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Story by Gail Z. Martin
Dioramas by Catherine Curl

The weekend started out slow, like the break they needed after a busy few weeks of hunting. A few beers, some time to read, a game or two of chess.   


“It’s a little too quiet, don’t you think, Sammy?” Dean asked on Saturday. Sure, they needed the break, but Dean started to get twitchy when there wasn’t something going on, and they had already seen all the good movies on Netflix.

“That’s the whole point of taking a break, Dean. Quiet.” Sam sounded more exasperated than annoyed, and Dean was glad they’d finally gotten to a point where they were comfortable just being together without the urgency of a case. 

“Yeah, but the weather’s good for a drive. What do you say—go out for lunch, drive around, look for an easy salt-and-burn, come back and have a couple of drinks.” He paused. “Maybe go see that Game of Thrones exhibit at the library in Lebanon.”

Dean had no idea how the local library had managed to get a traveling exhibit of props from the show, but after all the hours they had spent watching the saga play out on TV, he was curious to see pieces used on the set. Sam had noted when the exhibit opened, so Dean knew his brother wanted to go, even if he hadn’t said so yet.

“And the case? You happen to have one up your sleeve?” Sam’s voice had the fond patience that told Dean his brother knew he was being ‘managed’ and didn’t mind.


“Never doubt me, Sammy.” Dean grinned and handed over a Manila folder as Sam fired up his laptop. “So get this—there’s one of those fake Halloween haunted house attractions that turned out to be really haunted. Thought we could check it out, play a little pool and hear what the locals are saying, and stop by the psychic in town to see what she knows. Then go do what we do best, and light that sucker up!”

Sam raised an eyebrow. “Before or after the Game of Thrones exhibit?”

“Geez. Relax. Game of Thrones first, then the haunting. Sound good?”

“Okay. Let’s do it,” Sam agreed.   


The exhibit was small, but fun. They laughed at how fake the movie weapons were, took turns sitting in the Iron Throne, and commented on how the costumes wouldn’t last a day in a real battle. Then they headed for Big Bill’s Bar for lunch and a couple of low-key games of pool. The burgers were better than average, the side of fries was enormous, and the six kinds of homemade pie almost put Dean into a food coma just deciding what to choose.

After that, they stopped to talk with Cherie the psychic, who said that the ghosts had been present in the old Hamilton house for years but didn’t bother anyone until the place was sold and people started rigging up the attraction.

“I don’t think they liked the noise and the extra people,” Cherie told Sam and Dean. “I wish folks had just let the old place be, but the ‘pranks’ the ghosts are playing are getting more dangerous, and someone’s going to get hurt—or worse.”   


Cherie told them where the bodies were buried, and the boys promised to take care of it. They checked out the house for themselves, and the EMF meter went wild.

“See, this is another reason I don’t like Halloween,” Sam said, looking at the half-finished attraction with its spooky decorations and the big ‘Heartstopping Horror House’ sign. “They caused a problem with real ghosts by setting up a fake haunted house.”

“Pretty sure you’re missing the point, Sammy,” Dean replied, wondering whether it would actually be fun to go to an attraction like that sometime. Then he figured he’d probably end up cutting the head off a mannequin or decking one of the actors if he went into hunting mode on instinct, and decided it wasn’t worth it. “It can’t compare to the real thing, anyhow.”

They stopped at a pizza place for dinner—Dean let Sam pick—and then went to the cemetery after dark. The graves were right where Cherie said they’d be, and the salt and burn was over fast. 

“How about that?” Dean said as they parked next to the Bunker. “Had a nice drive, played a little pool, ate some good food, sent those ghosts to the Great Beyond, and we’re back in time to have a couple of drinks and hang out for a while.”

Sam grinned, a happy smile with dimples. “I have to hand it to you—it was a great idea. That was one of the best days out we’ve had in a long time.”

“And it’s not over, Sammy,” Dean told him as they shut the Impala’s doors in unison and walked to the Bunker door. “Don’t forget that whole pie we got to take home with us. The best is yet to come!”


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