As you may or may not know, around here for fun we like to host a little "caption this" contest. Every week we pick a screencap from our favorite show and then have everybody able and willing submit captions for what they think is going on in that scene. It may be related to what is actually happening, it might not be fit for human minds, but it's all good for a laugh. Everybody votes on their favorite entries with the winner getting to see their words on the picture.

By the time a hiatus rolls around, we've usually done about 10 entries so we like to pull those together into a collection commenmorating the winners (especially for preservation in case a server mishap wipes out the discussion boards).  Previously we had our first volume of winners and our second volume of winners.  So won't you join us now as we show off the wit & "wisdom" of you wonderful, awesome, totally talented WFB readers.

Contest #21 entries.

We start off with the imaginary friend episode from season 11 (S11); A great episode that provided a very rich choice of entries.  Seriously I think we could host an entire year's worth of contests just from this episode alone.  Ultimately, it was AlyCat22 who won the day with a commentary on the boys' luck.

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Honorable mentions go to
sharon Gaught: Sam--- We're makin Waffles!!!
Sulley- With Sprinkles!
Dean- I must be sleep walking ... Im going back to bed.
Firefighterkw - Sam: Really Dean? First I loose my shoe now I'm going to loose my robe!
Dean: What? It is all warm and cozy, besides it goes great with pie.
Sam: That's beside the point, it is my robe!
Dean: Hey, whatever, I'm not the one with the imaginary friend in the middle of the night... just sayin'
Sully: Sam, you didn't tell me you had pie!!

My thoughts? "How can you be invisible with clothes that loud?"

Contest #22 entries.

For this contest we decided to do something a little different.  We all know there's a very obvious joke here and it would be very hard to top.  So I put it out there intially then asked everyone to come up with the "2nd best" caption.  Ultimately Lilah_Kane gave us a pun that may actually top the initial "1st choice."

lets discuss

Honorable mentions go to
YellowEyedSam - Crowley: I may have left the oven on..
elif - Sam: Rowena I said 'Lucifer' not 'loose the fire!'

My thoughts? See above.

Contest #23 entries.

When hiatus hits, we on the caption committee like to go back and pick shots from past seasons instead of using images from the latest episode. The use of Sam & Dean in unusual costumes seemed too rich of an opporunity to ignore. samandean10 made us all laugh with this exchange.

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Honorable mentions go to
blsedbx3 - Cook- We dont serve pie
Dean - What ! What do you mean you dont serve pie ???
Sam - Dean its okay!
Dean -Sam... go get my gun
AlyCat22 - Dean: "What do you mean we're out of pudding?"

My thoughts? Dean: "What do you mean I'm not back in Hell?"

Contest #24 entries.

After an extra week off for the holidays, the contest returned to a milestone: 100 entries in one contest! (though some ended up being repeats) What earned such numbers?  Just an image from S6's mannequin episode that drew out everybody's naughty side. We also ran a side vote asking people to select their pick for worst episode of S7. The fighting was tough and fierce, but FiercelyNormal defeated all others with the voted filthiest joke.

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Honorable mentions go to
AlyCat22 - Dean: "So if you've ever wondered what a mannequin orgy would look like..."
blsedbx3 - The face you make when you find your dads sex doll in the closet.

My thoughts? Dean: So mail-order-brides are now "some assembly required"? Sam: I cannot take you anywhere.

Contest #25 entries.

Previously we had had a run of choosing images from the worst episode of a season. I remembered that approach and had everyone cast extra votes for that in this contest.  From S7, the wedding episode was chosen... which also has probably a year's worth of captionable screenshots.  Karen won this time with a bit of a pun and show reference.

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Honorable mentions go to
AlyCat22 - Dean: "I'm about to show you my interpretation of a shotgun wedding Sam!"
blsedbx3 - Dean - man I hope no one puts shaving cream on Baby.. I'll kill them.
Sam _ hey Dean I meant to ask you can I borrow the car for the honeymoon trip?
Dean - I would do anything for you Sammy but not that .

My thoughts? Dean: Who the hell writes this stuff?

Contest #26 entries.

As we come up on the "worst" episode of S8, we ended up with a bit of a tie. So noticing that the captioneers kept dragging Castiel into their entries, "Taxi Driver" was chosen in the hope of finally getting the angel into our captioned halls...then we realized Castiel hadn't actually shown up this episode.  So we tried to compromise and toss in two reoccuring guest stars!  cheryl42 won by setting up a bad joke that ended up hilarious.

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Honorable mentions go to
AlyCat22 - Benny: "Now if you want to fit in around here you gotta lose the name Winchester..."
elif - Sam: Whats wrong with you?
Benny: I have a pain in the neck ...
Bobby: Don't people usually say that to you?
Benny: Have you MET Dean Winchester?
Sam and Bobby: Ah...
Bobby: That's more like it! Killing vampires! This is what I'm talking about

My thoughts? "I'm sure Castiel is around here somewhere."
(yeah I can be self-referential)

Contest #27 entries.

With hiatus done, it was time to get back on track! Instead, I found that nobody had any screencaps of the latest episode when contest time came.  Desparate, I grabbed a promo shot and we finally inducted Castiel into our comedy chamber! While there were a lot of wedding gags, ultimately victory was earned by AlyCat22's reference to music.

027addtext com MTAxOTAwMTExNjk

Honorable mentions go to
samandean10 - Lucifer: "I already told you- I DON'T KNOW what happened to Adam so stop asking me!"
Cher Mitchell - Is the devil going to make me do it? Oh, hell no!

My thoughts? "Budget concerns finally drove the show to settle the apocalypse with a staring contest."

Contest #28 entries.

Shock!  Scandal!  As my failure to pick a screenshot from an actual image in the episode rocked the caption community!  We also had a bit of working out some issues with the discussion board voting that probably needed to have been fixed earlier but kept getting pushed back.  For the sake of testing the systems, we had everyone vote two ways.  First, by the usual, little gray box method, blsedbx3 was victorius.

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Then we had everyone vote using the "like" button and wound up with a multi-way tie.  In the end we gave victory by that method to AlyCat22 who proposed the only thing scarier than Lucifer.

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(no honrable mentions since we had dual pics this time)

My thoughts? The same as someone's entry.

Contest #29 entries.

Back on track we return with the boys to Jodie's house and a shot I couldn't help but pick.  Karen made us laugh the hardest this time by commenting on Jodie's luck.

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Honorable mentions go to
AlyCat22 - Demon: "Land Shark!"
Sam: "Not interested, thanks!"
Demon: "CandyGram!"
Dean: "Oooh, that's different! Come on in!!!"
Jen - Dean: Sam where are you -- Jody's home
Sam: Right here Dean, in front of you
Clarie: You blend in Sam, Stand up

My thoughts? "Oh good the audience is here to join us for the show."

Contest #30 entries.

To wrap up this volume, we ended with my pick for one of this season's top brotherly moments as both heartwarming and hilarious. LEAH claimed the prize this time with a line that could have very well been in an earlier draft of the script.

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Honorable mentions go to
cheryl42 - Dean: "All I'm saying is the numbers on the doors don't make any dam sense to me"
"And who's hat is that on the wall anyways"
fan1609 - As the GUYS spontaneously break into song: ' THERE'LL BE PEACE WHEN WE ARE DONE, DON'T YA CRY NO MORE

And I'm going to give up "my thoughts" on this one for super special bonus round meta joke winner!
Jen - Sam: Dean I give up
Dean: No can't give up Gotta Keep on grinding
Sam: Typing Dean typing
Dean: Huh
Sam: Trying to win the caption of the week
(Actually there were multiple such meta entries on this one but I think Jen put it best and I like the thought of S&D knowing about MMOs.)

Until next time lovely reader, join us at WFB Discussion Pages every Tuesday (sometimes Wednesday) for the next entry on Caption this!