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2019 has been a long and winding year for the Winchester brothers. There’s been death, resurrection, possession and everything in between! So, as the year comes to a close, what’s left to do but reflect back on the last 365 days and do what everyone does this time of the season: make resolutions for the year to come.

Here are 7 resolutions for 2020 that are should definitely be on Sam and Dean’s New Year list:

Don’t Rely on Boxes


Yeah, so 2019 wasn’t a perfect year for reliance on boxes. Mary handed over the box holding Abraxas to former Lucifer vessel, Nick. With great ease that Nick got into this so-called magical box meant to contain the powerful demon. I mean, a drill? That’s a heck of a DIY work around.

But the bigger talking point here is the Ma’lak box. Umm…that really ended badly, didn’t it?

So in 2020: no boxes to contain super powerful beings as a solution to seemingly unsolvable problems!

Just Say No to Possession

14 9 1787 Michael Blue Eyes
In 2020 it’s time the Winchesters just agree to say no when someone – better yet, some THING - asks to possess them. It always starts off noble and from a place of saviour-dom, but boy does it backfire fast.

Remember kids, when a supercharged being knocks and wants in, no matter how good of a salesperson they are – always remember to read the fine print. Just. Say. No.

Beware Good Milkshakes

14 15 sam shake
Really, this applies to any food in those small town diners. If it tastes too good to be true – it probably is. Right Sam?

Save the World – Again

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Gear up – you’ve got work to do. So stop moping and get fighting. And guys, when you save the world this time, let’s try and do it without triggering the NEXT apocalypse. (Seriously, it’s like you guys think apocalypses are a game of dominoes – knock one down, trigger the next one.)

Be More Suspicious of Strangers

SN1505B 0314b 06
Like the milkshakes, if people seem to be hitting all the right words and notes for what you’re feeling out of the gate, within minutes or hours of meeting them – wave that red flag high. Who knows what they are in disguise.

Right Dean?

No Souls for Lives

14 15 0097 jack snake
This is probably another lesson Sam and Dean don’t need to learn for a (second, third, fourth, fifth)…well, they don’t need to learn it AGAIN is the point.

John did it. Dean dead it. Mary did it. Sam had it done. Then they rigged up Jack’s soul to save his life.

It just -sigh – gosh, this is another one that starts off sounding good and backfires in such epic fashion. It’s just time to draw a line and say no, guys.  

 Store Weapons of Universal Destruction Properly

Provers 1
With the Winchester's level of experience, it shouldn’t need to be said: but hey, every workplace needs a refresher on safe workplace practices right?

If you have a weapon of ultimate destruction – an equalizer-esque weapon, one might say – it might attract attention of big, big bad guys. Maybe the unlocked, unwarded glove compartment of the car, as opposed to the heavily sigiled and locked trunk of the Impala, isn’t an ideal storage location. You just never know when a newly resurrected, incredibly powerful demon might freeze you in place and melt that weapon into goo before your very eyes.

Like any good list of resolutions, it should be flexible! This list will change as the year develops and the apocalypse ebbs and flows.

What do you think should be on Sam and Dean’s resolution list, based on how 2019 worked out for them?

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