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Best Political Act By A Delusional God In An Election Year

I'm blaming this award on the fact that this is an election year (even though there wasn't an issue in 2008), but there's no doubt that some poltical statements were often woven into the plots this season.  The main arc ended up being about monsters taking over a major corporation and political figure, and manipulating the public via good old fashioned American values of greed and gluttony.  As someone told me on twitter, it was the attack of the "corporate wank monsters."  

However, I'm not giving Dick Roman or the leviathan any kind of award for their agenda.  It all just wreaked too much of someone trying to tell me how much my lifestyle sucks and how much of a stupid drone I am for being this way.  It's not something I like to see in my supernatural escapism show.  Instead, I'm going with something better from the season opener.    

Come on, admit it.  When Castiel put himself on a stained glass window, that was pretty cool.  Sure, it was a scene setup by the writers to purely convey a back handed slap to religious fundamentalism against homosexuals, but what a way to burn outright fear into intolerance.  He even put in a deity halo!   Talk about an overbearing sense of self importance.  You knew a bad fall was coming, but that didn't take away from all the fun while it was happening.  This is better way to communicate a liberal agenda in an election year.  


Tim the Enchanter
# Tim the Enchanter 2012-06-25 01:42
It’s called the “Peen of Death.
Whoa, wait, Sam's um.... 'peen' has a freaking title, and a encyclopedia entry!! Okay, I'm not sure if that's flattering or frightening.

Though as they said on the wiki page 'yeah, not really seeing a downside here'.

Thanks for these, Alice.

Huh, and after further ah, 'investigation' it seems that the 'Peen of Death' is closely related to the 'Magical Healing Cock'. Awww, poor peen is conflicted.....
# KELLY 2012-06-25 22:24
I'd have to go for flattering. Sure a lot of guys might name their own, but how many are given the title by others. That's pretty impressive.
Tim the Enchanter
# Tim the Enchanter 2012-06-26 06:47
Yeah, I get that being given a title is quite the compliment but the one it has is a little ..... off-putting, and it’s really quite discriminatory and inflammatory against the peen. It’s not the fault of the peen that those who come in contact with it frequently die; Sam himself included. (Whoa, Dean, John and Mary would all have had contact with the peen when the owner of the baby peen was getting his diapers changed and they all died. Holy crap, that thing is freaking lethal!)

I do, however, think the peen needs a good, catchy, positive slogan to offset the bad reputation that its title gives it. Something like ‘Why have la petite mort when you can have la grande (and permanent) mort?’
# KELLY 2012-06-26 12:51
I agree, especially when you consider John, Mary and Dean, that the title doesn’t fully live up to the damage it’s done. Perhaps we could start taking suggestions. Might I also suggest the name give a more positive spin to the nature of its acts. After all some of the most fearsome despots in history have had “The Great” attached to their name or were at least given a title signifying what they were or where there from like, Attila the Hun or Duke of Normandy.
How about Sword of Winchester or Great Staff of Lawrence?
We could go with something like Peen The Mighty? But to me Peen (as great as word as it is) just doesn’t hold reverence needed for the title. Shaft the Indomitable or Anaconda the Mighty would be better to me.

We should probably put together a petition.

Though now that I think about it we better start coming up with something for Dean too. Otherwise the Dean girls will be mad. Although a lot of these would work for him too. He's definitely conquered lots of territory.
# MindiWynne 2012-06-25 08:18
I can't help but think there has to be some category where my favorite phrase of the season fits in; "This conversation does not require a weapons discharge!" (Of course from the infamous warehouse scene in "Hello Cruel World)
Its the lines like that that keep me watching and giggling.
# KELLY 2012-06-25 21:55
I loved that line too!
# Sylvie 2012-06-26 15:19
How about the one from "The Mentalists" from the waiter to Dean: You are a manly manifestation of the divine (or something like that), I agree with that one.
# janiebee64 2012-06-25 10:21
Loved all your choices Alice..especial ly the one of the victim freaking out over beating hearts in her cupcakes. I forgot about that scene, but it was one of my favorites. Just thinking about it now makes me smile.

And so glad you mentioned Bobby's scene with wife Karen about not having children. That was my choice in the fan awards for saddest moment. Both their reactions and the dialogue just is a tear jerker..even Rufus' reaction is heartbreaking. :((

Take care,
# Amy 2012-06-25 11:34
So Bobby regrets not lying to his wife? His last conversation with her and he wanted to lie to her instead pf having honesty between them? yeah, it hurts knowing you hurt someone you loved but I think Karen would rather her last time with Bobby be truth adn real then lies.

But then I think of Wesley on Angel in his last moments with Illeyria "Do you want me to lie to you now?" Wes: Yes.

Course he choose the lie.

But then the demon would have just tortured Karen with Bobby's lie before possessing her. and she would have died feeling every bit as betrayed then.

As to magcal healing....Krip ke once lamented in an interview Jared breaking his wrist as now Sam had to break HIS wrist. After suffering practically no injuries in the near fatal car accident of S1.

I think in Kripke's mind the demon blood was supposed to protect Sam from all injuries. and while Kripke couldn't see that that simple break showed evidence of Sam's deep humanity..... Well to this day those drops of demon blood are probably still protecting Sam,

As to Dean...maybe Cas slipped a little of his blood into Deans liquer? it'd explain the trenchcoat scene.

Could you include a charectors action of fail? I'd nominate Bobby when Sam revealed Lucifer claimed Dean adn Bobby wern't real. The guy, abandons Sam, whom he claims is like a son. No words of support, no look of empathy. Nothing.

Sam needed his family's support and that included the man who keeps claiming Sam is like a son. Instead he looks scared and FLEES from Sam.

Bobby in that moment was an irredeemable FAIL to me.
# Bevie 2012-06-25 14:19
I can't help laughing everytime I hear that the Pontiac Acadian is a piss poor car of all time. Because I drove a 1987 Acadian for over 20 years with no problems and very little expense except for a new battery and gas. I guess I must have had the exception to the rule. :D My dog loved that car and hated my new Yaris.

But no Impala was extremely hard to bear with for most of the season. :sad:

Fun article Alice! :-)
# Mickey 2012-06-25 17:48
Actually, in the Girl Next Door they said Dean only had a couple days left before his cast was due to come off (so closer to a month than three weeks.) And if you rewatch the scene where he walks into the store where he picks up the newspaper, he is clearly limping.

Also, I don't think what happened to Sam can be equated to any normal psychiatric condition. The hand thing was to help him differentiate between what was real and what was a memory from hell, and made sense. Even after the pain in his hand was gone, you the mind can be trained to respond the same way to a trigger.

And the hand thing (and jogging) were not a cure, they were at best band aid solutions. They helped a bit but didn't prevent Sam from completely falling apart and ending up in a psych ward, days away from certain death. What it did take was no less than an angel taking on the torment in his stead.

And recovery time from a brain injury varies greatly. Some people will bounce right back from a serious blow to the head (and this was already a month later), whereas others will sustain a much more minor head injury yet have post-concussive syndrome for more than a year after. And some people develop repetitive head injury syndrome (dementia pugilistica), or Parkinson's Disease like Muhammad Ali, after suffering multiple concussions, whereas other people do not. It's all completely unpredictable.
# MisterGlass 2012-06-25 20:56
Thanks Alice! You nailed three of my favorites: Bobby with Karen, the hearts in cupcakes woman, and the Japanese chef. To me, blessing the sword in the alley was the most brilliant piece of hunting this season. Jensen's deadpanning sold it.

Have to agree that Sam's and Dean's miraculous healing stood out this year. Sam has had how many blows to the head? Too many. And I was little disappointed that Dean's broken leg was just tossed aside in one episode. I know that in Season 2 Jared had a real cast on, but seeing him with it for several episodes felt like character continuity. I would have liked to have seen Dean deal with a cast for a full episode, and then maybe a brace for a while after that.

One thing that stands out about this season that I don't think got mentioned is the weird use of time jumps. Award for most continuity jumps?
# gunznammo2 2012-06-25 22:01
To me, the most odd and uncomfortable and inexplicable scene occurred when Dean pulled the trench-coat out of the trunk of the latest POS car the brothers were using and handing it to Cas like it was the Holy Shroud. Which means, in retrospect, Dean had been moving that coat from trunk to trunk all season - so out-of-characte r and bordering on a chick-flick moment that I actually laughed at that scene. It was pretty cringe-worthy.
# KELLY 2012-06-25 22:54
One big point of contention. You just now watched Firefly. Tsk tsk. Hey did you see Edlund wrote Jaynestown?
# Bunyip 2012-06-26 03:08
I've always assumed that the miraculous healing comes with being Angelic Vessels. Weren't they basically 'bred' to house the two most powerful Angels, Michael and Lucifer? Lucifers' original vessel started to break down after a little while, which means that you need a human body that is more resilient or stronger, one that can heal itself quicker. Castiels vessel has had no such problems. Maybe there's a genetic component, maybe Angels have been selectively breeding humans who can contain them? Thats my current theory anyway ;)
# Sylvie 2012-06-26 15:26
I thoughroughly enjoyed this last installment of season 7 awards. I laughed when you said Sam should have slept with Becky, then we'd know for sure she'd never show up again. That poor boy has quite the track record with the ladies, but oh my, what a way to go! As for Baby, I just bought a fridge magnet that says "No one puts Baby in the corner", nuff said.
Birgit Säberg
# Birgit Säberg 2012-07-02 15:20
Sam, why oh why didn't you sleep with Becky? It would have been the perfect revenge.
This is sooo good! Can't stop laughing!! Agree with you Alice, then we would've never have to meet her again!