Impala moments:
Sam, Dean and the Impala are indelible images from this series. Pick any season and you will find plenty to choose from, I present four that stand out to me, either because they have heavy emotional reveals or brotherly bonding; there are dozens more to choose and by no means do I suggest these are the best, they simply are the ones that came to mind immediately for each season when I decided to ‘throw' this together. 
The idea for this little exercise came at the end of my watching Fresh Blood and boom, a simple, lite fare post came to mind. I invite you to peek at the following screen caps - added by the ever generous and always supernaturally obsessed Alice - and after you've gazed at them drop a comment and let me know which images came to your mind.
Season 1:
Phantom Traveler: Sam and Dean hear dad's voice for the first time since their journey together began [well, after Dean shared with Sam the recording in The Pilot] still, it's a moment between the brothers.

Season 2:
Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things: A heavy moment between the brothers, sure The Pilot started the whole, lean on the hood or trunk of the Impala and share but this is heavy - good thing the girl is strong.

Season 3: 
Fresh Blood: Well, this is the one that gave me this silly little idea - fixing the girl and simply being.

vlcsnap 00097
Season 4:
Heaven and Hell: I've seen it so many times and it's still powerful - (From Alice:  Um yeah, compare this with our site logo.  You think the hubby and I loved this one a bit much?)  

vlcsnap 00180
Hey, it's the first days of July - you're all busy and I have a life too somewhere, I left it somewhere, so a little break from in-depth analysis and character studies and a little fun with some pictures of the three main characters of the show - Dean, Sam and Metallicar.
Thanks for reading and don't forget to let me know what pictures come to mind for you.