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In a grand tradition of several places around the Internet and to help the S10/11 Hellatus pass by more quickly, I organized a "Caption This" contest every week on The WFB's Discussion Page. The object of the competition was to come up with the funniest, quirkiest or wittiest alternate dialog for a scene from one of Supernatural's episodes. Each competition lasted a week. Entires could be added at any time during the week, while viewers voted for their favorites. At the end of the week, I loaded the winning caption onto the scene, making a memorable screencap to be used in social media, as a new avatar or as Supernatural holiday cards! Entries got funnier each week as you all got the hang of this! 

Here are the winners of The WFB's Caption This - Round 1 competition. As background to each screencap, I have also shared explanations of how I chose each scene, and what pops into my head when I look at these pics!

#1 -Contest #1 Entries
For the first inspiration for this contest, I took a shot from the last episode of the last season (S10). This was just a random shot that made me laugh when I thought of the possible implications.

The winner was a Guest Entry:

Honorable mentions go to:
oh Crap wrong family
Dean: Woah! Do NOT go IN there!
Sam: ...
My Thought? "Dammit, I never mixed up the costumes when Sammy was around."

#2 Contest #2 Entries
For the next one, I couldn't help myself but go back a season to the dreadful "Bloodlines" flop.  Yeah the episode was bad, but there were a LOT of great shots for this game.

The winner was Jen, with:

Honorable mention:
Sam: Dude, did you learn nothing from "Raiders of The Lost Ark?"
My thought?  I did it up in a motivational.

#3 Contest #3 Entries
This time I found a random image among the "recently viewed" images on a screencap site.  The framing of it made me laugh.  Because of a timing mishap, we ended up with two winners for this week.

The winners were Karen and Samandean10 entries:
addtext com MTI1OTIzMTEyMjY4

addtext com MTMwNjIyMTEyNTg2

(since there were double winners, no honorable mentions)

My thoughts?  Actually one of the winners nailed it.  I'll let the readers guess. ;)

#4 Contest #4 Entries
For this contest, I went to season 2's hilarious meta episode: "Hollywood Babylon" hoping to get some great facial experssions.  I wasn't disappointed, and the participants didn't let me down either.

Karen won for the second week in a row:
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Honorable mention:
Sam: Uhm... hmm..
Dean: What's wrong? What is it?
Sam: I think, no, I might have lost the keys to the Impala.
Dean: ...WHAT! Son-of-a
My thoughts? Dean: Act casual.  CASUAL! - Sam: Uhhh....

#5 Contest #5 Entries
While we're on a comedy kick, I went for a shot from S3's comedy classic, "Mystery Spot".

The winner was our own Lilah Kane:
addtext com MDczNTA0MjM4OTY

Honorable Mention:
Dean: "You have pretty eyes!"
Dean: I'm telling you.. Duct tape works for everything.
My thought? Dean: Will you be my father figure?

#6 Contest #6 Entries
Then I began to think that the comedy episodes were making things a little TOO easy.  What if we picked scenes from some of the worst episodes ever?  Let's start with S1, "Route 666"!

The winner was Suzkatoon75's entry:

Honorable Mention:
Sam: Dean! What's up with filling my NY Crossword in with dirty words?? IN PEN?!
Dean: Oh take a joke, Poindexter. There's gonna be a fresh one tomorrow. *muttering* Mistress Magda calling?? How'd she get this num...

My thought?
Sam: C'mon, Dean!  You can do it.  You can learn to read! - Dean: Me read fine! The angry birds need me!

#7 Contest #7 Entries
While I was thinking of bad episodes, S3's "Ghost Ship" immediately came to mind.  So having forgotten I had already done S3, I returned to it breaking my intended rule of "1 from each."

The winner Samandean10's:
addtext com MDgxOTAzMjEwNTg4

Honorable Mention:
Gert: I must be in heaven because I'm looking at an angel!
Sam: What, where?!
Gert: You.
Sam: No, NO, no krhhm, that angel left long ago.
Gert: ...
You remind me of my mother and I never really knew her! Hint.
My thought? Sam: Man, why does everyone around me get hit with aging mishaps?

#8 Contest #8 Entries
We were in the home stretch for the first 10 captions and I had a plan: Pick a shot from the worst episode of each season.  So next up was S4's "Sex and Violence." (Yeah, I know some might like it, but I didn't.)

The winner was Lilah Kane:
addtext com MDgxNjAwOTMwMjA

Honorable Mention:
Sam: Is that S10's plot..?
Dean: My season again Sammy
My thoughts? Sam: You think we're stuck in another medical drama? - Dean: Right now, I don't care.

#9 Contest #9 Entries
I couldn't quite pick out a really bad episode in season 5, so I went with "Swap Meat" hoping to get some fun interactions with the boys and some people outside their usual sphere.

The winner was a Guest entry:
addtext com MTEyMTM4NDYzODE

Honorable Mention:
Not!Sam: So ... plaid shirt, jeans, jacket ...
Dean: Right. That should do it for most monsters!
Dean: "What the FUDGE is going on with Sam? He likes my music, my food. Did he do something to Baby? Hmm..."
Not!Sam: So, these aliens abducted a guy last night and...
Dean: Woah, WOAH, woah! That subject is off limits, Sammy! Not!
Sam: ... "Boy, he is weird..."
My thought? young Actor: And that's all you do all day? - Jensen: I know, right? Best. Job. Ever!

#10 Contest #10 Entries
For our last and final entry of the S10/11 Hiatus, I went to season 6.  You know what's great about that season?  HATS!  Coming from "Frontierland"...

The winner by popular vote was again Lilah Kane:
addtext com MTIyOTA2MTI2NTQ4

Honorable mention:
Dean: "Really Bobby? Drunk AND disorderly? Don't make me run you in..."
Bobby: "I think that badge has gone to your head, Sheriff of Nothingham!"
Well, here Bobby, this bottle is empty if you have to use the bathroom that bad.
My thought? Dean: For me? Gee thanks... - Bobby: It was full when I left the store *hic*

That's all for our first ten entries. To see what was the pick from S7 as well as captions to S11 as it airs, be sure to check out the WFB discussion page every Tuesday. Submit your own, vote for your faves. Have fun. :D