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I've never been one to find anything involving Hitler funny, okay, maybe "Springtime With Hitler" in The Producers, but after the crazy few days we've had here with all the negative comments with the Comic Con posts, this is just too good.  Way too good.  Scary accurate good.  There is a person out there with a more twisted sense of humor than me.

Thanks Lindsay for the link!


# elle 2009-07-30 19:03
That was so funny! Especially the end about finding a new fandom that doesn't change - "maybe Smallville." That slayed me. Thanks for sharing, Alice. I hope you don't get too much flak for this; it's all in good fun.
# elle2 2009-07-30 19:43
I'll get in trouble as well...that's just fabulous! I've been a major whiner, wanker, whatever on another fandom and I have to say...once I decided that I loved bashing the show more than I loved the show I left. Left the fandoms, left the show. Clean break too. I can assure you, it was the best thing I had ever done.

I skim the forums but can't stand all the whining by supposed fans. Sam's storyline is a steady thread all along. Croatoan is to be addressed this season. Some say he didn't have any fallout from Dean's deal or Dean's death -- uh, were you watching Season 3? Did you see the fallout of Dean's death in season 4? Sheesh.

So they missed the boat with Sam's reaction to John's death, yup, they did and Kripke admitted it. Boo hoo.

As for why do angels and demons have to be involved? Uh, demons have been involved since The Pilot, and the show brought them full into the mix in Phantom Traveler.

Kripke has always said it's about the brothers with all the other stuff as backdrop.

Get over it. already.
# Elle 2009-07-30 20:10
Amen, Elle2! Well said. And actually, demons have been a major plot driver from day one as YED/Azazel killing Mary is how the whole wonderful saga began.
42 days left and I can't watch for September 10th!
# Tigershire 2009-07-31 01:51
I wonder why some folks seem to like being pissed off and angry all the time??

This is hilarious Alice, thank you for posting it. I agree it's scary accurate.

And remember, some were put on this planet to serve as a warning to others. GRIN
# Bethany 2009-07-31 02:00
Also one not really to find anything hitler related funny but I nearly died of laughter. It's just so deliciously true. I hope kripke see this you just know he'd appreciate the joke.

So true elle2 Demons have been part of the show from the beginning and personally i thought the angels added a whole new angle on things thins season - doesn't help that i adore misha, which i do.

Never understood why the fans complain so much yes it's a show about 2 brothers but they don't exist in a bubble and they have to interact with other people and yes this will affect their relationship. and elle2 is spot on again, Sam dealing with Dean's death and time in obviously dealt with....or are we not watching the same show, you do have to wonder sometimes.

Anyway rant over, that link so wrong but so so so funny. I so hope kripke and co see it, you just know they'll get it.
# Dianeuk 2009-07-31 03:53
This ranting about the programme seems to be getting silly. We are all adults (well over 18 anyway)and as such have free will. No one is forced to read or listen to "spoiler info" NO ONE is forced to watch a programme they dont like, they do not have to turn the tv on or tune to that channel, and if someone else in the room has done so they could leave, read a book, go to sleep, the options are endless. As for the item I for one thought it was funny and well put together.
I am waiting for part two of season 4 to be released this week here in the UK and will continue to exercise my adulr right to watch and enjoy SUPERNATURAL. It is up to someone else to direct what happens......ju st like in REAL life.
# Suze 2009-07-31 04:48
Snigger ... That was perfect! I nearly spat coffee all over the keyboard when he got to the bit about Jo ...

As for the Legions of Whinge, some people just enjoy being put out, there's nothing much you can do about it ...
# LindsayW 2009-07-31 13:11
Glad you liked it! ;-)
# Bevie 2009-07-31 13:17
That was one of the funniest hilarious things I've ever seen. Never laughed so hard in ages!

Also funny are some of the comments below the video from whiny Samgirls thinking that it backs up their complaints about the show. Unbelievable!

I see Jim Beaver has it on his Facebook. I'm sure Eric and the others will get to see it now.

Agree with all your remarks Elle2, and thanks Alice for this treat. (Still giggling to myself)

Can't wait for Season 5!
# Alisonelaine 2009-08-01 13:41
The 'Downfall' videos on YouTube are hilarious.There is one about English football that is so near the mark that any male England football fan hearing it would definitely not find it funny :lol:

I watched this with my hands wrapped around my stomach as I was laughing so much.The 'Smallville' crack just had me howling.Brillia nt! I'm going to go and watch the other videos again.

P.S My 86yr old Mum loves these videos and she lived and served in WW2 so don't worry if you think everyone will be offended.My Mum's generation used humour as a weapon to survive the dark days of WW2 and she can still sing the rude songs about Hitler that evryone used to sing.I know a few of them myself :D