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What are Supernatural fans up to? Here's the latest scoop as of August, 2017!
Fan Fiction

The Dean Winchester Big Bang is progressing. Author Sign Ups are now closed. Here is the rest of the schedule for the fic-a-thon.


15 June 2017 - Author, Artist, Beta sign ups open

30 June 2017 - Author sign ups close

15 September 2017 - 1st Author Check In (general check in)

15 November 2017 - 2nd Author Check In (general check in)

13 December 2017 - Author Rough Draft (70% completion), summaries, warnings due

16 December 2017 - Art Claims Open

20 December 2017 - 1st Artist Check In (general check in), Final Author Check in (Artist connected)

15 January 2018 - Art Rough Draft due, Author Final Draft Due

25 January 2018 - Posting schedule posted

1 February 2018 - Posting begins

More information on Livejournal and Tumblr.
Saileen Big Bang
For those who miss Eileen, there is a new challenge, The Saileen Big Bang, which celebrates the pairing of Sam and Eileen.  Author sign-ups will close on August 31. Here is the rest of the schedule.

August 1: Author/Artist/Beta Sign-ups Begin

August 31: Author Sign-ups Close

October 1: Author Check-in

November 12: Rough Drafts (80% complete) and Summaries Due

November 18: Summaries posted for artists

November 25: Art Claims Begin

December 31: 2nd Author Check-in and Final Drafts Due (must be complete but can be un-edited/beta’d), 1st Artist Check-in and Art Draft Due

February 1: Posting Begins

More information on Tumblr.
The SPN Reverse Bang has a different premise than other Big Bangs.
Challenge Overview:This is a reverse of the usual Bang challenge. Each artist wishing to participate creates at least one piece of art featuring any character from Supernatural or SPN RPF (excluding the real-life children of the actors). The art will be posted anonymously to be claimed by an author.Authors are then expected to write a short fic (minimum of 3,000 words) based on the art they chose.
August 1: Sign-Ups Open
September 3: Artist Sign-Ups Close
September 4: Early Bird Art Submissions Due
September 18: Final Art Submissions Due
September 21: Art posts go up
September 22: Writer sign-ups close Noon EDT/16:00 GMT
September 23: Claims Open 10 am EDT/14:00 GMT
September 25: The Big Reveal!
October 9: Posting Schedule Announced
October 12: General check in for artist/author pairings
October 29: Writer Rough Drafts Due (MANDATORY)
November 10: Posting Begins
 More information at Livejournal and Tumblr.
 Fan Art
 Earlier this year, The Supernatural Artbook project was founded to allow fan artists to contribute works to be collected and sold to support charities. Now that the project has been fully funded and copies of the book have shipped, artists are sharing their work online. You can find works at the Supernatural Artbook Tumblr.  Example.
 Check out some of the brilliant work our fandom did for this project.
 David Hayden Jones and Mr. Ketch caught the imagination of several artists. David compiled a number of them at the ART Mate Sunday Archive.
The Kale Online interviewed HR, who works in clay, in  Fan-Art Friday on Wednesday with HR
To get us through Hellatus, we have Supernatural hiatus creations
 Their project description: 
Each week will focus on a different theme in the spn universe. these may be characters, places, episodes, quotes, or just overall ideas. the sunday before each new week starts, we will make a post officially announcing that week’s theme along with a few other details (and maybe a few ideas). post your theme-related creation any time before the end of the week (by Sunday at midnight pacific time), and make sure to tag it with #spnhiatuscreations in the first five tags!
schedule 2017 - under construction!

week 1 (may 22 - may 28): “the only thing we had in this world—the only thing, aside from this car, was each other.”

week 2 (may 29 - june 4): urban legends

week 3 (june 5 - june 11): ships (back by popular demand!)

week 4 (june 12 - june 18): sam winchester

week 5 (june 19 - june 25): women of supernatural

week 6 (june 26 - july 2): crowley

week 7 (july 3 - july 9): alternate versions of characters

week 8 (july 10 - july 16): archangels or princes of hell

week 9 (july 17 - july 23): “you, me, and sam. we’re just better together.”

week 10 (july 24 - july 30): spells, symbols, and sigils

week 11 (july 31 - august 6): emotions

week 12 (august 7 - august 13): castiel

week 13 (august 14 - august 20): hunters or men of letters

week 14 (august 21 - august 27): “i hate you…and i love you.”

week 15 (august 28 - september 3): classic rock songs

week 16 (september 4 - september 10): dean winchester

week 17 (september 11 - september 17): sets or scenery

week 18 (september 18 - september 24: always keep fighting

week 19 (september 25 - october 1): who we are (12x22) / all along the watchtower (12x23)

week 20 (october 2 - october 8): season 13 promos


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