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Rock Star Jensen

How can we ever forget the first time Jensen sang at the Saturday Night Special (SNS)?  Photo by Megan Jackson, Las Vegas, 2015.

A year later, Jensen still owned the stage. Photo by Kim Prior, Nashville, SNS, 2016.

Jensen pulled fans into a sultry performance in Las Vegas, SNS, 2017. Photo by Amy McKeon, 

There's something about Las Vegas. Amy McKeon captures how Jensen throws himself into his singing.

Just For Fun

The kitty has claws. Adorable and dangerous Jensen, as envisioned for Entertainment Weekly by photographer Finlay MacKay.

Superbly talented Supernatural set designer and prop seamstress Stef (@arachnobite) created the The Red Hood and Batman costumes for Jensen, staged the photo shoot, then captured the superhero in action. 

At the other extreme of his dark hero persona is Jensen's post on Instagram of King Bacchus in 2019!

Those are just a few of our favorite photos of Jensen! Now it's your turn. If there is a shot that you think is absolutely stunning, please share with your Supernatural family in the comments below! Also, please respect the photographers' work. You may download their pictures but please do not alter them in any way or remove the watermarks. If you use the pictures for your personal celebrations of Supernatural, always credit!

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Kim Prior is a member of The WFB staff. Our articles are frequently graced with her stunning photography skills. You can follow her, and each of the other photographers in this feature, on Twitter. They have our sincerest thanks for allowing us to share their photos!