Updated 8/25

(8-25)  Dawn sent me some great Impala photos from various car shows she and her Dad have attended around Cincinnati and Dayton.

1962 white Impala SS

1968 red Impala 327 Wagon

1963 red Custom Convertible

Interior (Sweet!)

As a bonus, Dawn also shared her Impala minature collection, including the 1967 black one that came out with the Season Three DVDs.  She also has a 1994 miniature, which looks like her Dad's car.  Hey, I have that Supernatural shot glass!

Thank you so much Dawn for sharing!

(8-14)  In a few hours, I'm off to Michigan for the weekend for the obligatory family visit and to attend the infamous Woodward Dream Cruise on Saturday.  As much as I'd love to say I'm going there to show off my classic Mustang (I'm a Ford girl), instead we'll be going up and down the strip with our 2008 Escape with moonroof open.  Someday...

I went to the cruise last year and got some great shots of some 1960's Impalas.  Considering we have a Got Winchester thing going, why not document Impala sightings?  This is not limited to 67 impalas, although you get HUGE points if you spot one and share.  They are really hard to come by.  As long as it's in the muscle car era (no 2006s thank you) we're good. 

(8-22)  2009 Dream Cruise Sightings

There were not many 60's Impala's there at all (I was told because automotive company sponsorship was nil this year) but I did find one 1967 Impala.  It's in black!  Yes, it's only a two door, has an all black interior and it's an SS (the one on the show is not), but it was still awesome.  Best one I've seen personally yet. 

Here's at 1965 beauty in white, with some awesome custom wheels:

Here's another great 1965 in yellow.

(8-14)  2008 Dream Cruise Sightings (with appropriate year marked).

Before that though, Tigershire has a 1967 beauty on her site.  Check it out! 

1967 SS, 2 door black hardtop, red interior.

1965 white 2 door hardtop

1970 (I think) Red Convertible

1965 green 2 door hardtop

1965 red 2 door hardtop