This week's theme is family.  We're all about the family.  Those two timing bastards than think just because you share blood you owe them a kidney or something.  Or loyalty.  I mean, really?  Sorry where was I?  Oh yeah, not many of this week's motivational posters have anything to do with family.  It's better that way.  

And Then There Were None.002-001.jpgAnd Then There Were None.007-001.jpgAnd Then There Were None.001-001.jpgAnd Then There Were None.005-001.jpgAnd Then There Were None.004-001.jpgAnd Then There Were None.008-001.jpgAnd Then There Were None.003-001.jpgAnd Then There Were None.006-001.jpg

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# fanotheboyz 2011-03-10 21:17
I think that "Evil Genius" one could also be called "Simon Says" or maybe the "Hokey Pokey". After all, we have a 'polka', so why not stick with the dance theme?
# Jasminka 2011-03-11 01:18
Thank you so much, Flamey, I needed these fun pics this morning. This day already is a bad one, I hope it will improve.
Your pics here made me laugh - it's just what I needed, indeed!
Much love, Jas
# Yirabah 2011-03-11 03:28
Arde that is great like always, I especially love the last one. Thanks for it.
# Junkerin 2011-03-11 03:29
The last one is my favorite. It was so funny to see them sticking their fingers in the ears. :D
# Karen 2011-03-11 07:22
Hi Ardeospina
You’ve done it again, these are great!
I have to agree with everyone else that the “Evil Genius’ is my favourite, but I also had a good laugh at the “Strict Enforcement’. I actually worked at a company where the security was almost this ridiculous. :o
# Jasminka 2011-03-11 12:38
Dear friends and fans in Japan and the Pacific region - I need to say how much I hope that you and your loved ones are safe at this disastrous hour.

I and, I'm sure, everyone here at The Winchester Family Business as well as all those who visit us are hoping for your safety and soon recovery from the shock that horrific earthquake must have caused you.

Including you in my prayers,

P.S: Flamey, I'm certain you won't take it amiss that I put this here.
# Ardeospina 2011-03-11 20:10
I absolutely do not take it amiss, and I second everything you said.