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Happy “Supernatural” Day!
Yes, thirteen years ago today, September 13, 2005, “Supernatural” premiered on the now defunct WB Network. It remains the ONLY show on the CW from it’s original lineup. “Supernatural” is also still adding to that title of longest-running American live-action fantasy TV series, a feat achieved back in season 11.
In looking for a way to reflect on this special day, I’ve decided to go to an old fallback that I haven’t done since 2011. I present, The Supernatural Round Robin Quote-O-Rama!  I’ve picked through a list of personal favorite quotes/pieces of dialogue involving Sam and Dean and somehow picked one for each season to present.  The choices are totally arbitrary, sometimes einee-meenie-miney-mo was the only mechanism for picking an option.  
Can you name the episodes these are from? I think several are obvious, but some just may not be!
  • Round_Robin_Quote-O-Rama.001.jpeg
  • Round_Robin_Quote-O-Rama.002.jpeg
  • Round_Robin_Quote-O-Rama.003.jpeg
  • Round_Robin_Quote-O-Rama.004.jpeg
  • Round_Robin_Quote-O-Rama.005.jpeg
  • Round_Robin_Quote-O-Rama.006.jpeg
  • Round_Robin_Quote-O-Rama.007.jpeg
  • Round_Robin_Quote-O-Rama.008.jpeg
  • Round_Robin_Quote-O-Rama.009.jpeg
  • Round_Robin_Quote-O-Rama.010.jpeg
  • Round_Robin_Quote-O-Rama.011.jpeg
  • Round_Robin_Quote-O-Rama.012.jpeg
  • Round_Robin_Quote-O-Rama.013.jpeg
Now, you get to join in on all the fun.  What are your favorite quotes from each season?  Yes, I'm limiting you to 1 a season since our comments section only holds so many characters!  I picked brotherly scenes but honestly, any character is fair game.   For extra credit, list the episodes these quotes are from.