Warning!!!!  If you haven't seen the latest episode of "Supernatural" and the preview for next week, do not read this!  There is going to be plot-based speculation and discussion! You've been officially warned!

Holy mother of monsters, that episode was intense!  When I saw the episode title, I thought maybe it would be a lot of monsters dying and stubbornly held on to that belief for way too long.  Also, if you have never read Agatha Christie's book "And Then There Were None," I highly recommend it.  It's a really kick-ass book.  It's the first mystery book I ever read, and I think in some ways it spoiled the genre for me because it's just so perfect.  Okay, enough with the literary criticism.  On to the speculation!
Eve Is One Creative Bitch
That mind worm thing was horrifying!  Monster parasite!  Parasites are just terrifying to me, and that thing was no exception.  I have to wonder if she had that thing planned the whole time she was talking to that trucker or if she just made it up on the spot.  Because if she has the ability to just create monsters at will at any time, that is insanely dangerous.  Anytime you face her, she could just plop a monster or ten down next to you.  "Oh, you're here to kill me?  Have some werewolves!"  How do you stop something like that?  And I'm very curious just whom Eve was luring to that cannery.  Was it hunters in general so she could take them out?  Or was it specifically the Winchesters?  They are pretty famous hunters, as far as hunters can be famous, so maybe she knows who they are. Also, Dean's like about a "Sherman March monster mash" was hilarious.  I didn't figure Dean for a Civil War buff, but it was a very good analogy.
Next, I am just going to pat myself on the back here in regards to naming Eve as the mother of all.  High five to everyone who agreed with me!  Now, she could just be calling herself Eve for fun and not because she really is THE Eve, but I still like the symbolism of it.  
And did anyone else find it interesting how Eve turned up 10,000 years ago and started creating monsters then?  I don't know why I thought monsters would have been around longer than that.  According to a quick search of Wikipedia, Homo Sapiens have basically been around for 250,000 years.  The first civilization, the Sumerians, basically got started around 5000 BC, which means that Eve was around creating monsters for 3,000 years before that.  I find this very interesting because if you look at a lot of Mesopotamian mythology, there are monsters involved all over the place, especially Tiamat in Babylonian lore.  I could go on and on, but my point is that I liked where they placed her appearance in the Supernatural world because it makes ancient history seem that much more possible, doesn't it?  Perhaps there really was a Medusa, a creature with snakes on its head.  Maybe satyrs and minotaurs and all sorts of things really were real at one point.  This idea pleases me to no end.  Now I want to see Sam and Dean get sent waaaaay back in time to hunt some monsters of the ancient world.
All In The Family
This episode was just chock full of family talk, wasn't it?  From blood ties to emotional ties, family was everywhere,  Of course, you had Eve being the mother of all monsters.  And you had the Campbell Family drama and all that entailed.  But I'm much more interested in the emotional family things happening in this episode than I am the blood ones.  Though, Samuel biting it was pretty great.  Anyway, when Samuel made that crack to Bobby about him being the man pretending to be Sam and Dean's father, oh, I wanted to smack him.  Low blow, man.  I'm so happy Bobby stood up for himself and simultaneously put Samuel down with his response, too, because you do not mess with Bobby.
But what I found most interesting was how they fleshed out Rufus and Bobby's relationship.  They never said how the situation with Bobby's wife got resolved, and I just got it into my head somehow that Bobby managed to stumble upon something that worked and got the demon out, though the damage had been done.  But knowing that it was Rufus who basically set Bobby on the path of hunting was awesome.  And that makes Rufus Bobby's hunter father, in a manner of speaking.  So Bobby basically killed his figurative father tonight, or at least a brother.  Because they hunted together and traveled together and were Sam and Dean, basically.  Until Omaha.  Which leads me to...
The Graveyard Talk
Most of the time, I swear that I can't love Dean more than I already do, and then he'll go and do something like give that speech in the graveyard.  It was just so beautiful in a Dean sort of way because it wasn't flowery or overly dramatic, just real and heartfelt and vehement.  And Bobby and especially Sam needed to hear everything he said.  And let's just take a moment and really think about the fact that Dean spent a year apart from Sam and Bobby, found out Sam was alive and then spent months around this soulless thing who looked like his brother.  He was more alone than I think he's ever been for a really long time, and he just got his family back, really.  And since Dean is all about his family, of course he was going to step up and let them know, in his own way, that no matter what happens, no matter what they do, he will love them and be at peace with them.  Unconditional love.
And Now For Yet Another Hellatus
We're on the verge of yet another long break, and the CW gives us that maddening promo!  Alice thought it was for the next two episodes, and that makes a lot of sense.  And I really have no idea what was happening in most of that promo, but it really made me curious to see the episodes!
What did you guys think about tonight's episode?


# rmoats8621 2011-03-05 01:48
This was a great episode. Lots of questions answered finally. It's sad that Gwen and Rufus died since I really like both of the characters, but I was glad that Samuel bit the dust. I didn't think much of him and his definition of family. I also think that Crowley didn't bring him down from heaven, but actually brought him up from hell with Sam's body. He was that evil. In addition, I'm glad that Sam got to do the "honors" of sending him back to where he belongs... in hell! I hope the boys grab his books/journals because I think they could definitely help them.

The MOTW was good this time, too. It reminded me of one of the Star Trek movies. I think "mother" Eve is going to be an awesome super evil villain and that it's going to take everyone to bring her down, not just Sam and Dean, but Cas, too.
# Junkerin 2011-03-05 07:41
I realy loved this Ep. The MOTW was so scarry!
I think Eve planed to give the worm (or what ever it was) to the truck driver. I don´t think she made it up while talking to the driver. And I think Eve is after the Hunters in general. She layed out a trace to fallow and she got six Hunters! Three of them survived it and got the messeage.
I liked the time issue to 10,000 years ago! They found in turkey a early setteling that is ca. 10.000 years old and as far as I know early settelings in the US can be dated to that time.
Great Episode!
# CitizenKane2 2011-03-05 08:48
Wow. This episode was intense.

I am very curious to find out how Eve and the Civil War in heaven are linked though ...
# joelsteinlover 2011-03-05 09:59
I can imagine it... Winchester + Gladiator Outfits + Old School Medusa = Freak Out!
# Yvonne 2011-03-05 11:21
This was awesome.


The MOTW, creepy! And, I believe, the first time we got a monster that didn't have some kind of human form. Go Special Effects Department!

But it was all the relational/huma n/family element that has me cheering this ep on. The Sammy stuff, the Bobby and Rufus stuff and Dean!!!! Oh I could just...!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) You are an incredibly good man Dean Winchester. Bad Ass, hot, but overshadowing all that obvious stuff, is your core of good. Sure, flawed good, but I think thats the best kind.

Yay for this ep!!!
# Ellie 2011-03-05 12:13
I was genuinely sorry to see Rufus go a great addition to the show .
# fanotheboyz 2011-03-05 15:10
I agree. I really liked Rufus. So sorry to see him go the way of my other favorites: Jo, Ellen, Ash, and now, Gwen too! Ugh. Why? Why must they die??
# fanotheboyz 2011-03-05 15:11
Oh yes, and Crowley. How could I forget him? My favorite of favorite villains! I hope he comes back.
# purplehairedwonder 2011-03-05 12:30
I loved this episode, though I was bummed to lose Rufus (then again, who really stays dead on Supernatural anyway?). His banter with Bobby and the boys was great; Sam and Dean were legit pleased to see him at the beginning and it was fun watching them connect... only for him to go =(

Sam and Dean this episode were wonderfully in sync with each other. One of my favorite moments? Them kicking in the door together. It's a small moment in the grand scheme of the episode but really stuck out to me.

I loved the graveyard scene (except for the Rufus being dead part). Bobby doing some sharing and caring for once, Dean giving the blanket apology... so great. And Sam? Rather than stew, he accepted it.

Oh, and Bobby and Samuel finally meeting? "You must be the guy pretending to be their father." "Somebody ought to." Loved, loved, loved Bobby sticking up for his boys in that scene.

And I'm also glad Samuel noticed Sam was different with his soul, considering the year they spent together. Samuel didn't put up enough resistance to Robo!Sam, so it's good to see him get to "meet" his real grandson before he bit it.

I, too, was wondering if Eve was luring in hunters in general or the Winchesters in specific. Even if it was hunters in general, though, no doubt Sam and Dean will hit her radar eventually. Ah, so interesting.

And did MOTW remind anyone else of the Yeerks from the Animorphs books? Couldn't get that image from my mind.
# nancyL 2011-03-05 13:35
This was another great episode.

I am glad to see the last of the Campbells, but I will mourn Rufus.

First, Gramps insults John, back in 'Exile', and now he insults Bobby, the bastard needs to die. Oh wait, he is now dead. \o/ :lol:

What is better than over-protective big brother? Over-protective little brother, when Gramps got up 'to go to the can', I thought Sammy was going to put the smackdown on him.

Sera is evil, when Sam and Dean killed the worm, but Bobby wasn't breathing. WTF commercial. Sam and Dean are at a gravesite (NO, not Bobby) whew, it was for Rufus (poor Rufus). She is evil. :D

Well, we have until April 15th, to discuss this episode and the direction of the show. Bring it. :D
# BagginsDVM 2011-03-05 14:13
I really liked Rufus & am sad to see him go, but I'm holding out hope that he's one of the characters that doesn't really stay dead. I liked his backstory with Bobby, although I want to know what happened in Omaha.
I'm glad Samuel got what was coming to him, but I still wish he could have realized what awesome men his grandsons turned out to be. There are still a lot of unanswered questions about Samuel, especially who actually brought him back & from where. I'm not buying the "Crowley pulled him from Heaven" line.
Dean's speech at Rufus' grave was all kinds of awesome! That's our boy!
It seems that Bobby has forgiven, or at least forgotten, what Sam did as RoboSam.
On the fun side, I loved how all the guys peered at Samuel's booby trap in unison, & then later all checked their ears for goo. Their identical expressions were too cute!
# AlisonH 2011-03-05 14:51
Loved this episode!! Creepy, intense, dark and just full of little things for fans to notice-- like the 'I Love Polka' sign which had me smiling and the "D!"in Sam's phone contacts.Sam just needs a D! to contact his brother which I found adorable :lol:

I was sad to see Rufus die but not Samuel.He rubbed me the wrong way from the moment he appeared and I won't miss him at all.I loved Dean's "Thank God" when he saw that Sam was all right.The brotherly love is back and that moment warmed my heart :-)
# FMJemena 2011-03-06 23:33
I haven't seen the epi yet, so I'll apologize in advance if any of my comments below showed misunderstandin g of Arde's article.

Will SPN give its own version of how the woman who became The Mother of All Monsters, well, turned bad? Who was She?....Because if all SPN will use as a reason is that she was Biblical Eve who tempted Adam, was turned out of the Garden, suffered birth pangs, and thus became evil---I'll be extremely tempted to give the SPN writers a BIG SMACK on the assess for uninspired thinking.

-- If that Monsters' Mama was really Biblical Eve, I hope the SPN writers put in some smack-down time between her and the SPN God. I would really love to hear the hissing discussion between those two.

If that woman was the real EVE: didn't Zachariah said in S5 that the Vessels had to be Sam and Dean because the Winchester line went straight all the way to Cain & Abel? SO, if that Monster's Mama was Eve, and if Dean and Sam (the descendants of Cain and Abel) are fated to deal/kill 'Eve'...