It's that special time of year again!  Hellatus starts taking it's toll so I get cheeky, bored, and carry my Supernatural obsession to disturbing new levels.  I take precious time to pour over all the visual evidence that Sam Winchester's hair has evolved into its own being.  Heck, it's an actual supporting player by now!  It's become as vital to "Supernatural" as the Impala and tacky motel rooms.  

Just like all other seasons, the results from my study are quite fascinating.  For those not familiar, this is my third "Enigma" installment.  The first one went on to be one of the most legendary articles ever on this site.  The second one, season five, didn't do too shabby either.  Now I take on season six.  I was not prepared for the hefty task this season had to offer, that's for sure.  

Season Six Hair

Season six without a freaking doubt was the most perplexing, deeply layered, complex, and absolute best hair year ever.  That's because it became the tale of two hairs (except the season finale, which is so complicated its gets its own category).  There is soulless Sam hair, which for the most part is perfect.  It's always neat, well kept, and on more than one occasion heart stoppingly gorgeous.  Sure, a lot of what's on the top of his head could be the danger vibe of the very cold face underneath, but the whole situation also leaves many philosophical musings as to how messy hair is tied to a soul.  It's my guess all those hours not sleeping finally afforded some time for proper care.  Or is it more than that?  Hmm...the possibilities.  

Of course, it's not like Sam got his soul back and his hair instantly drifted into disaster territory.  The noticeable attention given to the hair did disappear.  There weren't disasters, but there weren't as many "wow" moments either.  Just flat.  Oh, except "Frontierland."  Trust me when I say, there's a special spot in the Sam Winchester hair hall of fame for what a well placed hat does to the man.    

There wasn't a major disaster anywhere and oh so much goodness, but strange things did happen.  The hair still managed to take over during some pivotal scenes.  Or dry ones.  Or heck, even scenes that didn't amount to a hill of beans at all.  The hair still often did what it wanted.  Doesn't that always seem to be the case? 

Ah, but enough of my musings.  We need visual evidence!  Lord knows there was plenty.  

It's Not My Day Hair

It just never fails with Sam, does it?  The more peril involved, the more the hair responds as frantically as the man donning the do. 

See what fun happens when he must tackle baby snatching grannies...

Taking on angels that are clearly swifter (and more breezy) in their attack...

Having run ins with pissed off Monsters of the Week...

Getting the holy crap beaten out of him by his angsty and extremely pissed off brother...

Having his soul shoved back into against his will by Death while he's chained to a bed...

Kicking a wall that he was warned by people far wiser than he not to kick...

Oh yeah, and having said wall taken down by someone he thought was a close friend but turned out to be a rogue angel that was completely screwed over by the writers. That plot twist definitely didn't do the Samhair any favors.

It's the same song every year.  Poor ole Sammy just can't catch a break.    

"I'm freaking dangerous" Hair

Don't let the pretty fool you!  Or you'll die.  I think I may have already.  

Whew! need a few moments...

"I can't do anything with these bangs" Hair

Bangs and Sam never get along and season six didn't change things one bit.  Just look at all the trouble they caused. 

Getting pesky during workouts...

Getting in the way during Sam's fit over his car being crushed by in-flight fighting angels.  (Man angels indirectly cause a lot of hair disasters, don't they?)

If only Sam had gone for the salt round first, this tragedy could have been avoided.  

I'm still trying to do the math, but what in the world clicked into place where Sam's bang issues disappear if the Titanic goes down.  Yeah, my math doesn't add up either.  


No Titanic...

Then there was a historic first this season.  An angelic hair intervention!  In one of the most desperate hours, Castiel was there to save the day.  Who knew the angelic touch of healing fixed bad bangs too?  If anyone ever needed some divine intervention...

Phone Hair

I never noticed it before.  Sam does have a really

That phone really adds something, doesn't it?   

Bitchface Hair

There was an extra special treat this season.  It's soulless bitchface hair!  It's neater, more well managed, but still off the face to maximize the displeasure.   

Souled Sam tried to carry on this proud tradition, but he didn't always live up to standards.  It worked here...

But then something went horribly wrong....

Maybe that's why we got the profile bitchface here.  All hair, no mishaps!  It works.  


Do I really need words here????

But wait...we have a Grand Champion.

Six seasons and it takes until freaking EPISODE 6.18 for us to learn that the best Sam Winchester hair ever is hat hair???  Well, come to think of it, nothing controls bangs better.  Look at the way those dangling waves just fall into place.  

What's even more remarkable is 24 hours of a cowboy hat on, the dust, grime, and filth of the Old West, and not a freaking follicle is out of place.  Go figure! Why doesn't that work the entire rest of the time?  Oh right, his hair is a diva.

"Crazy shit keeps happening to me" Hair

Soulless or not, Sam had no shortage of the completely messed up situations.  His hair did the best it could but...

"You're pretty handsome fellow" Hair 

Fairy hair

"Oh this is so wrong" hair

"WTF?" hair

"My brother is an idiot" hair

"Jefferson Starships" hair

"Oh, this is so messed up" hair.


"I'm Burning Hot" Hair

No soul = one total freaking sex magnet.  No wonder Sam had to keep the coif perfect!

Too soon?

"I've lost total control" hair

There are those inevitabilities in life where the events of the moment trump all hair needs.  Like this...

(Fine, I might not have been looking at the hair in this scene.)

The Multiple Sam hair

Not one episode ever, in the entire six seasons, has brought so much conflict for one man as "The Man Who Knew Too Much."  Four different Sams, four very different tales in hair management.  I gotta tell you, there were some triumphs and absolute freaking tear inducing tragedies.  I'm still exhausted from taking it all in.  

Even in the dream world, soulless Sam's hair was perfect.  What did he know that his doppleganger doesn't?   

Oh, but there was the opposite end, aka "jello" Sam.  I guess when your brain is swiss cheese, the hair isn't going to do so well either.  

Unconscious Sam had struggles too!  Who knew a coma state would cause such conflicts?  Because Eric Kripke is evil.

Then there's poor, poor, Hell Sam.  So broken, so damaged, and freaking Lucifer and Michael didn't even spare the hair.  Those bastards.  For the love of humanity!

The real tragedy though is how the hair soars to new gorgeous heights (just see it flapping in the breeze) and that jerk Castiel has to go and mess with things.  He did more than tear down a wall.  Why oh why??


After all that, Sam becomes one and...the jury is still out.  I'm not sure the merging went very well.  It all became flat but organized.  It could have been worse I guess.  Let's just say the cliffhanger gives me some ammunition for season seven. 


So what did season six teach us? Souls mess up hair, so do supernatural creatures, freaking angels and the owner of said mop himself. Just another day at the office for Sam Winchester.