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#10 Contest #10 Entries
For our last and final entry of the S10/11 Hiatus, I went to season 6.  You know what's great about that season?  HATS!  Coming from "Frontierland"...

The winner by popular vote was again Lilah Kane:
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Honorable mention:
Dean: "Really Bobby? Drunk AND disorderly? Don't make me run you in..."
Bobby: "I think that badge has gone to your head, Sheriff of Nothingham!"
Well, here Bobby, this bottle is empty if you have to use the bathroom that bad.
My thought? Dean: For me? Gee thanks... - Bobby: It was full when I left the store *hic*

That's all for our first ten entries. To see what was the pick from S7 as well as captions to S11 as it airs, be sure to check out the WFB discussion page every Tuesday. Submit your own, vote for your faves. Have fun. :D