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The Man Who Knew Too Much Ep 6/22
Robin's Rambles by Robin Vogel

It's night, very dark. Sam is wildly running, apparently in upstate New York where Castle Storage, John's storage container, is located. It appears a police car is chasing him. He leans against a door that says DELIVERY ENTRANCE ONLY and backs in. "We're closed," says Robin, the girl behind the counter of the bar. "Just give me a second," says Sam, breathless. "Sorry, pal, we open at noon," she says. "You don't understand," he says, peering out at the passing cop car. Spotting the car, she says, "I think I understand just fine: I don't need this kind of hassle, so seriously, just get the hell out." He begs her for a moment to think, and he'll be out of her hair. She's reaching for a bat behind the counter as he says this. She stares at him a moment, gasping for breath, at his puppy dog eyes that have won over so many before her, and puts the bat back where it was. "What's your name?" she asks. "I don't know," he answers. "What do you mean, you don't know?" Robin asks. "I mean, I don't remember," he answers, "I don't remember anything." They gaze at each other in consternation. 
Robin opens and hands him an El Sol beer. "Come on, you're dickin' with me," she says, "nothing?" "Blank slate," says Sam. "Wallet, ID?" she asks. "I wish I did," says Sam. She asks the last thing he remembers. Cops shoving a flashlight in his face as he slept on a park bench, says Sam, tried to take him in. So you ran, she guesses. No, he says, I knocked 'em out cold, both of them. At the unhappy look she gives him, he says, "Look, I didn't mean to, it just happened really fast, you know, instinct, or something. "Some instinct," she comments darkly. "Tell me about it," agrees Sam, "I mean, who even knows how to do something like that?" "We'll go to the ER, the quacks will hash it out," she says. "No," he says. "Try YEAH," she insists, "the bats have flown the belfry, you need to see a doctor." Sam rises from the bar stool, forehead puckered. "No, I don't have time," he says, "it's hard to explain, I just feel I have to BE somewhere, there's somethin' I gotta stop." "Like a wedding or train?" she asks. "No, something like life or death," he says. "Relax," she says, "you can't poop it out, so, it'll come to you." Sam nods, gives her a nervous grin, and takes a book from a nearby shelf: H. P. Lovecraft's THE HUNTER IN THE DARK. "Horror fan?" Robin asks. "I think so," says Sam, "I REALLY think so. Something about this. . ." A brief montage passes through his mind--him, Dean, Bobby, Balthazar, capped by a motel sign: THE NITE OWL. He apparently comes close to passing out, scaring Robin, who says, "Seriously, we are taking you to a doctor." "Do you have a computer?" he asks shakily. "WHAT?" she says, incredulous. He finds the Nite Owl Hotel two towns over. "Do you think you're staying in this dump?" she asks. Sam doesn't know. "Maybe you're a hooker," she suggests. (I've got a thousand bucks!) Sam blushes and laughs. "I guess I'll find out," he says. "Thanks for everything," he says, standing. "Where do you think you're going?" she asks. He assures her he'll be fine. "Says the head case who just slumped over a minute ago," she reminds him, "is there any way I can convince you to go to a hospital?" "No, apparently I'm stubborn," says Sam. (He is SO cute!) "So am I," she says, "grabbing a sweater, "I'm driving." "That's really nice of you, but not necessary," Sam insists. "Your eggs are scrambled, but. . ." she begins. "But," Sam says. "Nothing," she says. "I mean, I'm just some guy," Sam says, "I could be ANYBODY, you gotta be nuts." "I've been called that," she says--"look, I can't let you go out alone, I won't be able to sleep at night--and honestly (smiling) I'm dying to know how it all turns out."

NITE OWL HOTEL - Walking in front of the building, Robin asks where they should start. "Ground floor, corner room, nearest to the fire escape," says Sam, "that's the one I'd pick for the quickest getaway." "And WHY do you know that?" she asks, suspicious. "I just do," says Sam, with a huff. In a hallway, Sam passes a guy who, from the back, looks just like Bobby, cap and all, but there is no recognition on either side. Sam knocks at 107 but gets no answer. "You got a credit card?" he asks Robin. "Why--are we, uh, checkin' in?" she asks archly, teasingly holding it back a moment. (Hey, the woman isn't stupid, and Sam is SO hot!) "Sort of," says Sam, plucking the card from her hand and using it to jimmy open the lock. Taking back her card, Robin says, "Dude, who ARE you?" "Good question," says Sam. They enter the room. Pictures and article are hung all over the walls (like Bobby and John work a case). "These all yours?" Robin asks. "I don't know," says Sam, "I guess." "I LOVE what you've done with the place," she quips, it's very it's A BEAUTIFUL MIND meets SE7EN. . .sorry, I talk when I'm nervous." Finding a batch of ID cards, she adds, "I guess we know your name--nice to meet you, Jimmy Page, and us, Neil Peart, and Angus Young. Listen, no offense, but I'm really starting to freak out." "You and me both," admits Sam. Sam spies a photo of Ellie in a newspaper article about her disappearance and passes out. "Where is she?" he hears Dean's voice ask. "She said to meet her here," says Bobby. He, his brother and Bobby are walking together down a street. "I'll try her again," says Bobby, flipping open his phone. They hear Ellie's phone ringing just feet away from them, in an alley, and find her leaning against what looks like a bed frame. "Ellie," says Bobby, pressing his hand to her face. "I guess I could have used your help after all," she says. "Just be still," says Bobby. "What happened?" asks Sam. "They took me," she says, proudly adding, "I got away." Opening her coat, Bobby sees a spreading blood stain on her stomach. "Oh, Ellie," he laments, "what have they done to you?" "Everything," she says, smiling, "the demon I could've handled, you know, but when the angel stepped in, I. . ." Bobby exchanges a look with the brothers. "I told then, Bobby," Ellie confesses, "they have enough to crack Purgatory wide open." "Tell me--I need to know," insists Bobby. "They need virgin blood," explains Ellie, "that's a milk run for them. And they need the blood of a Purgatory native--well, they got plenty of that now. . ." She indicates herself. "Have they opened it yet?" demands Dean. She shakes her head. "Tomorrow," she says, "the moon, the eclipse. Sorry, Bobby." "That's okay," he assures her, "tell us where they are." But Ellie dies. "El?" says Bobby, and sweeps one hand over her face and closes her eyes. Over the brothers' shoulders, Cas appears. "I'm sorry this had to happen," he says, "Crowley got carried away." Bobby tries to move between Sam and Dean to get at the angel. "Yeah, I bet it was all Crowley, you son-of-a-bitch!" snarls Bobby. "You don't even see it, do you?" asks Dean angrily--"do you have any idea how off the rails you are?" "Enough!" says Cas--"I don't care what you think" (ouch) you won't listen, so let me make this simple--please go home and let me stop Raphael. I won't ask again." "Well good," says Dean, "because I think you already know the answer." "I wish it hadn't come to this," says Cas sadly, "rest assured when this is all over, I will save Sam--if you stand down." "Save Sam for what?" asks Dean. Cas disappears and reappears right next to Sam. He touches the side of his temple. Everything goes white.

"Hey, hey, are you okay?" Robin asks. "Sam--my name is Sam," he says. Later, as he tosses cold water on his face and looks at himself in the mirror over the sink, she asks, "So, what do you remember?" "It might sound pretty strange if I said it out loud," he says, drying his face with a towel. "It couldn't get any stranger," she assures him. "Don't be so sure," he says. "It's all pretty spotty. I remember I was with two guys, one was like a male model type (now we know how handsome Sam thinks Dean is), the other was an older guy named. . .Bobby." He leafs through a booklet. "Bobby Singer, that's gotta be him!" "Is there a phone number?" Robin asks. "Just an address," says Sam, "Sioux Falls, South Dakota." This is where Robin has to get off. "Of course, no problem," says Sam. "How're you gonna get there?" she asks He picks up a set of keys. "I guess I'll take my car," he says. Outside, he points to the gorgeous '67 Impala. "That's mine," he says with certainty. "Are you sure?" she asks. "Oh yeah," he says. "Look, Sam," she says, I don't feel right about you going off like this." "Don't worry, you've done way too much for me already," he insists. "I've got a bad feeling," she says, "those ID's and that shady-ass hotel room--whatever you're looking for, you might not like what you find." "What other choice do I have?" he asks. "Search a bit longer, get your head straight, instead of going off. . ." she suggests. Something--the way her voice gets echoey, perhaps--causes Sam to quickly drop the two of them to the ground, Robin underneath him. Gunfire shoots out the Impala's passenger window. "What was that?" cries Robin. "Stay down," orders Sam. Kneeling, he looks around. Their shooter? RoboSam! Behind him, Robin calls, "Sam! Sammy!"

There are strange flashes, and we are abruptly with Dean. "Sammy," he says, sitting over Sam's unconscious body in Bobby's panic room, begging him, "Snap out of it," as the fan above swirls, making weird patterns on Sam's slack face. Dean gulps, trying not to cry, looking like he hasn't had any sleep in quite a while.

(So I realize this is taking place in Sam's mind, that Cas is responsible, the SOB, and wonder just who Robin is, and if the writers named her after me, LOL.

I feel awful about Ellie, who apparently had a nice relationship with Bobby at one time. She was from Purgatory, yes, but intended no harm to anyone, and she even tried to help against the dragons. Another gal bites the dust on SPN. It's a shame.) 
"Play With Fire" by the Rolling Stones opens this scene with Dean pacing, staring down at Sam. "Anything?" asks Bobby. "I can't just sit here, Bobby," says Dean, desperate, "I've got to help him--dreamscape his noggin--SOMETHING!"(DREAMSCAPE is a 1984 horror movie in which two scientists invent a technique by which psychics can enter people's dreams. Dean and Sam previously dream-walked in Bobby's mind in "Dream a Little Dream of Me.") "You know what Cas did," Bobby reminds him, "the dam inside your brother's head is GONE and all hell's spillin' loose; we don't know what's goin' on inside." "We have got to do SOMETHING!" Dean insists. "And we WILL!" promises Bobby," but right now we got 16 hours until they pop Purgatory; I'm down one man, I can't afford to be down two, Dean." "How's that going, huh?" asks Dean--"we've got no light on Crowley, we've got no light on Cas, Balthazar's M.I.A.--I mean, all we've got is Sam, going through whatever the hell this is!" "You know," says Bobby quietly, pouring Dean a stiff drink, "this is exactly what Cas wants--for you to fall to pieces. Just try and think what Sam would want." Dean takes the glass. "Find Cas, Bobby," says Dean with cool anger, "find him now." Bobby nods; they both drink.

Sam, driving in the Impala with Robin, asks, "Do you smell whiskey?" "Sam, would you focus?" she asks nervously. "Sure, sorry," he says. "Who shot at us?" she asks. "I didn't really get a good look," he lies. She wants to go to the cops, but he want to get to his friends, "They can help us, I know it." "You don't know if they're your friends, you don't know anything!" she protests, "you don't know anything about anything! Turn around." He refuses: "You're safer with me," he says. "How do you know that?" she asks--"you're scaring me." He doesn't answer her, making her even more frightened.

Dean shines a flashlight into Sam's eye, causing a bright light to blind Sam, who's driving the Impala. He screeches the car to a stop. "What? No way!" he exclaims, climbing out of the car. Robin does, too, demanding, "WHAT was THAT?" "What do you mean?" he asking, pointing upward, "it's daylight!" "YEAH?" she says. "It was night, and now it's day," says Sam. "It was ALWAYS day," insists Robin. "Nonononono, it wasn't," counters Sam. "They stare at each other across the top of the Impala. "What the hell's going on here?" he asks. "Okay, so I am ALLLL filled up on crazy for today," she says, "you know what, Sam, I'm out--see ya." She starts walking away. "Wait, he says, "get in the car." He tilts his head, indicating something isn't right, and she climbs back in the car. Sam stares around, paranoid, then takes a look in the trunk, filled with guns, knives, brass knuckles and other assorted, scary weapons. "Wow!" he says, checking out a sawed-off shotgun and a revolver. Keeping the sawed-off, he checks the surrounding countryside for RoboSam--who presses a gun to his neck first, slams him in the face, and wrests his weapon away from him. Souled-Sam rubs his face; RoboSam cruelly says, "My God, am I really that gawky? Howdy." "This is impossible," says Souled Sam, barely able to breathe. "Cold--try again," urges RS. Rubbing his face and pushing his hair aside, Souled Sam guesses, "I'm hallucinating." "Warmer," says RS, "but normally, you're awake when you're tripping balls. ('Tripping balls' is to be really high on a hallucinogen like LSD or magic mushrooms.) "I'm dreaming?" asks SS. The two of them begin circling each other. "And someone just won a copy of the home game!" says RS--"we're inside your grapefruit, Sam--son, you've been juiced." "I don't remember anything," says SS, distressed. "Or your BFF Cas brought the hell wall tumbling down and you, pathetic infant that you are, shattered into pieces," says RS." He points to himself--"Piece"--and to SS--"Piece." "I have no idea what you're talkin' about," says SS. "Why would you?" says RS--"you're Jello, Pal, unlike me." "What are you?" asks SS, frightened. "I'm not handicapped," says RS, "I'm not SADDLED with a soul. In fact, I was skipper of this meat boat for a while, it was smooth sailing. I was sharp, strong. That is, until they crammed your soul back in. Now look at you--same misty-eyed milksop you always were. That's because souls are weak. They're a liability. Now, nothin' personal, but, run the numbers--someone's gotta take charge around here, before it's too late." He starts shooting at SS, missing, and goes after him, letting the bullets fly. SS runs and realizes he's got a gun in his own hand. "Come out come out wherever you are!" calls RS, his voice echoing grotesquely. SS races toward a stream. Spotting Souled-Sam's jacket sticking up near a dead tree trunk, RS figures he's hiding there and fires three bullets into the jacket with a cold smile. Moving closer, however, RS sees that he's shot holes into ONLY the jacket, not the man. SS stands behind him, firing, and RS falls. Souled Sam gasps in fear as Soulless Sam turns over and says, "You think I'm bad--wait till you meet the other one." He falls. White-blue light emanates from his body and hits Souled Sam squarely in the chest as the two of them merge.

Back at Bobby's, Sam lies on the cot, struggling violently, arching his back as if in agony. "Sammy!" cries Dean, going over to help him through the seizure or whatever it is. But Sam lies still and Dean is terrified.

Sam, holding his shot-up jacket in his hand, returns to the Impala and Robin, who is leaning against the driver's side door. "I remember who I am," he says, sounding a lot like RoboSam, "the things I did this past year--and I remember YOU."

Flashback: A red-eyed demon holds Robin captive, warning RoboSam, who's holding a gun on him, "Walk away or the girl dies." She looks at RS, pleading for her life. RoboSam shoots her dead. The demon drops her to the floor, shocked by RS's actions. "There goes your leverage," says RS. (Whew, that's how cold RoboSam's choices were! He had NO concern for the life of others. Talk about ruthless!)

Robin and Sam stare down at her shirt and see a spreading crimson bloodstain. "Didn't I tell you to turn back?" she says regretfully-- "that you wouldn't like what you found?" "I'm sorry. . .I'm so sorry," Sam says. "Not as sorry as you're gonna be," she promises, and disappears. Sam looks puzzled, then sighs.

Dean is sitting in the panic room, nursing his drink. "Look what the cat dragged in," announces Bobby, ushering in Balthazar, who says, "At least you mudfish got the angel-proofing right." He points to Sam. "How's sleeping beauty? You didn't steal any kisses, I trust?" (Ahh, that sexual innuendo, they never let it go!) Dean stands inside the panic room, the angel outside. "What the hell took you so long?" he demands. "Honestly?" asks Balthazar--"I was having second thoughts." "ABOUT?" asks Dean angrily. "About whether or not to help you," says Balthazar, "I was thinking maybe. . .maybe I should rip out your sticky bits instead." "And what did you decide?" wonders Bobby. "Well," says Balthy, handing Dean a slip of paper, "Cas and Crowley are there--that's where the show gets started." (221 Piermont Ave., Bootback, KS?) "Give us a minute to pack up, then zap us there," says Dean. Balthazar refuses: "I'm betraying a FRIEND here," he reminds them, "a very powerful friend, we all are, so I think I've stuck my neck out far enough already. Good luck." He flies off. Bobby and Dean look at each other, then Dean gazes at Sam.


Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-05-28 15:09
Amazing review, Robin. Perhaps they did name this girl for you!

1) I liked the cliffhanger, personally. It would have been much easier for the writing team to try and make Crowley the successful one in the ritual, but it seems much more significant to me that it is Cas. In the end, I don't really know where they intend to go with this. Obviously Sam, Dean, and Bobby won't be killed. I just don't see them doing that. Someone or something has to defuse Cas--be it Death or the real God or something else. I'll be curious to see how that plays out in the end. I hope he doesn't take out half the planet as Balthazar threatened he might.

2) I do NOT think Sam's done being put back together. I do not think it was too easy, either. Sam could have chosen to remain in a coma forever, cowering in fear from what had happened to him in the Cage. Hell, he could have taken the much, much easier route of allowing Soulless Sam taking control once more. But we know Sam never takes that easy path. This is the first step on a long, winding path that Sam must walk. Jared shined in these scenes for me. I thought his work in the End and Swan Song had been his best on the show, but he managed to top it here in ways I did not anticipate. It is only after thinking about it and reflecting that I realize how powerful these scenes were presented to us through Jared's artistry. I anticipate much more of the same and better in the coming season. I bow to his art. I am NO actor, but I do recognize stellar work when I see it.

3) I was not surprised that Cas decided to cut Crowley out. Hell, what surprised me there was that Crowley was surprised. A demon of his lying skill should have seen it coming. We do know that demons have a penchant for holding onto their contracts, that the terms are binding. Sure, he tried to keep Bobby's soul, but he pointed out that in the fine print that he had every right to do so. This contract he had with Cas had no such fine print on his side of it. They were to split it 50/50 and when Cas tried to take all of it, he was rather upset. I was a bit stunned that Raphael would do this, but figured that he should claim the power before Cas could. I have no doubt that if Raphael had been successful Crowley wouldn't have been able to make an "exit stage Crowley." I think Raphael had set out to double cross Crowley just as Cas had. Crowley thought he might have been the one steering the ship, but he wasn't and hadn't been the whole season. He was their patsy, their fall boy, their front. And I don't think he really realizes just how much they used him here.

4)I loved seeing inside Sam's head as he tried to figure out his true identity. We as the viewer knew, but it was interesting to see it all come together. I am not surprised that RoboSam killed Robin. I've always suspected from the brief terrifying glimpses we've had that he would behave this way. He had no attachment to anyone---except some strange compulsion to follow and save Dean a few times since they repartnered up---so the demon dangling this girl in front to keep from getting killed didn't affect him. My guess is this demon had heard about Sam's penchant for saving innocents through the grapevine and when confronted with a ruthless Soulless Sam had no clue what to anticipate---ce rtainly not the brutal cold blooded murder of the very innocent he was hiding behind! To me, Soulless Sam is frightening simply because he is unpredictable. He has no morals to fall back upon, and while rationally he knows right from wrong, his apathy allows him to choose which ever at the moment suits him. If he feels it's best to shoot an innocent in the face to accomplish something, he will! All in all, it's nice to see all of the parts refused into a single unified Sam that can now truly perhaps help Dean cope with what has happened to them in the last two to two and half years.

5) This episode was amazing. It hit me hard and fast and it is only this week after that I can sit down and digest what was given to me. It ended on a foreboding note, but the hope in it is so bright that the darkness can only hope to hold it at bay. We may have the darkness of what Cas has done, but the hope the brothers have in one another again trumps all. We were returned in many ways to the love story that this show is centered upon, and to have that possibly be the route we follow makes me happy.

As to what question I would like to ask, hmmm. What was your thought on the song choice Play With Fire? I'll answer first: I am a huge HUGE Rolling Stones fan, so I must admit I got distracted when the song started playing. I knew it two seconds in what song. Now that it's sunk in and I've looked back at the episode, I find it the perfect song choice. Both Cas and Sam are playing with fire so to speak, which is the simple interpretation of the song. But, each fire is different. I think Cas's fire is going to burn him, hurt him, destroy him perhaps. His fire is dangerous and dark. It is the type of fire we are warned about. He should heed the warning. Sam's fire is more like a beacon. It is going to hurt him, it might burn him a bit, but it is a light that will ultimately guide him. With all the talk of the visuals concerning light, this song was chosen for its fire imagery for many reasons. Sam needs the fire he is playing with. He needs to play with it in order to return himself to the real world, to Dean. He must play with fire to light the candle of hope for both him and Dean. It is this contrast of the two consequences of playing with fire that I hope we will see explored in season 7.

And thanks again Robin for your wonderful insight into this beautiful show. It makes me feel good to know I can come here and see such wonderful and thought provoking thoughts.

Far Away Eyes
Robin Vogel
# Robin Vogel 2011-05-30 16:00
God, I love reading your replies to my questions. You're erudite to the point of making me feel downright uneducated!

In reply to your question, I, too, am a huge Stones fan. I'm a rock 'n' roll baby from way back, nearly to infancy!

I love your interpretation of "Playing With Fire"! We have to remember the significance of fire to hunters--it's the ultimate in cleansing for them. When a hunter dies, their bodies are burned so they won't be used by a demon or any other evil creature for habitation. Dean SHOULD have torched Sam's corpse after he was murdered by Jake, but he refused to do that, and we know why.

There's also talk of Father and Mother in "Playing With Fire." Mary was murdered by the YED in fire. John was burned following his death, a proper hunter's funeral attended by his two grieving sons. Thanks so much for playing my little game and getting so much out of my rambles!

Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-05-30 17:01
I'm glad I could please you. I just can't leave the puzzle this show provides alone and so having your questions helps! So thanks again.

I'm glad you enjoyed my interpretation of the song in this episode. I didn't think as far back as you, but it makes a lot of sense, really. We are always seeing them salt and burn someone to prevent evil, so in that way fire is good. But it is also bad considering the way in which Mary died. So thanks for mentioning that.

I just wish I hadn't been so skittish about saying things earlier in the season!
# purplehairedwonder 2011-05-28 17:34
1. What did you think of the cliffhanger?

I'm not feeling the need to pull my hair out of my head like Kripke teased, but I think where it stopped was just right in terms of plot movement. The plot threads that we're going to pick up in season 7 were left in the right place for the finale.

The thing that does make me nervous about Cas' power trip is that before this, if the boys died, we knew they're Heaven-bound and would be together since they're soul mates. But a megalomaniac, juiced up Cas-god might be able to interfere with that, especially if they don't "profess their love" to him, which I doubt they will--maybe even send them to Hell to learn a lesson about disobeying "God"? Cas already knocked down Sam's wall and that's about the cruelest thing I could think of him doing so would put nothing past him and those boys die more than anyone ;)

2. What did you think of Sam's assimilation?

I thought Sam's assimilation was perfect. I really liked the splitting of personas and Sam having to actively integrate them to put himself back together and seeing how amnesiac!Sam developed into more the Sam we know was really fascinating, seeing how it takes all parts of him to make a completed Sam Winchester. I don't think it was easy in the least and it showed Sam's determination to be with his brother--the epic love story of Sam and Dean. And I definitely don't think we've seen the last of it; Dean had an entire season of PTSD issues and Sam will too. I only hope that Sam dealing with his memories of Hell will be a time for him and Dean to come closer together and support each other with the issues because Dean's clearly not the same man he was before he went to Hell, either.

As for Jared, he was mind-blowing in this episode. He really made all versions of Sam completely unique and separate entities (amnesiac Sam, soulless Sam, Sam with soulless memories, Hell Sam, and then Sam with Hell memories at the very end). Five different Sams and all were very different but all *Sam.* Absolutely incredible what Jared did in this episode.

3. What did you think about the whole Castiel/Crowley /Raphael criss-cross?

I think I was more surprised than I should have been. After Cas took down Sam's wall (absolutely cruel), it should have been blatantly clear he was playing by nobody's rules but his own. I do think it's funny demons seem to have a better honor code that angels, as demons are bound to the terms of the deals they make. It's also fascinating to me to see angels as being unrighteous--Ca s AND Raphael in this case--in this show. I wasn't surprised by Raphael teaming with Crowley, but the other way around, since Crowley didn't want Raphael to raise Michael and Lucifer from the Cage. Crowley's got it good as the King of Hell and Lucifer returning would be bad for business.

4. How did you like the way Sam and Robin backtracked his identity?

I liked the Robin/Sam interactions. Sam as a hooker and Dean as a male model? Haha. And the way different things came naturally to Sam like which room to choose, picking a lock, and the Impala were cool. I was startled by the flashback with Robo!Sam and Robin but not surprised. After "Unforgiven," nothing Robo!Sam does really surprises me (except for his strange connection to Dean, but that's a post for another time).

5. Rate this episode, yeah, nay or abstain.

Yeah times about a thousand. I thought it was fantastic.

6. Ask a question you wish I'd asked and answer it yourself. I will answer it, too.

Hm. Do you think Dean will forgive Cas for bringing down Sam's wall? Assuming they manage to defuse him at some point in season 7, that is.

We all know protective Dean was out in force this episode and we know how big brother reacts to others hurting Sam. Dean just doesn't forgive those that hurt Sam because he's off limits as far as Dean's concerned. And Cas knows that as well. And Cas did the worst possible harm to Sam by bringing that wall down. Cas, I think, saw that action as a way of severing his bonds with the Winchesters but that's easier said than done, as s4!Sam can attest. I'll be surprised if Dean forgets that in season 7, but we'll see.
Robin Vogel
# Robin Vogel 2011-05-31 09:08
Do you think Dean will forgive Cas for bringing down Sam's wall? Assuming they manage to defuse him at some point in season 7, that is.

Excellent--and tough--question ! I cannot imagine Dean forgiving Cas for this one, but I suspect it will depend on how bad off Sam is when season 7 begins. Cas could easily make Sam well, if Dean allows him to, but even everything Cas did to help with Lisa and Ben brought no forgiveness from Dean. Perhaps Cas has done too much evil and gone beyond Dean's ability to forgive? We'll just have to wait and see.

Great question--very thought-provoking!

# rmoats8621 2011-05-28 17:47
1. What did you think of the cliffhanger? I wasn't that bowled over. We know Cas isn't going to kill the brothers, so what other possible scenarios are there? I suspect CASTIEL is going to come out at the short end of this stick!

I liked the cliffhanger. Unlike other monsters in the past, Cas has insight into the brothers habits, especially Dean's. He knows where they hold up and others that Sam, Dean and Bobby may turn to for assistance. Even though he is armed with this knowledge, I believe Cas will be brought down eventually. Although, I hope it won't be permanently. Maybe made human to atone for his mistakes??

2. What did you think of Sam's assimilation? Do you think he got back together with his hell portion too easily, or do you think we haven't seen the last of that, and his PTSD will carry over into S7? Were you as impressed by Jared's performance as I was?

I don't think his assimilation was easy in any way. The torment was shown throughout the entire episode. I also don't think that it's over and will carry over to next season. Things need to be dealt with and it's time that Dean deals with his own time in Hell. It's been hanging over his head for too long and now he has someone who can really relate even though they both went through entirely different situations. As for Jared, he has truly become an excellent actor. Both of them are and deserve to be recognized as such. Maybe this year with all the publicity that the show has received, the Hollywood PTB will finally give it and put this show, etc. up for some well deserved awards. Let's hope! But if they don't, I think the true fans of the show have already shown them how much we appreciate them and the show.

3. What did you think about the whole Castiel/Crowley /Raphael criss-cross? Were you surprised when Cas cut Crowley out? Were you surprised when Raphael teamed up with Crowley?

I wasn't surprised about the double cross. I was surprised that it never crossed Crowley's mind. I think he was very naive. Cas was right that Crowley had evil intentions. Crowley would have raged war against heaven with those souls. In regards to Raphael and Crowley, I found no surprise with this revelation. It made sense that Crowley would go to Raphael with the same deal. What surprised me is that it wasn't a deal that had been going on all along. To me, Crowley has always seemed to be a demon who liked to cover all his bets and having a side deal with Raphael made perfect sense. They make Cas and the boys do all the work and they reap the reward.

4. How did you like the way Sam and Robin backtracked his identity? Were you shocked to find out what RoboSam had done to her?

I liked the way they investigated the bits of memory that Sam was having. It reminded me of someone following bread crumbs when they're lost. Each tidbit of memory was a bread crumb. As for RoboSam, he was cold heartless hunter who cared little for others. He reminded me of Gordon Walker as Gordon cared nothing about who he hurt, only that he got the job done.

5. Rate this episode, yeah, nay or abstain.

This was definitely a yeah in my book. This is one of those thought provoking season end episodes that will have me spinning about the possible ramifications all summer long.

6. Ask a question you wish I'd asked and answer it yourself. I will answer it, too.

Did Balthazar really die? I don't think so. Usually they are so big on showing an angel after his demise, but this time all we saw was the bright light. It doesn't seem right. Maybe it was a sham, to bring in Crowley and Raphael and get rid of them and Balthazar is still around. I guess we'll find out in the fall.
Robin Vogel
# Robin Vogel 2011-06-01 09:05
Do you think Dean will forgive Cas for bringing down Sam's wall? Assuming they manage to defuse him at some point in season 7, that is.

Excellent--and tough--question ! I cannot imagine Dean forgiving Cas for this one, but I suspect it will depend on how bad off Sam is when season 7 begins. Cas could easily make Sam well, if Dean allows him to, but even everything Cas did to help with Lisa and Ben brought no forgiveness from Dean. Perhaps Cas has done too much evil and gone beyond Dean's ability to forgive? We'll just have to wait and see.

Great question--very thought-provoking!

Robin Vogel
# Robin Vogel 2011-06-01 09:09
You know, I was wondering about that. They always show us the dead angel afterwards, don't they? This time, they didn't. Which leads me to believe Balthy may have survived after all. I'd love that, since he's such a fun character, with lots more personality than Cas himself! Maybe that was the writers' way of telling us that he's still alive!

# kg1982 2011-05-29 02:47
1. Of course, the boys are going to get out of it, and of course, they are going to defeat crazy! Cas!. However, making Cas the big bad for Season 7 brings up some interesting possibilities. Castiel, since he knows the boys' hideouts, allies, etc., would probably be the most formidable villain that the Winchesters ever faced. Also, the fact that Cas has been such a sympathetic and beloved character in the past and had such an identifiable and human descent into darkness brings up many interesting possibilities for the writers to explore. I think that while we can condemn Cas's decisions, the audience can also identify with the emotions and reasoning that led to those decisions. Supernatural has had one off MOTW who the audience can identify with and feel for, but this is the first time that the Big Bad has been like that.

2. I never liked the Soulless Sam storyline. I thought that Jared had lots of fun playing a different Sam at the beginning of the season, but the amount of wangst that was involved in the first part of the season over Sammy! coming back wrong (again) was annoying. I prefer the brothers' relationship after Like a Virgin when they were working together as a team. Let's keep it that way and spend a whole season without discussing Hell, deals, or crossroad demons.

3. I'm not surprised that Cas backed out of the deal, but I'm surprised at what part of the deal he backed out of. I was expecting that Cas would have a pang of conscience and tell Crowley that the whole deal (i.e. Purgatory opening) was called off. I also suspected that Crowley would have had a side deal with Raphael already just in case Castiel got cold feet and that he was planning to take all the souls himself.
However, I was shocked that Castiel was the one playing Crowley. Not only did he not plan to give Crowley any of the souls, but he also assumed that Crowley would make a deal with Raphael (hence the dog blood). Crowley also brought Raphael right into Cas's vicinity. Although it ended badly, who'd have thought that Castiel could have pulled off that con.
Robin Vogel
# Robin Vogel 2011-06-01 09:13
I think they drew out the Soulless Sam too long for most fans' liking, but I did enjoy getting to see Jared spread his acting wings. Watching Death re-insert Sam's soul was such a powerful scene, it was worth what came before. Also, the ep where it was revealed just how soulless Sam was during that period was a real eye-opener! Whew!

I also never thought we'd see gentle, kind Cas as a MOTW!

# percysowner 2011-05-29 11:06
1. What did you think of the cliffhanger? I wasn't that bowled over. We know Cas isn't going to kill the brothers, so what other possible scenarios are there? I suspect CASTIEL is going to come out at the short end of this stick!

I liked the cliffhanger. It sets up several possibilities for next season. Castiel may be the big bad and he does know enough about the brothers and Bobby to cause real trouble. I think Misha does a good job when he is playing powerful and alien, so I think this could be a good fit for him.

2. What did you think of Sam's assimilation? Do you think he got back together with his hell portion too easily, or do you think we haven't seen the last of that, and his PTSD will carry over into S7? Were you as impressed by Jared's performance as I was?

I was totally impressed by Jared's acting. I wish the integration story had played over 2 episodes because I think it got a little bit of a short shrift. I would have liked to have Sam talk about how he needed that Soulless part of himself to be an effective hunter and seen what happened in Hell. Maybe next year?

3. What did you think about the whole Castiel/Crowley /Raphael criss-cross? Were you surprised when Cas cut Crowley out? Were you surprised when Raphael teamed up with Crowley?

It was all pretty much a shock to me. I shouldn't be surprised that Cas cut Crowley out, but I am so used to the idea that deals with demons are unbreakable that I missed the fact that they are only unbreakable between a demon and a being with a soul. Since we have never been given a Raphael POV, I wasn't shocked that he teamed up with Crowley. Raphael felt he was doing the right thing as much as Cas did and the choice was to let Cas become god or Raphael. Raph picked himself.

4. How did you like the way Sam and Robin backtracked his identity? Were you shocked to find out what RoboSam had done to her

I did like the way Sam found the pieces of himself. I really liked Robin, but I wasn't shocked at what RoboSam had done to her. It was in character for him and put a face on his victims.

5. Rate this episode, yeah, nay or abstain.

A Big YEAH. I loved this episode.

6. Ask a question you wish I'd asked and answer it yourself. I will answer it, too.

Was Robin more than an innocent person that the demon used for leverage. When Hell Sam said go back and find that bartender or go back and find Jess, I took that as a hint that RoboSam and Robin had at least slept together, or if they had had a couple week "relationship", not because RoboSam loved her, but because he was there and she was good in bed. That would add to why the demon used her for leverage. He thought that she meant something to RoboSam, but RoboSam wasn't capable of caring.
Robin Vogel
# Robin Vogel 2011-06-01 09:17
RoboSam seemed to enjoy getting laid with just about any gal who caught his fancy, didn't he? I still don't understand why he paid for it in that one ep we saw. I'm sure the demon BELIEVED RS cared for Robin, but as we recall, RS admits he doesn't even care for DEAN, so his feelings aren't there for anyone, not even those he SHOULD care about. Without the soul, Sam is bereft of any feelings-- and that is just chilling.

# Jasminka 2011-05-29 12:04
Hi Robin, forgive me for being late to this. Thank for re-telling the episode, there were some pieces of dialogue I didn’t completely understand. Now I was able to look it up…

To your questions:

1 The cliffhanger did surprise me. Somehow I had expected Chuck to appear (since there had been rumours over the www that Rob Benedict was to be in the finale), but that Cas turned out to be this God-wannabe was quite surprising. I think this will lead to an ugly confrontation†¦

2 I think Sam’s story was well told here. As I wrote in my Couch-Article (may I invite you, Robin, to take a look, I think you might like it :-) ) he was split up because of his traumatic experiences in hell. It’s absolutely essential to bring the PTSD symptoms back in season seven. A trauma like that isn’t overcome in a moment.

And Jared carried the performance in the most amazing way. He is a wonderful young actor. He’s learned so much during his years on Supernatural, and I’m sure he will continue to hone his skills. I am truly proud of him, to see how amazing he has become...

3 That Rafael teamed up with Crowley didn’t surprise me. The archangel was portrayed as a shady character… why not team up with a demon, after all, Castiel has done it, too? I think that Castiel managed to fool the masterly Crowley was a tad unbelievable, though.

4 I was deeply touched by the Robin-Sam connection. And, well, to my own surprise, I wasn’t shocked at all. I think I have already been alerted to what Soulless Sam was capable of. Killing the leverage of a demon just fits the picture. I was just sad that another innocent had to die.

5 This episode was amazing! For me it’s a clear A*. Superb acting, heart-wrenching moments, angst, passion, über-fiends… what else can you ask for?

6 hm… this is difficult… Perhaps: What do you think – what kind of God will Castiel become?
My answer to that is: I think he will be a vindictive bronze-age god. The eye for an eye- fraction. The kind that asks his subjects to sacrifice their sons to prove their loyalty. But I hope there will be two brothers (and some other allies, hopefully Adam among them) to clip his wings.

Thanks a lot Robin for this mind-game! I trust you are well?! Blessed be, Jas
Robin Vogel
# Robin Vogel 2011-05-30 11:25
Jas, if life was fair, I could dedicate my life to SPN. Alas, I can't. Battling depresson + two part time jobs eat into SPN time. I'm just now reading articles here, and responses to mine.

I fear, like you, that Cas will be a cruel, despotic god because he feels everyone,especi ally those he loved and trusted, betrayed him. He's feeling vengeful. But this isn't the real Cas, not the angel Dean met. Perhaps with time, Dean and Sam can bring back that kinder, gentler Castiel.
# Jasminka 2011-05-30 12:55
Anything I can help with? :-) Jas (not pushing, just offering...)
Robin Vogel
# Robin Vogel 2011-05-30 16:01
Aw, Jas, you're so sweet to offer. Soon, perhaps, when I'm feeling less scattered. You may be sorry you offered, but I'm so grateful.

# Jasminka 2011-05-30 16:28
I'm never sorry when it comes to things like that, don't worry.
:-) , Jas
# miggymom58 2011-06-01 15:40
Thank You for this great article!

What did you think of the cliffhanger?
You’re right, I don’t see Cas destroying S&D and I don’t see the ‘boys’ bowing down, so the real cliff hanger is ‘How will they get out of this?’ I love that!

What did you think of Sam's assimilation? Do you think he got back together with his hell portion too easily, or do you think we haven't seen the last of that, and his PTSD will carry over into S7? Were you as impressed by Jared's performance as I was?
I was SOOOOOO impressed with the performances and the FX! I actually hope they don’t beat the Hell thing to death next season. Once the table has been set with the “you can’t imagine” stuff, they should leave it, for the most part, to our imagination. The talking it over with your brother should be part of the off-screen stuff: we understand it was discussed. But I do like leaving some things to the imagination. There are some things I don’t want the answer to.

What did you think about the whole Castiel/Crowley /Raphael criss-cross? Were you surprised when Cas cut Crowley out? Were you surprised when Raphael teamed up with Crowley?
I’m still wondering if Cas planned that whole thing in order to get Raf right where he wanted him. Maybe Raf was hiding and Cas knew Crowley would be able to get to him. Maybe Crowley and Cas are still working together. LOL

How did you like the way Sam and Robin backtracked his identity? Were you shocked to find out what RoboSam had done to her?
Robin was a good character because of all the other characters she encompassed: some of Dean’s dialog and some of Ava’s “Dude, who are you?” from prior seasons, plus the apparently actual bar maid that he shot. I am hoping this is about the worst thing he did during his RoboSam year.

Rate this episode, yeah, nay or abstain. YEAH!

Ask a question you wish I'd asked and answer it yourself. I will answer it, too
Were there arcs/characters you think should have been answered or completed? I still think DEATH should be PO’d, talk about messing with the natural order! But personally I’m content with things not closed or carried over to next season or never mentioned because in life, things are often left like that, sometimes you just don’t get closure. Do you agree?
Robin Vogel
# Robin Vogel 2011-06-03 08:45
There are purists in this fandom who get annoyed when every single loose end isn't tied up to their satisfaction. Death may very well come back next season and tear Dean a new one for the way things were handled here, but then again, who knew that Cas would go rogue and tear down the wall in Sam's head? Not everything is the brothers' fault.

Was there anything in the 6th season arc left unanswered as far as you were concerned? Alphas, Mother of All, Heaven's civil war, Soulless Sam, Lisa and Ben, Castiel--seems to me everything was covered pretty well.

Thanks for responding to my entry. I agree with you about two other statements you made--some stuff should be left to our imagination; and in real life AND in TV shows, we are often left without closure.

# Jasminka 2011-06-03 14:08
Amen to that, Robin. Though there have been some storylines I would have loved to see explored further, I don't really mind that some are left to our imagination.
:-) , Jas