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In the aptly titled "Slash Fiction," this week the leviathans are back in full force.    No more Mr. Nice Dean and Sam. This Friday the Winchesters come face-to-face with the evil versions of themselves when two Leviathans clone the boys and go on a killing spree. Yes, Dean and Sam will soon have to take on...evil Dean and Sam! Naturally, evil goodness ensues and executive producer Sera Gamble tells us it might get a little "psychological." 
"It's kind of Sam and Dean vs. Sam and Dean, where we have evil Sam and Dean running around—that's pretty great," Sera teases. "Jared and Jensen clearly had a ton of fun playing the evil sides of themselves. Evil Sam and Dean kind of have a psychological take on why Sam and Dean act the way they do. It's pretty funny."

Besides wanting to look like the Winchester brothers (and who can blame them), what else do the Leviathans want?  "They are very smart, they are very adaptable, and basically they find themselves in the land of opportunity," Sera says about the new arrivals from Purgatory. "They develop the plan that works best for them, and you start to see that kind of evolve over the first half of the season. We'll get more of a taste of what their boss is telling them and why."
What else do we get to see inn this episode?  Well according to Gamble we get our first look at the Leviathan boss.  Now that alone is worth tuning into the episode this Friday.  And the ever evil and debonair Crowley our favorite King of Hell returns.   Now with Cass gone, Crowley is off the hook and comes out of hiding to meet with the big bad Leviathans.  And given the photo stills released, he back to living in the manner to which he is accustomed.

“He did dodge a bullet in the short-term, but there’s never a power vacuum for very long,” executive producer Sera Gamble tells us of Crowley, who doesn’t waste any time trying to get in good with the Leviathans.
Gamble explains, “The next time we see him, we see him talking to the new creatures on the scene and trying to assert his place in the new potential way of order, the new hierarchy. He’s just a strategist. This is how he survived so long, is by saying ‘Alright, boss!’ to… well, to whoever he thinks is the new boss.”
Sheriff Jodi Mills is back this episode and, it’s rumored, we get to see her and Jim Beaver share an onscreen kiss.  And if Jim Beavers tweets are correct, we also get to see him chained to a chair and “having my skin boiled off.”  He also mentions spending the previous day “chopping heads” with a “favorite actor.”  Sure looks like we get a good mix of drama, blood and comedy this week.
We also meet to some new characters this episode.  James Patrick Stewart (Naomi’s dad on 90210) will quest in the episode playing a new baddie named Richard Roman.  (I’m guessing here, he is the Leviathan boss). Show runner Sera Gamble explains: “Richard is a very canny, charming, well-connected new adversary. When we first meet him, Crowley has sought him out specifically to join forces with him to pursue common interests. Put it this way: Crowley doesn’t bring a muffin basket to just anyone.”  

But not all the new characters are baddies.  We also get our first look at first Frank Devereaux, described as a "mad computer genius” and an old “friend” of Bobby’s.  With the FBI on their tails , Dean and Sam need to lay low, and seek help from the cranky computer genius. Frank Devereaux will be played by Kevin McNally and does help the boys out of the jam... reluctantly.
For right now, Frank is only set to appear in one episode, but as part of the hunters' network, there's always a possibility for a return. Hopefully, Frank fares better than the last computer geek who got caught in the Winchester web…R.I.P. Ash (Chad Lindberg).

One of the numerous set report that were released for this episode shows the two evil bros robbing
a bank, where someone dies, and getting arrested for it…or, more aptly put, getting our bros arrested for it.  Than same report mentions Michael Hogan (Colonel Saul Tigh from Battlestar Galactica) on set playing a local sheriff.  
The photo stills released for the episode show what I’m assuming are the evil Dean and Sam shooting up a quiet diner.  (From Alice - or a Biggersons.  They seem to be running with that this year).    

And the trailer released for the episode shows the evil duo causing all kinds of problems for the boys, including robbing and shooting up a bank, and the scene where the real boys are arrested trying to point out the doppelgangers to the cops as the evil pair drive away in an impala. (Yeah, seems they have one too.)  

We also see quick shots of the new baddie Richard Roman (played by James Patrick Stewart) and Frank Devereaux (played by Kevin McNally).  Interestingly we hear Frank saying the government has been cloning people for years.  (Funny!!!)
The Canadian channel CHCH released a promo with more shots on the same aspect seen in the trailer.  Here we do get to hear a local news broadcast on the massacre we see on the trailer.

An extended promo was released today showing a lot of the same scenes, but some new clips have been added.  We see the leviathan Donald Stark captured for Dean and Sam chained to a chair being questioned by Bobby, Dean and Sam. We also see Bobby chained as well.  Care to guess if that’s the real Bobby or another leviathan clone?

In a clip with the boys and Frank we see Frank destroying Sam’s computer and telling the boys they have to hide baby as the clones have an identical impala.    Yep, they do get a different car for the episode which makes Dean very angry and prompts one of the better one-liners from Dean.  “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”  When Sam reminds him that’s a line from a Swayze movie (Dirty Dancing) Dean replies, "Swayze Always Gets a Pass." 

And I LOVE the unicorn hanging from the car’s rear-view mirror.  (Funny!) Hope Baby is sidelined for only this episode.
The promo also shows us a boy in the diner when evil Dean and Sam attack filming the scene with his iPhone.  I’m assuming there is a point to us seeing that and I’m guessing that’s the camera we see Sam talking into telling the world about Dean and Sam.  

We also catch a glimpse of a leviathan law enforcement officer killing and eating someone.
Hehehe…the fun never stops.
Cast (IMDb) Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Jim Beaver, Mark Sheppard (Crowley), Kevin R. McNally (Frank Deveraux), Kim Rhodes (Sheriff Jody Mills), Michael Hogan (a sheriff), James Patrick Stewart(Richard Roman), Joseph Allan Sutherland
Official synopsis: DOUBLE THE WINCHESTERS, DOUBLE THE FUN — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are once again on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list when two Leviathans clone the brothers and go on a killing spree. The subject of a nationwide manhunt, Sam and Dean need to drop off the grid so Bobby (Jim Beaver) sends them to Frank Deveraux (guest star Kevin R. McNally), a quirky surveillance expert, for help. Meanwhile, Bobby continues to search for a way to kill the Leviathans, or at least slow them down, so the real Winchesters can stop their evil doppelgangers. 
John Showalter directed the episode, his sixth for the series.  His other episodes include “Let It Bleed (2011),” “Mommy Dearest (2011),” the hilarious “Clap Your Hands If You Believe (2010)” and “Two and a Half Men (2010)” 
The writer is Robbie Thompson and is new to the series.  In fact this is his first ever episode for “Supernatural” but he has written episodes of the “Cape”, “Ark,”  “Human Target,” and the award winning “Jericho.”
The photo stills for the episode can be found here.

Promos and Trailers are below:

Extended promo:

Canadian CHCH station promo

Christine Kilpatrick from “Hollywood North on Location” took some BTS photos and videos of SPN filming “Slash Fiction” on location in Ladner, B.C.  Dean and Sam are involved in a bank robbery in which someone is killed and body was taken away by the coroner.


Christine Kilpatrick also posted some photos she took the same day.  I have posted some below, but to see them all, click here.  

Happy episode everyone!





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