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As reported earlier on The Winchester Family Business, The CW cancelled The Winchesters after just one season.  As explained by Alice Jester's insights into the ever changing landscape of television programming, the announcement was not unexpected as several events, including the sale of The CW network, converged to sideline the fledgling Supernatural prequel. All hope is not lost, however, according to The Winchesters creator, star and Executive Producer, Jensen Ackles. On May 12, Jensen launched the #SaveTheWinchesters social media campaign. Appealing to his vast #Supernatural fandom, he rallied the troops to fight for a new home for the series. 

EW added to the campaign, reporting that "Winchesters showrunner Robbie Thompson has a five-season plan for the story." 
Deadline also helped spread the word that a grassroots show of support might make a difference to the future of the series. 

Three days later, Jensen's pumped up the enthusiasm for the #SaveTheWinchesters campaign by releasing a 2.30 minute trailer of the series. The newly released promotional video is an exhilarating recap of climactic moments and quotes from the show. One might even speculate that the clip is a open invitation and introduction of the show to any and all networks that might want to pick up a plug-and-play show with a young, responsive audience.

Noting the social media trending hashtag, delved into the spirit and fandom behind the #SavetheWinchesters campaign. Their research highlights SPNFamily artists who offered to reward hashtag tweets with #Supernatural gifts! (thanks @waywrdaughter67 for the tip!) A petition was also started to demonstrate support for the show. 

The Winchester Family Business has covered The Winchesters series since it was first announced almost exactly one year to the day of its cancellation. From press room video interviews at its New York Comic Con launch, to three reviewers' assessments of its 13 Season 1 episodes, you can catch up on the story, the strengths, the first season bumps in the road, and the possibilities for this alternate, hopeful version of John and Mary Winchester's future.  

SaveTheWinchesters Hashtag

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