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Supernatural fans continue to use their creativity to promote the show and the cast.

Railora at LiveJournal created a Supernatural friending meme

Enjoy fanfiction? The Supernatural SummerGen Livejournal community has posted tons of stories.  Want to find a type of fanfiction? SPN Themes is revamping their Livejournal and may be able to help you.

Want to hear what's going on with other fans? SPN Fan Family is a great way to connect with other fans.

Jared's work with mental health issues has inspired the fandom. SPNSuvivors is one group trying to make a difference.


Each month we will shine our spotlight on a charity, event or opportunity for you to get involved and make a difference in your own community. This month’s Spotlight is on Mental Health First Aid classes and the importance of knowing how to help someone in a critical time of need because our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Today and everyday, we are Helping People, Saving Lives, The Family Business!

They are currently celebrating their second anniversary.

We will be celebrating our 2nd Anniversary from September 10 (World Suicide Prevention Day) through October 27 (our actual anniversary date) with special activities, auctions, give-aways and the launch of our next program geared towards Helping People, Saving Lives, The Family Business!

They will also be part of a fun fund raiser in October.

On September 28, SPNsurvivors will be sponsoring "You matter" day

You can check SPNsurvors out at their website or at  Twitter.

Fans helped season 12 get off to a good start by sending this:

Heikki is celebrating Jensen...

And her followup: 

Here is Heikki presenting her award to Jensen.

We also have a project to celebrate Jared

Jason Manns released his Covers with Friends CD and that has inspired an attempt to make Jensen's song #1 on ITunes

Rob Benedict is getting some love as well:

We have such a great fandom! I'm proud to be part of it!

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