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When not melting fans' hearts with his sultry stare into space, Jensen's smile reveals his gentleness, as in these stunning photos. This first shot was taken by Megan Jackson during the 2015 Sunday panel in Las Vegas, Nevada, followed by a Kim Prior photo from the 2017 convention in Nashville, TN. 

Jensen's relaxed rapport with his fans lights up his face. Photo by Amy Hutton from the 2013 Las Vegas convention. 

IMG 0471B

So much of Jensen's personality is revealed in his genuinely happy smile. Shot by Kim Prior at the 2019 convention in Dallas.

This is a very familiar look for Jensen. He's either amused by what just happened or by what he's thinking about what just happened! Taken by Kim Prior in Jacksonville, Fl. in 2016. 

The unique pose and color of Jensen's shirt seem to deepen the color of his beard, creating a fascinating photo. Taken by Amy Hutton in 2019 at the Melbourne convention.

IMG 0480B Melbourne2019

You just know Jensen's scheming something in this shot, taken by Suzanne McLean. 

Have mercy! A series of three close-ups of our happy boy warms the heart. First photo by Krista in 2019 at the Jacksonville, Fl. convention.  

Who knew blue denim could be so hot?  Photo by Stefania.

With his signature head tilt and lean to one side, this dreamy photo was taken by Stefania.

It's hard to believe this photo wasn't taken in a studio.  Instead, it was a spontaneous moment captured by Kim Prior at the convention in Pittsburgh in 2018.

Jensen's full-out laughter might be the best medicine of all. Photo by Amy McKeon, of Amy Marie Photography.

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