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As we come up on the "worst" episode of S8, we ended up with a bit of a tie. So noticing that the captioneers kept dragging Castiel into their entries, "Taxi Driver" was chosen in the hope of finally getting the angel into our captioned halls...then we realized Castiel hadn't actually shown up this episode.  So we tried to compromise and toss in two reoccuring guest stars!  cheryl42 won by setting up a bad joke that ended up hilarious.

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Honorable mentions go to
AlyCat22 - Benny: "Now if you want to fit in around here you gotta lose the name Winchester..."
elif - Sam: Whats wrong with you?
Benny: I have a pain in the neck ...
Bobby: Don't people usually say that to you?
Benny: Have you MET Dean Winchester?
Sam and Bobby: Ah...
Bobby: That's more like it! Killing vampires! This is what I'm talking about

My thoughts? "I'm sure Castiel is around here somewhere."
(yeah I can be self-referential)