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Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Dmitri Tippens Krushnic, who was born on August 20th, 1974 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Who are we talking about?
Yes, it´s our actor, baker and candlestick maker, Misha Collins.

Today we celebrate your 46th birthday!

BirthdayMisha BirthdayMisha 2020

Credit Original Image: Prior Studios
Edit by Bettina Bier


What is the best way to celebrate the day you were born?
By showing you how much you mean to other people!

I chose a few of fans' best wishes and gifts to share with you.


Let´s Start with Birthday Wishes and a Portrait from Sabrina

“Don't get all weird about getting older.
Our age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying us.
Happy Birthday and have a wonderful day, Misha “

SabrinaMayer Birthday Misha 2020


Wishes from Svenja

“You're playing an Angel in our beloved show and I'm more than grateful that you did it for so long.
I believe that there are Angels among us and you're definitely one of them, walking on this earth!
You showed me and so many others that it is totally okay to be kind of weird,
to be proud of not being normal and to be loyal and supporting at the same time. Thank you so much for that!
I send much love from Germany and wish you a very Happy Birthday!”


A Drawing and Best Wishes from Sherri

“Misha, wishing you a wonderful birthday.“

Sherry BirthdayMisha 2020
(read more about Sherri and her drawings)


A Drawing and Wishes from Katerina

“Dear Misha, Wishing you a love filled birthday.
Thank you for giving us Castiel and the crazy GISH week.
Have an amazing day!
With love Katerina “

KaterinaKestemont BirthdayMisha 2020
(read more about Katerina and her art)


A Birthday Message and Drawing from Cat

“MISHA, your portrayal of an angel brings me much joy but your actions to inspire and motivate people into doing acts of kindness
whilst embracing their own uniqueness, and using your intelligence and talents to make the world a better place, 
make you a real angel in a world gone mad.
May the love of life you share enrich you tenfold “

CatCurl BirthdayMisha 2020 1
(read more about Cat and her drawings)


Bex wrote a Poem about Castiel that she wants to share with you.

The bluest eyes I´ve ever seen belong to an angelic man.
He tilts his head to the side when he does not understand.

His wings are black as the darkest night, his soul is full of grace.
And when I face my hardest times I often picture his face.

I know in the end it all will work and everything will be just fine,
the trench coat wearing angel always soothes my fevered mind.


Wishes from Deborah

יומ הולדת טוב?!

“Happy Birthday to a charitable man hitting middle age but remaining a teenager in some respects. Good on you mate.“


Birthday Greetings from Birgit

BirgitNowak BirthdayMisha 2020


Wishes from Jessica 

“Happy Birthday Misha, Love ya lots. Thanks for all that you do. You truly are an angel. God bless you and your family.“

Jessica BirthdayMisha 2020


Heartfelt Words from Sarah

"Happy 46th birthday Misha!
Thank you so much for all that you’ve done.
Your never-ending kindness, compassion, and generosity inspires me everyday.
Your words of wisdom are what sparks inspiration in me most often.
As a result, in recent years I’ve started to work towards being the best version of myself.
One quote that I hold onto dearly is “I want to live in a world where normal is an insult.”
Growing up, I was almost always the odd one out because I acted differently than most of my peers.
After years of ridicule, I conformed to how society wanted me to be.
This made me incredibly unhappy.
In these past four years, you’ve changed my life so much.
Your words of acceptance and love helped me find the courage to be who I am with no regrets.
Through this incredible community that you’ve created,
I was able to find loving and supporting people who love me for who I am, quirks and all.
Thank you for helping me find the courage to be the most authentic version of myself.
I hope that you have a day that is as wonderful as you are.
With lots of love, Sarah."

SarahHeenan MishasBirthday 2020


Words of Gratitude and a Collage of Drawings from Claudia

“Dear Misha, I wish you all the best for this birthday in an extraordinary and extremely significant year.
Through Supernatural I got to know GISH and have now played for the third year in a row (including the two little hunts).
At first, I thought that it was not for me as I was on crutches and later on a walker.
But thanks to a tweet, I got to know the Gishwhesvirgins and found out that GISH is also accessible to people with disabilities.
The feeling was intoxicating.
I learned to test and exceed my own limits.
Last year, after my second hip surgery, I turned to painting in rehab, which of course benefits me now in many items.
This "little" scavenger hunt has taken my creative spirit from a low to heights previously unimaginable for me.
Although I have been struggling with depression and PTSD, this year I was co-captain during the three hunts and helped to organize the team.
Next year, I might be running my own team.
For November, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, your country (and the rest of the world).
I hope that we two artificial hips can hug each other at the PurCon.
All my love “

ClaudiaWolf BirthdayMisha 2020


Drawings and Wishes from Amy 

“Misha, I hope you have the best of days filled with lots of love and lots of cake! Happy Birthday.“

Amy MishaHead MishasBirthday 2020 2

Amy MishaHead MishasBirthday 2020 1


A Photographic Edit for you from Tiggeratl1

Tiggs MishaBirthday 2020


Birthday Wishes and Drawings from Giovanna

“Happy Birthday Misha!
My best wishes to someone who brings so much inspiration and kindness to all of the SPN family!
Have a long, happy and creative life!
All our love to you!“

Giovann BirthdayMisha 2020
Giovanna BirthdayMisha 2020 1
(read more about Giovanna and her art)


Her Favorite Photo with you and Wishes from Heather

“Happy Birthday Misha“

HeatherLange MishaBirthday 2020


Drawings and Birthday Wishes from banana! SAM 

“Happy Birthday Misha; the world is a kinder place because of you. Thank you for all you do.“

BananaSam BirthdayMisha 2020 2

BananaSam BirthdayMisha 2020


Birthday Wishes and a Drawing from Matilda

“Every smile,
every loving word,
every kind action is a reflection of the beauty of your soul.

I wish you all the best for your birthday!
Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and to your fans!

We love you so much!
Don't ever change! ??“

 MatildaMüller Birthday Misha 2020


Wishes and her Favorite Picture with You from Kathy

“Misha, on August 20th this world got a whole lot sweeter and more incredible
because you became a part of it.
Thank you for making my world a place where Weird is an asset and compassion is Golden.

So today I wish for this...
Wishing you all the best of everything extraordinary on your Birthday and everyday.
Love you Misha!! Happy Birthday!!“

KathyAbramowitz BirthdayMisha 2020


A Drawing and Wishes from Stefanie

“Happy Birthday to someone who makes the world brighter for so many people. You’re a gift of sunshine. “

StefanieWolf BirthdayMisha 2020



Now Some Words and Photographic Edits from me to You:

"Misha, I want to thank you for "Gish(whes)". I love to get weird and creative with my Team TheLastOfTheMishacans every year.
And thanks to you & GISH, I finally got my AKF Tattoo last year."

MeGish BirthdayMisha 2020

"You are not only playing an angel, you are one. I can´t wait to see your future plans.
I hope your birthday is as weird and special as you are.
Happy Birthday, Misha.
Enjoy your day with your loved ones and stay safe."

HappyBirthdayMisha 2020
Credit Original Image: Prior Studios
Edit by Bettina Bier


HappyBirthdayMisha2020 TeamGreetings


Please share your birthday wishes, comments, questions, and reactions below!

Thanks for reading and to everyone who sent me wishes to include here.

Bettina Bier

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