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What day is better than April Fools Day for a little bit from our Archangel Gabriel also know as Loki and The Trickster?

I´d like to share my favorite Episodes and some of my favorite quotes with you.

What does a campus ghost, an alien abduction or an alligator in a sewer have in common?
Yeah, you´re damn right. Our favorite Trickster. (Tall Tales 2x15)

2x15 Tall Tales new

I just have to say "Heat of the Moment“ and Tuesdays and you know which episode i mean.
A time loop where Dean dies every day in so much different ways.
And why? It´s a lesson from the Trickster for Sam. (Mystery Spot, 3x11)

Mystery Spot new

The episode where we find out that the Trickster in truth is the Archangel Gabriel.
But before we do that, we have fun and he take us on a trip through various TV series. (Changing Channels, 5x08)

Changing Channels new 

"Gabriel kills Loki“ (Unfinished Busisness, 13x20)

 Unfinished Business new

Some of my favorite Quotes:


Trickster: Sorry I'm dragging a little ass today, boys. Had quite the night last night. Lots of sex, if you catch my drift. (2x15 Tall Tales)

Trickster: You're right. I was just screwing with you. Pretty good, though, Sam. Smart. Let me tell you, whoever said Dean was the dysfunctional one has never seen you with a sharp object in your hands. Holy Full Metal Jacket. (3x11 Mystery Spot)

Sam: It was you on the police scanner, right? This is a trick.
Trickster: Hello? Trickster.
(5x08 Changing Channels)

Trickster: Oh, you know. Sam starring as Lucifer. Dean starring as Michael. Your celebrity death match. Play your roles. (5x08 Changing Channels)

Gabriel: Lucifer, you're my brother. And I love you. But you are a great big bag of dicks. (5x19 Hammer of the Gods)

Gabriel: You think I'm behind this? Please. I'm the Costner to your Houston. I'm here to save your ass. (5x19 Hammer of the Gods)

Lucifer: They are broken. Flawed! Abortions.
Gabriel: Damn right they're flawed. But a lot of them try. To do better, to forgive. And you should see the Spearmint Rhino! I've been riding the pine a long time. But I'm in the game now, and I'm not on your side, or Michael's. I'm on theirs.
(5x19 Hammer of the Gods)

Gabriel: I used most of my juice to get back into porn. That came out wrong. So did that! (9x18 Meta Fiction)

Castiel: What do you want from me?
Gabriel: Your help, Columbo. I'm getting the band back together. We're going on the "Kill Metatron" tour, and you're looking at the new frontman.
(9x18 Meta Fiction)


Sam: Welcome to the team.
Gabriel: Uh... yeah. Not so much. I mean, thank you for the rescue and for the redemption arc. But, uh, I'm not really a team guy, so... I'm gonna bounce, okay? Um, but, you know, it's been, um... What's the opposite of fun? That.
Sam: No, Gabriel, don't you can't just walk away. If Michael comes here he will end this world.
Gabriel: And the last time the world was ending, I put my money on you. I think you can pull it off again.
Castiel: No. You cannot turn your back on your Father's creation.
Gabriel: Castiel... My Father turned His back on His creation. Guess it just runs in the family.
(13x18 Bring ´em Back Alive)


Gabriel: Come on. I felt your witch's tracking spell the second she laid it on me. Tasted like haggis.(13x20 Unfinished Business)


Gabriel: A few thousand epochs ago, I was out for a hike in the fjords. Came across Loki bound in a cave, snake dripping venom into his eye. Ugh. Apparently, he had some spat with his pops. Anyhoo, I freed him. Saved his life. Then my real brothers started going at it. I wanted out. Loki owed me one, so... he helped me ditch Gabriel and become him. (13x20 Unfinished Business)

Gabriel: A deal is a deal. And if I'm being perfectly honest, tricks are for kids. (13x20 Unfinished Business)

Lucifer: So I was just shaking up the old family tree for, uh, young Jack here. You know, talking about the good old days. How tough Pop was. Right, G? I mean, we -- we butted heads a lot, you know. But, uh... you know, I think -- I think, in hindsight, I should've given Him some slack 'cause, He's, uh. You know, being a dad is tough.
Gabriel: Okay, you think Dad was a 'bad guy,' and you were a victim? You were not a victim. That was just your excuse.
Lucifer: My excuse for what?
Gabriel: For it all, Lucifer. For it all
(13x22 Exodus)

Gabriel: Dude, it's me. I've known you since the stars were made. You can't change. You're incapable of empathy or love. You live to be worshiped or feared. Or both.
Lucifer: Okay. I-I see that you've -- you've drunk the Kool-Aid. Fine.
(13x20 Unfinished Business)

What´s your favorite Trickster episodes, moments, quotes or tricks? Let me know.

Please share your comments, questions, and reactions below!

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Bettina Bier

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