Supernatural Season Three Hits and Misses - Part Two


Miss: Sam's Shooting

This, I believe, is another unanimous "miss" in season three - when Bela shoots Sam in the shoulder. It was a too serious and startling button on an otherwise pretty balanced and enjoyable episode. Not need to go into too much detail here. Quite simply Bela + Gun + Shooting Sam = MISS.

Hit: Vampire Gordon

Talk about getting your just desserts. If there was anyone who deserved to be turned into a monster and live in what one imagines was his own personal hell for a time, it was Mr. The-World-Is-Black-&-White, Gordon. Yes, Gordon was an apparent "good guy" who was really bad news and ultimately, having him, you know, not human (physically anyway, because the internal humanity seemed to have ebbed away long ago) made it so much easier to finally be rid of that giant pain in Sam's side. (Plus, let's not forget that beheading). Hit!

Miss: Crocotta

Okay, I'll keep this short and sweet. Long Distance Call is not on my list of favourite episodes. For whatever reason it just never struck me the way some SPN episodes do. That aside, one particular element that felt weak here was the MoTW. Really? A phone-calling soul eater thing? Really? Somehow this wasn't a scary monster and it just didn't work for me - so we'll call it a miss, at least on my part.


Hit: Kids are capital C Creepy!

Casting Lilith as a child was very clever. It's extra chilling and creates just a touch more hesitation on the stabbing her brutally thing.

Miss: Once Bitten, Not at all Shy?

*NP Alert!* Overall, this is a good episode. One small thing that bugs me, and excuse me for repeating myself here, is the inclusion AND TRUST of Bela. Could have had the colt snatched more cleverly - because this was an evident and very unshocking motivation considering the transparent and vague "Bobby did this thing for me once" reason for her participation. And that is all I'll say on the subject.

Hit: Ghostumentary

This will be another short one. Ghostfacers was genius. No if, ands or buts about it. Genius.

Miss: Romance

*NP Alert* SPN has never been shy with the romance storylines or giving the boys a passing fancy for somebody featured in the case-of-the-week. Having said that, this view felt some of the "love" stuff was a little cheesy and out of place in season three. Such cheese includes: Dean's affection for Bela, Sam's affection for Bela (funny as that post-dream sequence was) and some of the Lisa stuff. Like I said - this is nitpicky and pure personal opinion, but I could have done without those bits.


Hit: Jail Time

Jus in Belo is one of my favourite episodes of season three. Just about the entire episode is executed perfectly. First, Henricksen learning the truth was done very well. This character has always been a good man, just lacking some essential information. Second, the episode has some good humour to it but more importantly, some good drama and key plot developments. Finally, the ending with Lilith in the police station, while sad to lose Henricksen just as he's seen the light, not to mention the others in the station, was very well done. This chick demon is not your run of the mill demon. Badass evil bitch = hit.

Miss: Ruby's deep, dark past

While the witches themselves were pretty awesome, one problem with Malleus Malificarum was Ruby's relationship to them. Yes, Ruby has issues as a character overall for some people - and I'm not going to get into that debate here. What I will say is that Ruby's "troubled" history and struggle to "keep her humanity" spin, well that was too forced for this viewer. True, not true, half true; frankly I don't care - it just didn't work. Not to say it wasn't well written, or well acted for that matter. Simply put it oversold that "good" demon character that was being pitched to the viewers. Swing and a miss on this one, at least for me.

Hit: The End

No, no - not the season five episode (we'll get to that in a later list). No, this hit was the end of season three, the end of the year and the end of Dean's life. The unshocking and easy out to this plot would have been the death of Lilith with Dean living, driving off into the sunset happily with his rock music, his Impala and his beloved brother. But that wasn't they ending we got and I'm so, so glad for that. Emotional, dramatic and unexpected this was a beautiful conclusion to a well done storyline. 

What were hits and misses for you?