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In this episode in the continuing saga of the Sockchester brothers, Sock Sam and Sock Dean learn that some fates are dyed in the wool. 

THEN: If you're new to the Sockchester Supernatural fan fiction series, go back to the beginning and enjoy Episode 1, which takes place in Kenmore, Washington, then continue with Episode 2!
NOW: Sit back, relax and join the brothers in their third hunt, in Saulk City, Wisconsin!

The Sockchester Brothers' Supernatural 

Episode 3

Sauk City, WI

A red haired Sock Woman runs down a darkened street. She glances behind her at intervals. In her hand, she holds a knife. She makes it to the house she’s looking for. Her shaky hands manage to unlatch the lock and close the door behind her. She sighs in relief as the knife clatters to the floor.

A Sock Man appears in the dark. His features are obscured by the light behind him.

Sock Man: Sandy? I thought… No. You need to go away from here. It’s not safe.

Sandy: There’s a man following me! I had nowhere else to go!

Sock Man 2: Son? Why don’t you introduce us to your girl? 

Sock Man 3: Yeah, bro. She looks good enough to eat.

Sandy presses up against the door: What… What are you?

Sock Man: I’m sorry, Sandy. You shouldn’t have come back here.

The Sock Men move into the light, their faces are ugly and moth-eaten. They are Rugarus. As one, they pounce on Sandy.

She screams.

Title Slide: The Sockchester Brother’s Supernatural

Piles of dirty laundry pass by on either side, as if moving through time. The piles soon become smaller and smaller. 

Sock Chuck stands before a gigantic laundry drum. Inside murky water sloshes. A few Sock Angels stand around. All look into the cauldron with anticipation.

ep3 whitebat wendigosoap3 XO sm

A Sock Wendigo surfaces and hisses at those assembled. Soap suds foam at the edges of the washer and cling to the sides of the Sock Wendigo. 

Sock Chuck: No. No. He wasn’t supposed to look like that at all. What is going on here? Lucifer!

Sock Lucifer glides over to Sock Chuck, all the while giving his brothers a smirk.

Sock Chuck: Hey, can you tell me. What is this thing?

Sock Lucifer: Uh, well it’s know. That thing you just made. Long arms, and fingers, and things.

Sock Chuck: Yeah. Huh. Kind of like the ones I made earlier. Hey, Mike, it’s giving me the stink eye. Can you take it away?

Sock Michael grabs the Sock Wendigo’s arm and they transport away.

Sock Lucifer: The ones with the teeth? Or the ones with the blue glowing tattoos? I think they’re all kinda different.

Sock Chuck: Nope. They all kind of want to eat a lot. Kind of like those ones with the head that becomes a giant mouth.

Sock Lucifer: Ah. Yeah. Yeah. Leviathans, right? But we nixed that one.

Sock Chuck: Right, I know. I sealed them up in Purgatory. But why are all these things coming out wrong?

Sock Lucifer: Wrong? I mean, I like to eat just the same as anyone… Maybe you just need to eat something. You know? No creating on an empty stomach, am I right?

Sock Michael appears again: It's in the creature cage with the rest of them.

Sock Chuck: I was trying to make a tree person. Instead I got… whatever that is.

Sock Lucifer: Eh, it’s not that bad. I’m sure the next one won’t be so bad. 

Sock Michael lifts up an arm: It tried to bite me. See?

The wound has already healed, and Sock Lucifer and Sock Chuck just look at him.

Sock Chuck: Hey, so did the Creation Basin get thoroughly cleaned after the Leviathans?

Sock Lucifer and Sock Michael look elsewhere. The sky, the ground. The murky soapsuds. Anywhere but at their Father.

Sock Lucifer clears his throat: I believe it was SOME body’s turn to clean it out this time.

Sock Michael: Only because you said I was the oldest so I should go first. You were just trying to get out of cleaning. 

Sock Lucifer: I was not! We needed to see how to do it, by example. Leadership, you know. It’s an important quality.

Sock Michael: I needed you backing me up. It’s a two angel job. I know you’ve got Gabe and Raph lined up before you do any of the dirty work. Show some responsibility, Lucifer. I cleaned as much as I could before it was refilled.

Sock Lucifer: Well, obviously it wasn’t good enough for Daddy.

Sock Chuck clears his throat: Uh, well. Hey, guys. Let’s drain it and clean it again. Make sure there’s no more Leviathan dye left in the Creation Basin. I want a clean cycle this time.

Sock Lucifer grumbles under his breath. 

Sock Michael: Alright, you heard God. Empty the Creation Basin!

Present time.

Sock Sam and Sock Dean race down an open air motel hallway. Both are breathing hard. Sock Sam grabs an aerosol can from a cleaning cart as they run by. 

They take positions on either side of a stairway and Sock Dean tosses his lighter across to Sock Sam.

A Rugaru charges down the stairs. Both Sockchesters step out and blast it with a makeshift flamethrower and handgun. Sock Dean’s bullets blast clean through its neck. The monster crumbles and Sam wipes the blood spray off his face with the corner of his plaid sleeve.

Sock Sam: Ugh! Is that the last of them?

Sock Dean collapses on the stairs with Sock Sam and they survey the crispy, bloody mess that once was a Rugaru.

Sock Dean: I think so. I feel like this whole case has unraveled on us. First the chick with the knife.

Sock Sam: She thought you were stalking her, Dean.

Sock Dean: Well, didn’t you see her eat that whole tub of ice cream? It’s a classic sign.

Sock Sam: Yeah. Of being dumped.

Sock Dean: Well, we were on the right track anyway.

Sock Sam: She got eaten by her ex-boyfriend and his family because we scared her, so she went back to him.

Sock Dean: Yeah… this pack was nasty, especially getting the drop on us here. 

Sock Sam: And who’s fault is that? You’re the one who gave her our motel room number.

Sock Dean stands up and starts lugging the limp, burnt sock away.

Sock Dean: She looked like Ginger from Gilligan's Island, okay?

Sock Sam shakes his head, but gives Sock Dean a hand with the body. They drag it to the trunk of The Cardboard Impala ™ and drop it in. 

Sock Dean: Baby is going to need a deep clean after this one. 

Sock Dean paused and pulled out an old picture of Sock Sam, Sock Dean, and their parents when they were young from the top of the arsenal compartment.

Sock Dean: You know. It’s not fair. Why should we have to deal with all this crap? We lost everything, and we’ve given so much - our parents, our lives, our souls. I just feel like we’ve got nothing more to give up. 

Sock Sam: Well, who else can do this? 

Sock Dean: I don’t know. The angels ought to, or God, or somebody. Not us. We should be done by now.

Sock Cass appears behind them, also looking into The Cardboard Impala’s ™ trunk. 

Sock Cass: Hello Dean, Sam. 

Sock Dean and Sock Sam turn to see the trenchcoat-wearing sock.

Sock Dean: Cass. I thought you were supposed to be down in New Mexico. That demon outbreak you were so worried about?

Sock Cass: I heard you call me.

Sock Dean: What?

Sock Sam: Oh, well, Dean was talking about angels in general, not you, Cass.

Sock Cass: What’s wrong Dean?

Sock Dean: I don’t know how God or you all weigh these things, but I think we’ve done enough. For every monster we kill, they’ve made another two vampires or werewolves or whatever. It seems like we’re just chopping the hydra heads off and more come back every time and I’m tired. I wish I could kill the first alpha monsters and just be done with it.

Sock Cass: Is that what you truly want, Dean? You know you wouldn’t be the same. 

Sock Dean touched the edge of the picture: We would be a family. Monsters wouldn’t exist. Sounds like Heaven to me.

Sock Cass: I can take you both back to then, but I may not be able to get you back out. It is a long, long time ago.

Sock Sam: Will you need to touch our souls for extra energy?

Sock Cass: I don’t think that’s necessary. I’m fully recharged with Heaven’s power and it feels great.

Sock Dean gives Cass a sideways look.

Sock Dean: Are you alright, Cass?

Sock Cass: Of course. Now. You have everything you need?

Sock Dean grabs a green duffel and loaded into it salt, silver rounds, iron, holy oil, a silver knife dipped in lamb’s blood, a few angel blades and an iridium machete.

Sock Sam tosses in a bottle of Shout! and gestures at the bloodstain starting to set on his face.

Sock Dean shrugs.

Sock Dean: I guess we’re ready.

Sock Cass: Good luck!

Sock Cass wiggled his eyebrows.

Sock Sam: Wait. What?

Sock Cass touches Sock Sam and Sock Dean’s shoulders and they blink.

ep3 Sockchesters at the creation basin sm

Sock Sam and Sock Dean stand on the side of the gigantic washer. To the left of them is a huge hamper, inside are dozens of monster creations growling at the angels who walk by. 

Sock Dean: What the-? Is this Heaven?

Sock Sam: I think so. Look.

Sock Sam points to the inside of the wash drum. Two shiny lights brighten the interior as they zip around and around.

Sock Dean: Wow. I guess the nerdy little guy had enough juice in him.

Sock Sam: I’m not sure that was…

Sock Dean: Let’s just kill the monsters and go. It might be a brand new world after we’re done.

Sock Sam and Sock Dean hurry to the looming hamper. 

Sock Dean hands out weapons. Blades in hand, they head for the angels guarding the door.

Sock Chuck: Oh. Hey guys.

Sock Dean and Sock Sam blink to see Chuck, and several angels surrounding them.

Sock Dean lowers his angel blade, looks at the angels and curses.

Sock Chuck: Huh. I don’t think I’ve created you guys yet. What are you doing here?

Sock Sam: Hey, uh Chuck, so get this, we’re from a future time, I think, but we need to kill those monsters in that cage.

Sock Sam gestures at the hamper with his hand holding the angel blade.

Sock Lucifer: Now, wait a minute. Daddy-o just made those and they may not be all that pretty, but they haven’t done anything yet.

Sock Gabriel: You’re saying that these ones become as bad as the Leviathans?

Sock Dean: You have no idea.

Sock Chuck: Well, come on guys, Lucifer has a good point. They’re pretty much innocent right now. Whether they choose to do good or evil is up to them. And honestly, it took a long time to make them. I’m tired!

Sock Dean: First of all, sentences starting with ‘Lucifer has a good point’ should not exist.

Sock Michael: Why?

Sock Sam: Er, um, Dean, I think this is, you know… before.

ep3 Sock Sam with their gear sm

Sock Gabriel: Before what? What do you know?

Sock Dean: Just let us kill the monsters and we’ll get out of the way here.

Sock Dean raises his angel blade.

Sock Chuck clicks his fingers together and the angel blades in Sock Sam and Sock Dean’s hands crumble into Tide laundry powder.

Sock Chuck: Okay. Let’s stop thinking about killing my new creations right off. They haven’t done anything.

Sock Michael: For such weak creatures, these two certainly have a lot of spirit. 

Sock Michael eyes Sock Dean up and down.

Sock Dean glares and makes a fist.

Sock Michael: Father, will you make this kind next? This one’s not too wrinkled or pilly. He seems to have a strong enough form. I think this one could do it all for me, a simple wash and go.

Sock Dean: Like Hell, I won’t!

Sock Chuck: Well, I guess so. They do seem to have turned out better than the other creatures I’ve made.

Sock Lucifer: Hey Dad, this one’s looking at me like I killed it’s puppy. Can I keep it?

Sock Sam shakes in anger while he glares at Lucifer.

Sock Lucifer walks around Sock Sam inspecting him like he’s about to purchase a horse. He even checks out Sock Sam’s mouth. 

Sock Sam grits his teeth and continues to glare.

Sock Lucifer: Well, when you do fire up the great bubble bath again, I think I want one like this. A big, strong, and tall vessel so we can walk around on this world you made.

Sock Sam backs away, horrified. 

Sock Dean: Shove a sock in it, Lucy!

Sock Dean hits Lucifer’s smug sock face. Then socks him again and again.

Sock Dean: No one... is going to be... wearing us!

Sock Chuck rubs his hand over his face: Okay! Okay! Lucifer, I’ll make your vessel as soon as we clean out the Creation Basin again. And use bleach this time! Sam and Dean, go home.

Sock Chuck waves his hand and the Sockchesters appear back at The Cardboard Impala ™ at the present time. 

Sock Sam: Did we…? We just sealed our destiny there, didn't we?

Sock Dean lowers his bleeding fists: Where’s Cass?

Sock Gabriel sits up from the backseat of The Cardboard Impala ™ . He yawns and stretches.

Sock Gabriel: Hey! You’re back. Did my younger self look dorky or amazing? You know you can be completely honest with me, guys.

Sock Sam: You pretended to be Cass!

Sock Gabriel: Guilty! You really didn’t think Castiel had the juice to take you to the beginning of creation, did you?

Sock Dean: You set us up so Michael and Lucifer want our meatsuits! I’m gonna kill you!

Sock Gabriel smirks and disappears.

Sock Dean curses and slams his hand on The Cardboard Impala’s ™ side.

Sock Sam tosses his weapons into the trunk.

Sock Sam: Dean.

Sock Dean looks at Sock Sam.

Sock Sam: We’re so screwed.

* The End*

Want More? Episode 4 starts a two part extended adventure, fully illustrated! 

Authors appreciate encouragement! Make sure to share your reactions, suggestions and questions with Socknatural's author and producers in the comments below! 

Sammy and Dean Sockchester created, staged and photographed by Marion.
Sock Wendigo created, staged and photographed by xoferew.

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