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On July 19, 1982 a future star was born in San Antonio, Texas.

His name is Jared Tristan Padalecki.

It's time to celebrate you, Jared!

Back in 2004, we saw you in New York Minute and Flight of the Phoenix!

JPBSpecial NYPhonenix 2019

When I was younger, I watched MacGyver. I liked that he could save the situation with only a paperclip and chewing gum. Sadly, the pilot for Young MacGyver (2003), in which you played the iconic title role, was never picked up. Let me tell you, I would have watched it for sure.

JPBSpecial youngMacGuver2019

The first time I recognized you on screen was when you where Dean back in 2000 in the TV show Gilmore Girls.  You were also in the revival episode "Fall" in 2016.

JPBSpecial GG 2019


When the first episode of Supernatural aired on September 13, 2005,
it was the start of something special... and not only for me.
Now we know the show will end with Season 15 in 2020,  
but I also know that we are #SPNFamily forever. I hope you always remember that, Jared.
We have your back.

JPBSpecialPromi 1 2 2019

JPBSProm1 2019

When asked which season is your favorite, the answer “season four” is obvious.  
Why? Because that is when you met your gorgeous wife, Genevieve (Cortese) and fell in love.

JPBSpecial S04 2019


“French Mistake” (Episode 06x15)  is one of my favorite episodes for many reasons, including that we saw you and Gen together, and that we saw the real picture of your wedding.

JPBSpecial Frenchmistake 2019


In 2009´s episode “Fallen Idols” (Season 5x05), you worked with Paris Hilton.

JPBSpecial Fallen Idols 2019

This reminds me of the movie House of Wax from 2005.

JPBSpecial House of wax 2019 

You also hosted 8 episodes of the show “Room 401” back in 2007.
Each episode is 30 minutes & contains four pranks, or :scary mini movies”.

Friday the 13th (2009) was also a movie where we could see you on the big screen.

JPBSpecial Friday 13th 2019

But that´s not all.
With your campaigns like AKF (Always Keep Fighting), you are helping more people than you can possibly guess.
You support so many important causes with all the charity work you are doing.

JPBSpecial 2019 Header AKF

Between filming, promotion, charity work and family time,
you also take time for conventions so we can spend time with you.

JPBSpecialMD2019 1
Credit: MonicaDPhoto

Jared 16Van 7635
Credit: Prior Studios

You are also the Co-Owner of “San Jac Saloon”  in Austin Texas.

Source: Jared´s Instagram

I could list a lot more, but to cut a long story short.



Jared 16Van 6592
Credit:Prior Studios

As this is a Birthday Special, we have wishes from
some of the #SPNFamily members for you Jared.

Credit: @LMRourke (read more about her custom funkos here)

Dear Jared,
I wish with all my heart that you have a Birthday as Wonderful as You Are!
Thank you for your inspiration, encouragement and love! ???? Lisa M. Rourke

Dear Jared,
I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thank you very much for taking us on this crazy journey that was Supernatural.
In 14 years I never missed an episode.
Greetings & hugs from Vienna, Anita Fleischer

Dear Sweet Jared,
I wish you the happiest and most fulfilling birthday this year.
You have been an inspiration to so many for the past 14 years and taking care of you has and should always be your first priority.
Thank you for being you. You are a wonderful and caring husband, father, and friend.
I look forward to seeing you again at as many conventions as I can attend. #AKF
Love to you always, Sue Ladigo

I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday. Hope it's a great day. Cori

I wish you a very Happy Birthday and I want to thank you with all my heart
that you and also Jensen and Misha have created something that serves as a role model
and guide for many fans through difficult times.
By opening up to your fans and showing you to be vulnerable and imperfect,
you have encouraged so much.
Without you, there would not be the #SPNFamily,
which currently represents an important stop in my life for me.
Thank you for everything!!!
Claudia Wolf

Birthday Wishes from South Africa!! Wishing you happy birthday Jared,
my wish for you on your birthday is that you have a wonderful day filled with all the love and validation that you need and deserve.
Know that you mean so much to so many people and we all only wish you many more happy fulfilled years to come.
Thank you for sharing just a bit of your life with the #SPNFamily and through that giving us courage to Always Keep Fightingand get the help that we need.
In my case after listening to FAMILY DON'T END WITH BLOOD on audible and hearing your story as well as everyone else's,
I now have an appointment to see a psychiatrist for my PTSD and depression.
I kept putting it off and making excuses until now.
Thank you.

Happy Birthday to the gentlest and sweetest person I've ever met.
We met at VanCon 2010 and you posed with me showing our "guns", the best picture ever!
You have been such a great inspiration to me and my two sons, both with your portrayal of Sam and your transparency in your personal life,
allowing us fans to share our struggles with you even as you revealed your own to us.
You are very special and you've made the world a better place by simply being in it.
I hope your birthday this year, and every year finds you surrounded with love and peace and celebrates you as you deserve.
Happy Birthday, Jared!!

Dear Jared,
i wish you 12 months of happiness, 52 weeks of contentment, 365 days of love, 8,760 hours without stress,
525,600 minutes of glee and 31,536,000 seconds with your loved ones.
In short: an incomparable year!
Love & Hugs Reni

Happiest of birthday to you, Jared!
You continue to be such an inspiration to the #SPNFamily, myself included.
From mental health to marathons, we are inspired to better ourselves and achieve greatness.
You're strength, kindness, empathy, humor and love make you such an incredibly special person!
So here's to a birthday as special as you are! Melanie M. 



It's weird to care a lot for someone who you don't really know but at the same time I feel like I know you very well.
You helped me with the strength and courage you have. I'm grateful for who you are.
I know you'll have an amazing birthday surrounded by the beautiful family you have.
I love you Jared. Anahi Leal (Yeya)


Happy Birthday, Jared!!!
Hope you have an awesome day with your family and friends.
You bring happiness to so many including myself just with a simple smile.
I hope this year brings you great success and many blessings.
Continue to shine bright!!!! Carla Spencer


Jared, just want to wish you a very Happy Birthday,
may this day and the years to come be as kind to you as you are to those around you, whether close or far away.
May every ray of sunshine catch you wherever you are. May Happiness and Love follow you every step you take.
Thank you for being who you are and for what you mean to many, including me.
Birthday wishes from across the ocean.
South Africa, Love Yolanda

Happy Birthday Jared and thank you so much for everything you do.
You've helped me and millions of others so much. Have an amazing and good birthday.
Love, Brianna Collins (Pearland, TX)


Happy Birthday Jared!!!
Hope you have an amazing day with family and friends and many good memories.
Enjoy. Corey


Janie Romel (read more about Janie and her art here)

Happy Birthday Jared,
I hope your birthday leaves you feeling as blessed and happy, as you have made all of your fans feel for the many years.
You have blessed us with your great talents and your kind, gentle heart.
God bless you for being someone we can all cherish and look up to.
At 70, I can say you give me hope that the younger generations are not totally lost and self-absorbed.
So thrilled to see you will get to finally be with your lovely wife and children on a more full-time basis! Congrats!
Please tell the writers not to kill off our hero, Sam, and his hero, Dean.
Think everyone wants you to be forever our Winchester Brothers on a never-ending loop of brotherhood, family & togetherness.
Hope to see you have many more birthdays in an Alternate Universe.
Hugs & Holywater, Jude Chart

Hey Jared, happy birthday!
I hope you’re having an amazing day and that you’ll live a long, amazing and happy life.
Hug your family for us! Have a nice day! Sofia 

Dear Jared,
special Day, special person and special celebration.
I hope this wonderful day will fill up you heart with joy and blessings.
Have a fantastic birthday; celebrate the happiness on every day of your life.
Thanks for all you have done, you are a great inspiration for others and me.
You showed me that it is always worth to fight against inner demons.
I have now a tattoo as outer sign that reminds me every day that all is possible
and that the fight against depression is nothing to be ashamed about.
Please maintain your identity and keep both feet planted firmly on the ground and remain the boy next door.
You naturalness is the reason why we adore you. #AlwaysKeepFighing
Many greetings from Flensburg in North Germany Tina 

Wishing you the very happiest of birthdays!!!!
Love how you inspire me and so many others to keep moving forward!!!
Love ya, Valerie Millar

just knowing you're in the world makes me happy.
I am wishing you all the best for next year and your post - SPN life.
I would like to ask that you don't fade completely away from social media and public life after the show ends.
We will horribly miss you if you do.
Hugs and respect, Kat

Dear Jared,
on this special day know that the #SPNFamily is thinking of you. I
'm sending you great vibes and I hope you have a wonderful day because you deserve the world.
Keep being you and we'll keep celebrating you - today and every day.
You are an amazing human being, remember that.
I love you so freakin' much! xoxo Crina

I hope that your birthday is awesome!
That you are thankful for your beautiful,smart and kind wife and adorable children!
The fact that under your luscious hair is a massive well educated brain!
You also have gorgeous legs!
You make me proud to be an American!
Have a Great Birthday from Lydav

i wish you the most Happy Birthday possible.
You are such a caring, generous, kind, heartwarming, and loving person (your outstanding traits has no limits).
You deserve all the happiness on your special day.
You have been an inspiration in my life more than you will ever know.
I will always Keep Fighting everyday because of you. Susan Marty

Happy birthday to the man who is an inspiration to all of us.
His devotion to Sam Winchester awakened my creativity and gave my life a new meaning. T
hat is why I now have the opportunity to make a dream, that I thought I had lost, come true.

Hope to meet you at Supernatural Chicago con next year!
I also made you something and sent it to your twitter! Tamara

i hope you have a fantastic day with your family and friends.
Know that I am there in spirit hoping to make the day great. Lisa

Credit: Sherri  (read more about Sherri and her drawings here)

The only thing missing now are my wishes for you & the one from the whole Team.

I want to let you know how much you motivate me to believe in myself.
I also want to thank you for "Always Keep Fighting" it´s my motto and helps me everyday.
What i also love is, that our birthdays are only a few days apart.

My wish for you is that each day of your life will present you with abundant strength
to help you realize your aspirations.
Happy Birthday Jared.
Enjoy your special day with your Family & Friends.
Bettina Bier 

Happy Birthday, Jared! 
- The Winchester Family Business Team-

Please share your birthday wishes, comments, questions, and reactions below!

Thanks for reading and to everyone who sent me wishes to include here.

Bettina Bier

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