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Broment: When dudes share a special moment with each other.

Brother: A person whom you are related to. Sometimes a role model. Sometimes an ass. Sometimes a friend. A person who you are stuck being related to until the day you die through good or bad.

(Note: Both definitions found in the online Urban Dictionary)

When I started this article I tried to make this a Top Ten list but picking out just ten "broments" was simply not possible. Then I also had to ponder what justifies a Brotherly Moment.  To me it was more than just the heart to heart, hugging, emotional  moments. I also felt the pranks, the way Sam and Dean work together on a case and even the times they disagree could be considered Brotherly Moments.  

So I created several categories of Broments. In fact there ended up being so many broments that I will be writing and sharing them in a four part series!

Part One - 'The Family Business'

This section is dedicated to the brothers' working relationship. There are certain things the brothers have to do repeatedly in their line of work, creating moments they share together while working side by side. 

Grave Digging to Salt and Burn - A ritual to end or prevent a vengeful spirit.

SPN 0543

To work so closely together into the long night to perform such a grim task takes true commitment. I also have to comment on their attention to detail with the perfection of those corners.

'Defeating the Evil'


The brothers have battled against many different creatures, ghosts, werewolves, vampires and demons. On many of these occasions our boys have been beaten, battered, tossed about and even shot. However, by pulling together and covering each other's backs, they have won the majority of these battles and defeated the evil.

'Coming to the Rescue'


Numerous times together they have burst into a lair, hideout or a home  to rescue the victim and possibly take out the monster.

vlcsnap 00068

However there have been times busting in has been a little premature ....


...or has been a complete misunderstanding!

vlcsnap 00076

Sometimes it has been one brother saving the other from imminent danger or death or....


...saving their dignity.


Keeping a straight face was probably harder to do than the actual rescue.

'Loading Up'

vlcsnap 00022

Being the professionals that they are, they know what they need to do to get their weapons ready, as this is a major part of their job...

vlcsnap 00056

As well as keeping a fully equipped and easily accessible arsenal. Countless times we have seen them opening 'Baby's' trunk to retrieve the necessary weapons.

vlcsnap 00148

Their team work and knowledge has also played an important role when they've had to improvise with what was available to them at the time.

 'Doing Research'

SPN 0855

Many hours have been spent sitting side by side, scouring through countless materials the traditional way...


...and the modern way.



Together they ensure each other is safely guarded before testing an object that may have been subjected to a spell.



A couple of times they have found themselves behind bars. Once purposely being arrested to help out an old Marine buddy of their Dad...

vlcsnap 00024 
...and the others either by bad luck or being set up (Yes Bela, we're looking at you). However, every time they have resolved a case or situation and regained their freedom.

'Captured and Tortured'


Even after being captured and at times being tortured, they used their skill and craftiness to escape and defeat their captives.

'Stake Outs and Surveillance'

Going out on stakeouts and doing surveillance is possibly the most boring of jobs.


Countless hours of watching security monitors...

vlcsnap 00043

...or sitting in 'Baby' to stake out a home or other facility.

vlcsnap 00085

Sometimes one will needs to rest their eyes, while the other gladly stays on watch.

SPN 0757

However on occasion the inevitable does happen. They are only human after all.

'Going Undercover'

On many occasions they have had to go undercover and assume various aliases.


Depending on the case, they have portrayed reporters, lawyers, doctors, police officers ....


...and often FBI Agents.

However on occasion they have been able to dabble in other professions!

vlcsnap 00056  





Alarm Installers...


Airport Baggage Handlers...

vlcsnap 00046

Party Guests...


Even Cowboys (however they did have to go back in time for that one).

I hope you enjoyed this section of the Brotherly moments!

Are there any working moments that you would add to the list? Please share!

Next up is Brotherly Moments Part Two - 'No Chick Flick Moments'


# Lilah_Kane 2015-09-17 11:23
I think you hit the spot with these so can't wait for the other three parts. They can't really be put to top 10 order like you said.

- Lilah
# Karen 2015-09-18 13:58
Hi Lilah, thank you for your comment. Yeah doing a top ten was way too difficult :)
# cheryl42 2015-09-17 19:00
That was awesome! Very funny. Can't wait for part 2....:D
# Karen 2015-09-18 13:59
Hi cheryl42, I'm so happy you enjoyed the article...cheer s!
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-09-18 19:39
Karen, I really enjoyed the article. I watch the show for the broments above all else, and these pictures (and your funny captions) depict so many of the brother scenes that I loved these past 10 seasons. I can't wait for the next installment!
# Karen 2015-09-19 03:19
Hi samandean10, I too watch mainly for the broments. I just love these two characters. Thank you for your comment.
# BoGirle 2015-09-18 21:00
Great article! I agree that choosing a top ten 'broments' would be virtually impossible. Can't wait to see the 2nd half. Will there be brotherly fighting in that half? I love the brotherly spats. Not the stupid fabricated drama and fights from recent years, but the ones where they disagree and hash it out and find common ground. Love those.
# Karen 2015-09-19 03:24
Hi BoGirle, I actually have three more installments which one of them will include their disagreements. I also love how they manage to work out their spats. Thank you for your comment.