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300 caption contests and counting.  Wow!  The creativity of this fandom has never ceased to amaze me but the fact it's still going strong all these years later?  You all are most impressive.  When I greenlit this idea back in 2012, I had no idea it would take off and become this popular for so long.  I'm so grateful to Nate for running with this every week for the last few years on our Discussion Page and spending hours upon hours finding the right captions to turn this into something spectacular.  

How much do we love these captions?  I'm not sure if you noticed, but we've put the winning captions into a slide show that displays a random winner each time the front page loads.  Just scroll down to see the "Caption This Winners" section.  Don't want to keep reloading the page?  We are also keeping all winners in our Caption This photo gallery for your scrolling pleasure.  

As a bonus for you all, myself and Nightsky get really lucky sometimes and Nate shares some exclusive captions only for us.  This one is my absolute favorites.

bonus caption2

I'm right there with you Chuck.  

Yes, we certainly are treating this 300 milestone as a big deal.  Myself, Nate and Nightsky all thought about how we wanted to treat this big milestone, and naturally we went with voting contest!   We have chosen our top captions and are putting it to a vote.  You, the readers and participants get to decide who the winners of the contest are.  Those winning submissions are up for some prizes.  

All those details can be found a little later.  First, some unfinished business. Nate and Nightsky both shared their Editor's Choice Awards, so naturally I need my chance to chime in on which ones I thought were the best.  Here are my Editor's Choices for the captions #201 to 300:

Next Page - Alice's Editor Choice Awards

Best Movie Reference...EVER!

#220 Episode 10.11 - "There's no Place Like Home"
Winner - ccarmich52

Have I ever mentioned that The Princess Bride is one of my most favorite movies ever?  I'm sure I've mentioned it a few thousand times in my reviews and other articles since this site started.  Great caption!  

Since we're on the theme of The Princess Bride, I'll also give honorable mention to this one.

244 AlyCat22
#244 Episode 15.18 - "Despair"
Winner - AlyCat22

Best 'Don't You Hate it When That Happens at the Wrong Time?' Caption

255addtext com MTkwMjIzMzY3NDY
#255 Episode 2.12 - "Nightshifter"
Winner - cheryl42

We've all been there Agent Henriksen.  

Best Reminder That My Mother-in-law is a Horrible Driver

263addtext com MDgyMjIzMTAwMg
#263 Episode 11.04 - "Baby"
Winner - AlyCat22

This brings back so many family memories...

Best "Too Soon?" Caption


#212 Episode 5.02 - "Good God, Y'all"
Winner - White_Bat

Ooh, nothing like an on the nose literal statement done in caption form.  Still bitter.  

Best Dead On Impersonation of a Children's Icon After One Very Rare Happy Supernatural Ending

245 ScifiSpirit

#245 Episode 15.19 - "Inherit the Earth"
Winner - ScifiSpirit

Best "F*** you COVID for ruining everything" Caption

247addtext com MjAyNzE2NDg5Nw
#247 Episode 5.10 - "Abandon All Hope"
Winner - cheryl42

Yep, still bitter about this one too! 

Best Caption That I Really Shouldn't Laugh at, But I am...A Lot

281addtext com MjEyMDQ1NDY5Nw

#281 Episode 8.03 - "Heartache"
Winner - AlyCat22

Dean's expression just sells this!

Best "Let me explain. No there is too much.  Let me sum up." Caption

216addtext com MjEzOTM5MjAxNzI

#216 Episode 8.20 - "Pac-Man Fever"
Winner - IThinkIHaveAFever

Yes, it's another Princess Bride reference in my title.  See what happens once you get me started?  As for the Winner's name, I say "More Cowbell!" 

Best "Thank You Captain Obvious" Caption

258addtext com MjA1MjI1NDg3MTI

#258 Episode 6.20 - "The Man Who Would be King"
Winner - Laura

Anyone that's been to the DMV knows this!  Hell on earth, no matter where you live.  Figures the angel didn't get it.  

Best Caption That Just Takes Me to My Happy Place


#202 Episode 15.06 - "Last Call"
Winner - Marion

Best Caption That Summarizes All of Supernatural in Two Short Sentences

239addtext com MjAwMTE0NTIwMA

#239 Episode 1.02 - "Wendigo"
Winner - Marion

It's a huge reminder that no matter what jobs we have, none have the occupational hazards that Sam and Dean have had to face. 

My Top Choices (in no particular order)

286addtext com MjA0OTU3MTczMjg

#286 Episode 9.12 - "Sharp Teeth"
Winner - Stephen Burns

LOL Funny!  Sam's face has that perfect clown paranoia-esque vibe.  It's truly the only time he's terrified.  You will always win me over with Sam clown humor!  

270addtext com MjEyNTMwNDEzODI
#270 Episode 5.09 - "The Real Ghostbusters"
Winner - Laura

This is a great reminder of how insanely meta "The Real Ghostbusters" was. I so wish Kripke had worked this into the script!  Still one of my favorite episodes.  

241addtext com MjEwMTIyNTE3NTg

#241 Episode 15.15 - "Gimme Shelter"
Winner - White_Bat

Every time I see this I just laugh out loud.  The perfect awkward fashion statement whenever a Demon, Angel and Nephilim decide to get together.  

250addtext com MTYyMjIxMzU2NQ
#250 Episode 2.17 - "Heart"
Winner - AlyCat22

All you have to do is say "Herpexia" and I collapse into a fit of laughter.  Couple that with the perfect Sam goofy face, and one amazing caption is born.  

Okay, with all that said and done, on the Next Page, let the voting begin! 

Now that you've heard from us editors, it is time for you, the voting public to decide the best captions, 201-300.  

I have assembled our 13 top choices and created an online vote that will run for two weeks.  Voting closes on March 27th at 11:59 ET.  Those that submitted the top three captions selected in the vote will win the following prizes:

Prize 1: A copy of There'll Be Peace When You Are Done signed by author Lynn Zubernis

Prize 2: A brand new copy of Entertainment Weekly Ultimate Guide to Supernatural magazine

Prize 3: A brand new copy of TV Guide Special Collector's Edition Supernatural Forever magazine

The winner will get to choose their prize first, then the second place finisher chooses from the remaining two, and then the third place finisher gets what's left.

To prevent a "stuffing of the ballot box" (it's happened on our votes before), everyone is allowed one vote a day for the next 2 weeks.  So remember to come back each day to choose your favorite!  Voting starts now and closes on March 27th at 11:59 ET.  
With all the disclaimers out of the way, it is now time to vote!  Here are your selections:  

We at The Winchester Family Business thank you all for participating each week in "Caption This!" and making this game the huge success that it's become.  Happy voting and we'll assemble again in two weeks to reveal a winner.