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Mark Sheppard and Sarah Louise Fudge tied the knot on Saturday, November 19!
The Supernatural cast joined in the celebration.

Nice times!

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From E!News
So after a year of actual marriage & one baby later we finally got to have a wedding! And it was a bloody great one!" the bride wrote on Instagram one day after the ceremony. "Thank you to everyone who made it so fantastic & thank you to @realmarksheppard for being the love of my life. Forever #sheppardweddingparty."
Cast and crew members shared pictures of this wonderful event.

Beautiful day at the Sheppard wedding, congratulations Mark and Sarah ??

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Kidnapped by giants. Ridiculously good looking giants. #markandsarah #jaredis6'5omg

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Fantastic wife. @kkmckinns Fantastic time. @realmarksheppard @slsheppard

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Long day.... I love my wife. #spnfamily

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New pictures from Jim Michaels
 And Congratulations keep coming in.