Welcome another first time author here at The Winchester Family Business! Yvonne has chosen to share a burst of inspiration she had featuring the beloved Impala. Enjoy this most original and heartfelt homage to the most important object in the universe.






Oh lady,

Beautiful lady

Ebony black

Lady of class

House on four wheels

Body of steel

Asphalt goddess

Sexiness gratis




Oh Lady,

Powerful Lady

Three Twenty Seven

Four Barrel Engine

Moving so quickly

Cruise at one thirty

Fuel injection

Owned competition



Oh Lady,

Graceful Lady

You roar

You purr

You sing

You soar

Dividing the night

Uniting our fight




Oh Lady,

Elegant Lady

Sixty Seven

Auto perfection

Hugging the turns

Distances burned

Polish and chrome

Winchester home




Oh Lady,

Faithful Lady

Our father’s gift

(whom we still miss)

Heads laid to rest

Weapons in chest

Forever we three,

I, he and thee.