Preview for “All Dogs Go To Heaven” (6.08) 

Spoiler Alert!!!!

The episode is titled “All Dogs Go To Heaven,” and things get pretty wild when Dean and Sam face dangerous skinwalkers, and mass murders.  We'll also get some more details about Sam’s soul while Dean and Sam are knee-deep in Crowley's business, and not surprisingly, Dean isn't too keen on the idea of working with a demon. 

In the clip, Dean discusses with Sam the job Crowley has given them, and gets frustrated when Sam agrees to go along with Crowley's master plan. Sam, of course, says he knows Dean doesn’t trust him, but he’s still Dean’s brother, and is determined to make things right.  â€œLook, this is a crap situation, I get it, but Dean, I'm still me. Same melon, same memories. I still like the same music. I still think about Susie Eiser.” That peeked Dean’s attention.  “Biology class Susie Eiser?’ asked Dean. Yep, that’s the one Sam says. “Can you blame me?”  Okay, Sam still remembers how to get to Dean.  

All this assumes, of course, that Crowley really does own Sam’s soul, which still is in doubt.  Demons have been known to lie, you know, and while Crowley does have the ambition and desire to take over hell, it really isn’t a sure thing that he has the power to do so.  After all, Bobby got out of his pact with Crowley and I doubt Bobby ever would have been able to get out of a deal with the devil himself. 

In the promo, Crowley tells Dean if they ‘bag’ Crowley an Alpha, he’ll give little Sammy’s soul back.  Really?  Remember demons lie!  And if finding Sam’s soul in the story arc for this season, we wouldn’t see it returned this soon.  More likely we’ll find out who else is involved in all this.  Got to think Raphael is still out there somewhere. 

We also hear Dean saying, “I have done some shady stuff, but I am not doing this”.  What ‘this’ is, is the question as right after we see Dean with a sniper rifle targeting people… hopefully shapeshifters.   I just hope we don’t see anyone shooting pets, but I suspect we will think a lot differently about family dogs after this episode.  Kind of what "I Believe the Children Are Our Future" did to the tooth fairy.

The official synopsis:

IT’S A DOG’S LIFE; Dean and Sam investigate what seems to be a werewolf killing but turns out to be a skinwalker (guest star Andrew Rothenberg) posing as a family dog who is taking revenge on his owner’s enemies.  After capturing the dog, he turns human and tells Sam and Dean that an Alpha skinwalker has created many sleeper cells that will rise on his command and kill their families. The only way to stop the mass murders is to find and kill the Alpha. Written by CW Publicity.  Phil Sgriccia directed the episode and it was written by Adam Glass, neither new to Supernatural.  

The cast (IMDB) includes: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Mark Sheppard, Andrew Rothenberg (Skinwalker/ Family dog), Arien Boey (Aieden Duren), Gavin Burr (Spot the dog), Fraser Corbett (Sparky), Taras Kostyuk (Spike the man), and James Ralph (Cujo). 

CW didn’t release any photos for this episode but there were some behind-the-scene photos I found.

Premiere Talent Management's Photos - Clients on Set has these posted on their Facebook page.


Arien Boey and sister Sarah with the stars of Supernatural, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki and the impala


Arien Boey on 'Supernatural'

And from Aleks Paunovic's Photos - Supernatural (6x08: All Dogs Go to Heaven)


No matter what the episode has in store for the Winchester brothers, Arien Boey will steal the show for me, though the dog is a real looker too. (Ditto for the handler!) Such a cute kid I haven’t seen in a while, and SPN has a knack for finding very talented child actors.  And Jared must have been in seventh heaven on set with a dog.  He couldn’t stop petting the service dog at Chicago con, but then the dog didn’t want him to stop either.  (I can totally understand that!) 

The preview clip and trailer videos for the episode are below.  

And Canada’s Space channel released their promo and preview clip.  If you haven’t seen them, both are below.

Happy viewing everyone!  Come back and tell us what you think!