Who knew so many life lessons could be found through anatomical dummies, faceless mannequins, sex dolls, and car possessing ghosts that read a little too much Stephen King when they were alive?  Motivational messages can come from some pretty whacked out places.   

Mannequin 3- The Reckoning-1.001.jpgMannequin 3- The Reckoning-1.002.jpgMannequin 3- The Reckoning-1.003.jpgMannequin 3- The Reckoning-1.004.jpgMannequin 3- The Reckoning-1.005.jpgMannequin 3- The Reckoning-1.006.jpgMannequin 3- The Reckoning-1.007.jpgMannequin 3- The Reckoning-1.008.jpg

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