Warning!  If you have not seen tonight's episode, "Repo Man" do not go any farther.  Details about the actual episode are being revealed here for discussion purposes. 

Let's speculate?  How about "Let's Process?"  HOLY MOTHER of... Ben Edlund, you did it again.  What a wonderful, complex, very fluid story that dug into the parallels of Sam and his situation with that of a common psychopath.  Funny how that line was blurred in more ways than one. 

Let's start with Sam.  We FINALLY got to see what's been happening in Sam's head all this time.  He hasn't been okay.  He's not only seeing Lucifer on a frequent basis, but his little hand trick only works for a short while.  He's also seeing some pretty vivid hallucinations too.  That scene of people pounding their heads on the desk until bloody in the library got to me!  Sam really had to fight that one hard.  To think, he seemed fine on the surface all this time, but it's all been an act.  And that segues into tonight's parallel...
Jeffrey is seemingly trying to piece his life together after his ordeal being possessed by a demon four years ago.  After his possession he supposedly hit rock bottom.  He lost everything, had a mental breakdown, and now he's on the mend.  But everyone thinks he's a good guy.  He's earned Dean's trust.  Oh, but he's really a sociopath that loved being possessed.  Seems the demon triggered the inner psycho in him and all those desires to kill.  Now he wants his demon back on top of getting to kill again.    
Between Jeffrey and Sam, we got into the heads of two people struggling with their inner demons.  One is a psychopath, the other someone with a moral conscience who's trying to hold it all together.  Interesting though how it was brought up how Sam and Dean breach those moral lines.  Why were Dean and Sam pounding an innocent man to get to a demon four years ago?  We know it was so Dean could get out of his demon deal.  How does that make them different?  
Here's another parallel, what the demon said about possessing Jeffrey.  "All I had to do was loosen the lid on his jar, show him some practical know how."  Mirrors what Lucifer did to Sam, don't you think?  Using the motivation of saving Dean to get him to finally listen to him and talk to him.  That's always been Sam's weak spot.  Just like Jeffrey, once Sam lets the demon in, the results are disastrous.   
Then there's Dean's description of psychopathic behavior in the closing scene.  "He's a psychopath Sam.  That's what they do all of the time is act.  Act like they're normal, act like they're not balls to the wall crazy." 
Whoa, sounds a bit too on the nose about what Sam is doing, huh?  Of course now that Lucifer has control of Sam's mind again, Sam is clearly not going to be able to hide that crazy for long.  So Sam's breakdown begins.  Stone number one has crumbled.  Judging by how often Lucifer has been talking to Sam, he was bound to find a way to get to Sam eventually.  I admire Sam lasting this long.    
So that's what we're left with for the next few weeks while "Supernatural" goes on break.  Sam is back in Hell in his mind, burning while listening constantly to Lucifer's torment.  Damn you Ben Edlund!  Judging by the super tiny and not very informative preview for the next two episodes, things are about to get very bad for Sam.
Here's another few things I noticed: 
  • Why another flashback to season three?  "Death's Door" did the same thing.  Is it because it's the season closest to Sam's current hair length?  Or does it mean something?  
  • Who loved seeing the Impala again?  Flashback or not, I'm so happy.  
  • I've said this before, I'll say it again.  I'm all for people being gutted, but the dog?  That's just not right.  She was a rescue dog!  Jim Michaels tweeted in reassurance that the dog was not harmed.  She's alive and well.  
  • How did that devil's trap get on the ceiling in the warehouse?  It's not like Sam or Nora could sneak in there and paint that.  Did Jeffrey have it there for some really bizarre and unknown reason?  Perhaps another dream clue? If this is a dream, it's Sam's worst nightmare.
What did you think of "Repo Man?" What were your favorite scenes?  Did the final scene of Sam burning in terror turn your stomach in knots and chill you to the bone like me?  How do you think Dean's going handle seeing the consequences of what his brother did to save him?  
It's time to speculate.