As we speak, the Supernatural Cast and Crew are back on the set (at least according to the BC Commission Filming Schedule), and to commemorate the occasion, a couple people affiliated with Support Supernatural were kind enough to let me share a part of their annual tradition.  Every year, they send postcards to the cast and crew in Burnaby welcoming them back.  I have two of them to share right here. 

First, this one is from Margaux.  From what I understand, this is from a photo op at Aslyum.  This is amazing!


Lindsay from Support Supernatural also sent me hers.  Again, another great contribution:

Margaux was also kind enough to share with me her entire postcard collection.  Here are a few from years past:

Welcome back to Season Four!

Keep clicking, there's more...

Hellatus is painful, no matter what season (or hiatus)!

Here's a few more...

This is just plain silly fun:

Thank you so much Margaux for allowing me to share your amazing talent!  Same to you Lindsay.  I was told by someone that went on a set visit that every postcard they receive ends up on the wall.  It's quite an amazing sight.  The crew in Vancouver really do appreciate all the work that goes into these.