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The Winchester Biz Gazette Presents Ben Edlund’s Secret Season Plans  

(This is a joint article done by both Jasminka's and Randal's offbeat minds!)

There is more to the Edlund than meets the eye. At last the secret is out – Supernatural writer Ben Edlund is a fan of classic horror movies and gothic story heritage and thus developed a season of Supernatural to be shot neck to neck with the one airing soon. The WFB Gazette’s unflagging reporters Randal Smith and Jaspala Wesson have discovered the Edlund’s mysterious ploy to subvert the official version of the show, using jewels of the traditional horror genre as a model to create his scripts from.

Here’s the episode guide as we learned it:

1-The Cask of Castielliado

We finally learn the truth about what Castiel has been doing in Heaven. Not exactly solving the problems of major importance up there but establishing a distillery of special angel brew.
2-The Monster From The Black Balloon

The Winchesters investigate some murders at a balloon fair in Mississippi. Unfortunately the inhabitant of a black balloon is killing off the guest – Julia Adams, a beautiful young woman (well, some might call her a monster, were they to see her real monstrous face). Sam falls in love with her and consolidates his reputation of ‘banging monsters’.

3-The Ping From Another World

After the recent developments and negative outcomes of encounters with the Winchesters demons try to cultivate a new Morse code to communicate without interference. However, they prove to not be the brightest innovators and things turn really bad.
4-House of Sax

Finally – the Winchesters investigate disappearances in a haunted Jazz club. And Dean discovers his penchant for playing the Saxophone. That about as cool as it gets.

5-The Invisible Sam

Claudine Rains discovered the secret of invisibility by using a specific drug. She plans on selling it off to a huge pharmaceutical company. Alas, she doesn’t know that it’s run by ghouls who welcome the possibility of roaming the earth to feed on the living while being invisible. During a nasty fight, Sam is injected with the drug and turns invisible. Now time is running out, as the drug kills its testees within two days. The brothers try to contact everyone they know, as there seems to be no cure.

6-The Fall of the House of Winchester

A distant relative, Roderick Winchester, turns up and Sam and Dean welcome – at first – the extension of their family. By chance they find out that he had a twin sister who fell into a death-like trance and was buried alive. They dig up the corpse and find the typical scratches on the inside of the coffin. There is also a message: a warning to every Winchester alive. Roderick is insane, killing every Winchester he can lay his hands on. Well, demons we get. People are just crazy.
7-The Whining

An seedy old hotel in the Rocky Mountains. Two brothers who have never been there. A mystery whose unfolding costs lives. Plus: werewolves on the prowl.

8-Smothering Tights

Even in the US Midwest there are shopping malls. And there are evil ghosts. This one leaves corpses as he rolls along, with the newest fashion of tights around the victims’ necks. It’s a daft ghost, though, as Sam and Dean soon discover that it’s not a serial murderer but an angry ghost.


9-Murder in the Lawrence Morgue

Again they need to go home. Dead people are leaving the morgue. They’re not zombies. They’re something else. And only Castiel can save the day.
10-Miss Thigh Gone

Yes, we are getting a musical episode – finally: Jensen Ackles will sing! Zombies also. An episode in the best tradition of Michael Jackson’s thriller. Forget your couch, viewers, this one will keep you dancing on your feet!
11-The Tell-Tale Car

There’s something wrong with Dean’s baby – the Impala! But is that knocking and pinging merely a cry for a tune-up, or the omnipresent echo of an event from Dean’s dark past?
12-Dr. Rufus and Mr. Hyde

Noted hunter Rufus Turner thought he had stumbled upon a potion that counters the effects of vampire attacks. But the murders continued Is the town’s killer closer than he appears?
13-The Pot and the Pendulum

Supernatural hasn’t had a good weed reference in a while, but this is no ordinary weed, and Dean’s curiosity may get him chopped in half. Can Sam rescue his brother before he splits?
14-The Call of Yoo-Hoo

The brothers head to Carlstadt, New Jersey, to investigate a series of grisly murders at a Yoo-Hoo bottling plant only ot find out that the stars are indeed right, and something is no longer dead but dreaming, but alive and terrorizing the populace.
15-The Bowman

Cupid turns up again. Or so we are made believe. In truth he is the Antichrist, followed by a horde of trusty Rottweilers. And, yes, he still loves to hug…


16-The Hunchback of No Name

Mad scientists are more dangerous than demonic ones. Gen manipulation goes wrong and people get body anomalies that carry strange creatures within them. One testee escapes, being rescued by a lovely tramp looking for a home. It’s up to the brothers to save the romance here…
17-The Wolf Flan

Who says wolf meat isn’t tasty? What works for Sweeney Todd works for a strange hunters’ couple in Montana. And Dean learns that he does love wolf pie (before discovering what exactly he was eating).

18-Night of the Living Bread

You think spongebob is scary? Wait till all kinds of pastries go bananas in this over the top comedy episode.
19-The Mummy’s Broom

When Sam and Dean come across a five century old witch, perfectly mummified, they are thrown into a course of events they will only able to stop once they learn to operate her broom or else be killed like a considerable amount of law men. Where is that angel when you need him? Castiel might just be the only one acquainted with flying. 

20-The Picture of a Delorian’s Tray 

Paintings are haunted sometimes, we all know that. Their former experiences allow the brothers to be careful when they are called in by Sarah Blake to have a look at a modern painter’s work who keeps painting still lives of Delorians and trays of fruit attached to them. Apparently people became spellbound by  them and killed themselves by eating too much Kiwi. And – Sam and Sarah continue their relationship. Both are older now. It takes them directly into the adults-only zone.
21-Attack of the Cab Monsters

Well, well, nuclear testing is hazardous to your health. Even more when it turns nice cars into bloodthirsty fiends. Even the Impala gets infected. Dean moves in for the coup de grace. Christine, anyone?
22-The Texas Buzz Cut Massacre

Sam and Dean investigate strange goings-on in a small Texas town where high school football means more than life and death.
The Finale is said to leave us with a horrific cliffhanger. 
Let’s hope we will be able to inform you soon when this season is about to air. Stay tuned – the Winchester Family Business Gazette will be there first to get you all the news! 


Laurel F.
# Laurel F. 2010-09-17 01:59
This made me laugh hysterically, I'm not going to lie.

Although, perhaps pathetically, I have to say that I got a little excited about the Sam/Sarah episode. Well, "episode." I miss that chick.
# Karen 2010-09-17 05:30
Hi Jasminka
I love these ideas.
Castiel new Brew, would love to try it. ;-)
Dean playing the Sax…man I love the sax.:D
The Whining with Werewolves on the prowl….:o
Miss Thigh Gone…Deans singing with Zombies…too funny.
The Mummy’s Broom…Sam and Dean riding a broom…the image has me giggling away.
And a Christinepala†¦that could be quite intriguing.
Thanks WFB Gazette and to Jaspala and Randal great reporting!
# Suze 2010-09-17 06:05
Smothering Tights ... :lol: :lol: :lol: New favorite bad pun, no contest!

Kate Bush doing the music?
# Randal 2010-09-17 11:16
Saxomophone, sax-o-mo-phone. Jas came up with all the funny ones, which I'm fine with, but I'm upset with myself that I hadn't thought of the return of Sarah first. ;-)

Hey Edlund, running short on ideas, you know where to come.
# Bevie 2010-09-17 13:20
Love these plots!

Jas, if they can't be shown, let us hope they go straight to DVD so we can buy them. I would. :-?

Jas and Randal, these were great! :D
# Yirabah 2010-09-17 14:14
Dear Jaspala,

thank you again for a well researched article. I envy you for your contacts to the all mighty Ben Edlund.

That season is just what we need. When does it start on the 24th? Oh wait - that was another season. Dang.

Jas/Randal I love that season. A Sax what an idea my favourtit instrument to listen too. And Sarah returns. I want that so bad. Oh and all that other stuff. The rattling Impala etc.

I love you guys for bringing this stuff to our attention.

With lots of love from a gratefull fan of yours

# Tigershire 2010-09-17 14:44
Awesome and hilarious. Great job you two!
# Ardeospina 2010-09-17 18:25
Jas, Randal, those were great! Really good stuff!

I love the "Smothering Tights" pun, too. Hee. Smothering tights.

That said, I hope the one that comes true is "The Fall of the House of Winchester" so Roderick can get tied up somehow and there can be an excellent "welease Wodewick" joke in there.

Thanks for doing these!
# Suze 2010-09-18 16:28
Yeah, cos he's a wobber and a wapist and a wapscallion. Snurk. :lol:
# Jasminka 2010-09-26 21:09
Thank you so much for commenting, friends, and forgive me for replying so late. It's been a strange time, ah well...

LaurelF - if we managed to make you laugh: ha, mission accomplished!

Karen, thank you so much... I wish we could get these ideas to the Edlund... wonder what he would indeed make of it (ah, dream on woman!)

Suze, would you happen to know Ms Bush ot make her do the soundtrack? Splendid idea

Don't worry, Rrandal, you'll think off Casey next time... ;-)

Bevie, I'll make sure that our site here gets some royalties for all the visitors...

Yirabah, you are very welcome. As soon as there are any news, we'll let you know

Tigershire, thanks so much!

Flamey, hey,I adore the weleasing of Wodewick! Let's do it.

Thanks so much for your fun comments! Jas