recently posted their 10 Favorite TV Cars in the history of TV.  All the greats are there, The General Lee, Kitt, The Batmobile but one car, only one, from a still running series made the list.  Yep, guess who?  The ranking was respectabilty high too. 

The timing of this article couldn't have been better, for Karen sent me her latest poem about none other than our favorite classic car.  So, with pride I present Karen's "Ode To The Metallicar"

Ode to the Metallicar
Oh! There she is all black and sleek
The shine of her chrome, adds to her mystique.
She takes to the open road with such grace and ease.
Brining all other takers down to their knees.
Her 327 engine roars with delight.
And her beauty is mesmerizing under the moonlight.
She's a four door hardtop that stands out in the streets.
With her tan interior and black custom seats.
She has a false bottom trunk where the weaponry is concealed.
As we can't have the authorities having this revealed.
And although she was once douched up with an IPOD adapter.
This matter was resolved and she has put it past her.
She's been on many adventures with the beloved Winchester brothers.
Fighting supernatural entities for the protection of others.
She has been standing guard while they slept and ate.
Has listened to their laughter, their talks and debates.
She even survived along with them, after a demons wrath.
When he sent out a semi to intercept their path.
And with Love and devotion she was fully restored.
To once again tour the streets that she always adored.
To the brothers she's been more than just transportation.
She has been their friend, their home and their salvation.