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Contest #24 entries.

After an extra week off for the holidays, the contest returned to a milestone: 100 entries in one contest! (though some ended up being repeats) What earned such numbers?  Just an image from S6's mannequin episode that drew out everybody's naughty side. We also ran a side vote asking people to select their pick for worst episode of S7. The fighting was tough and fierce, but FiercelyNormal defeated all others with the voted filthiest joke.

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Honorable mentions go to
AlyCat22 - Dean: "So if you've ever wondered what a mannequin orgy would look like..."
blsedbx3 - The face you make when you find your dads sex doll in the closet.

My thoughts? Dean: So mail-order-brides are now "some assembly required"? Sam: I cannot take you anywhere.