part now of this crazy stuff we do.


The Supernatural Hiatus Blues
Well the hiatus just started and it's a long one at that.
Eight weeks to survive, 56 days to combat.
But wait what is this! I could just shriek,
For Elle2 just informed they've added a week.
Nine whole weeks! I need a drink, where's the booze?
Oh my! I'm coming down with the Hiatus Blues.
But Hey! I m strong, I can get thru without the brothers.
After all the first week is no different from the others.
I have my family and friends to help me pull thru.
There's always my work keeping me busy too.
And I have my DVD's, with lots of episodes to choose.
This will help me from the Hiatus Blues.
We're in the second week and I'm starting to fade.
I can't keep this up, this phony charade.
I guess I'm not as strong, with so many weeks still counting.
I'm starting to hyperventilate, my anxiety is mounting.
I need to calm down, I need to defuse.
Oh how I hate the Hiatus Blues.
Wait! I think I know how to end all this stress.
I'll go to Alice's Winchester Family Business.
For there's article after article for the mind to expand.
Faellie's Tactics and Strategies, Randal's One Night Stand.
Along with Abandon all Hope's many touching reviews,
This might just get me thru the Hiatus Blues.
There's Jas's Warrior of Lights and the Amulet's demise.
The Epitaph for Ellen and Jo, which brought tears to my eyes.
Elle2 love for the Pilot and Alice's Sera Gamble interview,
Her Holiday Leftovers and Things I'm Thankful for too.
Plus there's been plenty of banter between Randal and Suze,
Who keeps cracking me up thru this Hiatus Blues.
We're into week three and it's taking its tow.
I'm working seventy-two hours and battling the snow.
I need to be saved from my current blight.
So I'm off to Alice's wonderful website.
To read all the new articles and everyone's views.
To help me overcome the Hiatus Blues
Wow I can t believe it! We're into week four.
New articles keep coming, they've been really hardcore.
With an interview with Jim, Elle2 Remember the Fun.
Jas's take on Bela and on the Father and the sons.
Sablegreen's "Where are the powers?" that Sam use to use.
I think I'm actually getting thru the Hiatus Blues.
It's Week five and the articles are not stopping
Yikes! It s Dec 22, I have to start Christmas shopping!
Back to Tales of Epic Hero's and Episodes I don t re-watch.
There s How A Demon saved a Life, which of course is top notch.
Then to The Wisdom of Dean, that should truly amuse.
It's definitely getting better this Hiatus Blues.
Merry Christmas everyone, were now on week six.
I'm back to the website for my supernatural fix.
There are festive poems and pets, in which to gaze.
And Seven reasons to be grateful for the holidays.
We have Dearly Departed, on some we hated to lose.
I'm feeling sentimental during this Hiatus Blues.
Happy New Years! Do you believe it s week seven?
With all new articles to read, I'm simply in heaven.
We have Moments that make us smile and New Year recognitions,
Torture and Survival of Dean and the effects of hells conditions.
Supernatural Wins People's Choice Award! Such Breaking News!
Now this is one way to push away the Hiatus Blues.
We re in the home stretch. We're at Week eight.
They're still many things to read and to celebrate.
Doing a Mini Marathon and Quoting Supernatural for fun.
And reading thru all the Mini Reviews on Season One.
We have the Women of Supernatural that some might refuse.
But the best part of all is the departure of the Hiatus Blues.
I just want to take a moment and thank you all
For if it wasn't for this site I would be climbing the wall.
So to Elle, Sablegreen, Jasminka and Elle2,
Faellie, Randal and Alice, especially to you.
For giving me a place to belong and being my muse.
And helping me survive the Hiatus Blues.


# Sablegreen 2010-01-14 20:55
What can I say Karen!! You rock! This is Excellent!! I just Love your poems, and yes, your right. I wouldn't have survived the hiatus without this site too!

Welcome to the team! :D
# Jasminka 2010-01-15 03:47
Welcome Karen to our writers’ staff!! We officially have our own bard now…

Gosh, I’m so honoured to be part of such a creative bunch!
And – thank you Alice, lady of this site, for bringing us all together!

Karen, this was so touching… I’m sitting here at work, tears welling up and I need to see my first patient of this Friday in a few minutes, and right now I’d rather like to be standing in the rain to hide my tears…

What a lovely, warm tribute to this site and everyone who contributed some piece to get us through this hiatus. Thanks to all the fun we had here it didn’t feel like hiatus at all to me, but like a nourishing experience that kept feeding so many parts of my brain. And this powerful, poetic, and perfect blues comes as a moving acknowledgement of the efforts everyone here puts into their work and words.
Thank you, Karen, thank you so very much.
love Jas
# Suze 2010-01-15 07:02
Awww, bless ... My stiff upper lip's gone all wobbly ... :D
# Randal 2010-01-15 10:44
Well hell, that just kicked all kinds of ass; Karen, I'm going to have you start rewriting my stuff. ;-)

Can anyone here play the geetar or know BB King personally? This needs to be recorded!
# elle2 2010-01-15 11:30

That was awesome! You worked in all the fun of the hiatus (and who knew there could be that much!) and I found myself reliving some of the articles and moments of these past eight---screech --nine weeks!

We are so lucky to have the many fab writers here and I'm so glad you've 'officially' been added to the 'team' of writers. I love your abilities, you are a unique voice here, may you speak on and on.

Only six days to go -- wheeeeeeee
# magichappening 2010-01-15 11:31
And from a UK-based, non-writing-tea m-member:

But this is fantastic!

And so true... I have no idea what I would have done without this amazing site and all of your thoughts and words.

After a quick proofread for typos I would send this to The Kripke et al.

'Tis brilliant I tell you!
# Dany 2010-01-15 13:10
Karen better than this only if you had had music!

# Bevie 2010-01-15 14:13
That was just wonderful Karen!

And this site has been great to come here every day in the hiatus and always to find some new gem to enjoy and shorten the wait. Thanks to all of you who contribute!
You are all amazing!
# Freebird 2010-01-15 14:28
Karen, wonderful!!!
I can hear music in my head.... 8-)
# ElenaM 2010-01-15 22:41
"For if it wasn't for this site I would be climbing the wall." Amen! So true, this was my first real hiatus, and it wasn't bad at all, thanks to you all. Keep 'em coming, Karen-- and congrats!

BB King's awesome. Or how about Robert Johnson to score Hellatus Blues? Oh, damn, the hellhounds got him.
# Karen 2010-01-15 23:20
Hi Everyone
Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments and congrats.
I was truly honoured to be asked to join the writing staff.
After watching Abandon All Hope, I thought I could use a break from the show. AAH completely destroyed me. I still to this day can’t bring myself to re-watch it. It really hit me hard. But by the third week I was really missing the show. It had been a bad week and I needed uplifting. So I was off to my favourite website..The Winchester Family Business. After a couple of articles, I was in a whole new mind frame. That’s when the lines started coming to me. The hardest thing was finding and working in so many different words that rhymed with Blues. By the way thanks Suze!

I love the idea of BB King and Robert Johnson, for some reason I had George Thorogood’s ‘Bad to the Bone’ in my head when I was working on the verses.

Jasminka this was suppose to make you laugh or giggle or smile or even a smirk, not to bring you to tears! I feel horrible.

Thanks again everyone!
# Jasminka 2010-01-16 06:27
Oh now, dear, I'm a major weeper when I'm touched. I giggled, too, but somehow that morning I was also in a more emotional mood. Meds, anyone?
I enjoyed this. Very much. ;-),Jas
# Jasminka 2010-01-16 06:28
I also cry when I'm happy. I'm a crazy gal. You need to feed the cliché of the nut-job therapist, you know :o
# Narcissus 2010-01-16 19:09
Karen is so right! Thank you so much Alice and Karen, Jasminka, Randal, Faellie, Elle, Elle2, Sablegreen..we made it through. Yay! :mrgreen:
# Supernarttu 2010-01-17 10:22
Congrats Karen on the Official-Writer -status :-)

And this poem? Was gold!!
I can't believe that 9 weeks went by so fast!!