"You're not real," gasps Sam, Lucifer's hand around his throat. "Right," chortles Luci, "you think this fruit-packed fevered dream is reality? You come back, I'm sorry, with no soul, like some peppy AMERICAN PSYCHO, till Saint Dean glues you back together again by buying you some magic amnesia?" He lets Sam drop. "You're real," says Luci, "I'm very real, everything between is what we call set-dressing." "No," protests Sam. "You're still in my cell," says Luci, "you're still my little biiitch in every sense of the term, Sam." "Sam! Sam!" calls Dean, merging with Sam's hallucination, "you hear me?" His brother's hand on Sam makes him flinch. "Look at me," orders Dean, staring into his brother's eyes, "hey, we gotta button this up. Come on, let's get outta here." Trailing Dean and Bobby, Sam looks fearfully back into the cellar-like room.

Cas, now pretty much covered in blood, his hair flowing bloody tendrils down his face, comes to a fence with a locked gate protecting municipal waters. He wades in, arms outstretched. By the time Bobby, Sam and Dean catch up to him, the water has consumed him, swirling around in a clockwise eddy that turns to black, looking like the world's most horrific water pollution has just been introduced into the public water supply--which, it has. "Aw, hell," laments Bobby.



The Leviathan are in the pipes, realize the hunters, and now they've got themselves a conduit to anywhere. "Awesome," says Dean, who spies Cas' trench-coat lying in the water. Gulping down a sob, bundling up the iconic garment, Dean says, "OK, so he's gone." "Rest in peace," adds Bobby, "if that's in the cards." "Dumb son-of-a-bitch," says Dean, sounding near tears." "He was friends with us, wa'nt he?" asks Bobby, "can't get much dumber than that. Come on, those things'll be comin' up for air soon." They retreat, the Doobie Brothers aptly singing "Black Water" as they exit. A sign reading MUNICIPAL RESERVOIR, NO ENTRANCE FOR ANY PURPOSE, VIOLATORS SUBJECT TO PROSECUTION BY LAW hangs on the fence. Irony, we know.

Water is life. A batch of pretty girls in bikinis are having a car wash. A woman fills a pitcher with water in her kitchen. A little dark-haired girl suddenly finds herself drinking something inky black from a water fountain; at first, she convulses, then she smiles evilly. A man working on his car in his garage notices his wet sink acting oddly; he turns off the radio playing "Black Water", goes to check it out and is splattered with the same ichor that filled the little girl's mouth.

Sam, asleep on Bobby's couch, hears Luci's voice, "Wake up, sunshine! Up and at em, Adam Ant!" It's Dean waking him, who decides 12 straight hours of sleep is enough, gives him a bottle of water and tells him to "Hydrate" and a protein bar and tells him to "Protein- ate." "Breakfast in bed," declares Sam. Dean advises him not to get used to it and asks to see Sam's injured hand (which was bandaged in last week's ep, too). "Aw, he wants to hold your widdle hand," mocks Luci, sitting just feet away, "how sweet." Dean removes the bandage. "You'll live," he says, pouring booze on it. Sam hisses in pain and asks if there's any news. Bobby takes over, bandaging the hand, explaining that there's nothing as blatant as anything going MOTHRA down Main Street. He's sure they'll turn up; they seem pretty eager to stretch their legs. "On to our other big problem," says Dean to his brother, "how are YOU doing--and don't say okay." "I'm not okay," confesses Sam calmly. "Ya thank?" says Dean. "Hey," says Bobby, "go a little easy." "There's nothin' easy about it," says Dean, "we acted like he had everything under control." (Ed. note: What's this WE stuff, Dean, YOU acted like Sam had it under control! Bobby was the one who had doubts.) "I get it," says Sam, "I'm sorry, I didn't exactly want to crack up." When Dean presses, Sam confesses, "It's not just flashbacks anymore, it's more like I'm seeing through the cracks--I'm having a difficult time figuring what what's real" "Hallucinations," says Dean. "For starters," says Sam. "If you're trippin' to hell's bells, why would you hide that?" demands Dean angrily. "I wasn't hiding it," says Sam, "I just wasn't talking about it; it seemed as if you two had enough going on as it was--I figured try and hold onto the safety bar and ride it out, you know? But it's getting more specific." "As if specifically what?" demands Dean.

It's a bit later, soothing alcohol has been poured. "What the hell, Sam?" asks Dean. "I told you," says Sam. "How do you argue with that?" demands Dean. "I know, it's a problem," agrees Sam, shrugging. "I got it," says Dean, "why would the devil Holodeck you a whole new life when he could just kick your ass all over the cage?" "Cause, as he puts it," says Sam (and the rest is said by Sam and Luci in tandem), "you can't torture someone who has nothing left for you to take away." "Very good, Sam," says Luci, pointing an approving finger at him. "OK, fine," says Dean, "but this Malibu dream mansion that he makes for you to take away is this post-apocalyptic mess?" "It had to be a mess, Sam," Luci whispers to him, winking, "or you wouldn't believe it was your life." Noting that Sam is staring at a chair filled with books, Dean says, "Wait, are you seeing him right now?" Sam nods. "You know that he's not real, right? says Dean. "He says the same thing about you," counters Sam. Bobby and Dean exchange a look. "I'm going back to work," the older man says.

On TV, the little girl who received the mouthful of Leviathan water watches the discussion of the mysterious, inexplicable eclipse that occurred. She changes channels, coming across a commercial for Biggerson's pie buffet and a commercial for Dr. Sexy, MD, where being head surgeon means being able to cut into whatever body you want and taking out whatever organ pleases you--without any paperwork whatsoever. The little girl smiles.

Bobby and Dean are watching Sam. "At least he's not curled up under the sink," opines Bobby." "No, he's just silently sitting there, field-stripping his weapons," says Dean, who turns on the GPS in Sam's phone "just in case he decides to flee the cuckoo's nest." Dean is concerned that Sam's the kind of crazy that can't be fixed. Bobby's worried, too, but he has a pertinent question for the elder Winchester: "How are YOU?" "Who cares?" asks Dean--"don't you think our mailbox is a little full right now?--I'm fine." "Riiight," says Bobby in disbelief, "and weren't you pissed at him just a coupla hours before he spilled his marbles all over the floor?" "Yeah, well," says Dean, pouring a coffee, "I'm not Sam. I keep my marbles in a (?) free box." "Yeah, sure," says Bobby sarcastically, "just lost one of the best friends you ever had, your brother's in the Bell Jar, and Purgatory's most-wanted is surfin' the sewer lines, but you're fiiine." "Good," says Dean. "Of course," says Bobby, "if at any time you decide that's utter horse crap, I'll be where I always am--right here." "You wanna do couples' yoga," says Dean, "or do you wanna go back to huntin' the big bads?" "Shaddup. . .idjit," orders Bobby, half-smiling. Dean grins crookedly. (One of those moments I can watch over and over. I should have known something bad was going to befall Bobby!)

Stockville High School - "Up yours, Manning, I still got .06 on your time," one guy brags to another, good-naturedly smacking his buddy's chest. Two teammates who got there earlier and "heard something weird" close and lock the door. Although it's pointed out to them that they're going to get in trouble for being tardy, they guess they're just "too hungry to care." The two attack the other three, leaving gobs of blood spatter in their wake.

Sioux Falls General Hospital - Bobby's friend, Sheriff Jody Mills, is in her hospital bed, post-appendectomy. Her roomie is regaling her with horror stories of a woman who had so many hospital tools left inside her, it was like she was a pinata! Dr. Gaines, Jody's doctor, comes to sit on her bed, assuring her that hers was a textbook appendectomy. "I know you're tough," he says, "but I want you to take it easy tonight." "Works for me, Doc," she says, smiling happily. "The good news is," he says, "I put you down for some pretty fun painkillers." (His voice reminds me too much of that of creepy Pestilence!) She's pleased. He promises to check on her first thing and assures her she'll be back home in no time. Jody is grinning happily. "Charming, isn't he?" asks her roomie, Mrs. Hackett. "Did you know that a study showed that three-quarters of all doctors cheat on their exams? He might not know your appendix from your vagina." (Ed. note: The mental image that crept into my brain is not printable ANYWHERE. Seriously, folks, you'd have to be pretty stupid to mix up those two, right? Imagine attempting to TAKE OUT a vagina? You could accidentally take out a clitoris, I guess, but. . .never mind, the mind boggles, and I don't even want to go there.)

Dean, returning from a supply run, gets bad news from Sam: Stockville, North Kansas - Most of the swim team got mangled to death in their locker room. Bobby adds that it looked like some wild animal attack; whatever attacked them is about the size of a linebacker. "It's a lead," points out Sam, and agrees that while HE isn't going out on a hunt, Dean is: "Bobby's running the hub, I'm 51-50'd, which leaves you to follow this thing up." "Sam, you're in the middle of a psychotic break!" protests Dean. "It's a couple of hours drive," points out Sam, "and it could be our Leviathan thing." "What am I?" asks Bobby--"chopped brains on toast?--I can eyeball the kid, go--work off some of these nerves on something useful." Bobby sits across the desk from Sam. "Fine," says Dean, sounding almost insulted.

Playground - The guy from the garage stands over the little girl who took the first mouthful of Leviathan water. She's sitting on a swing. "You took an awfully small body," he says. "Too small, she didn't know anything," the child complains, "can't even see over the counter." "This one--Edgar," he says, indicating his own vessel, sitting on the swing next to hers, "Edgar worked on something called a demolitions crew--watching things blow up is apparently very satisfying." "Annie knew where babies come from," the child says, "disgusting, by the way. I'm hungry. We all are." "Yes, about that," he says. "I'm sorry!" she says. "Sorry?" he repeats--"they ate the swim team." "Like I said--hungry," she repeats. "That's no excuse," he says. "Well what do you want me to do?" she asks, belligerent. "Get them in line," he orders, "I don't care how. For God's sake, it made the papers. Look, the Boss, honestly, he just wants to hear it's taken care of, so take care of it--quickly--I don't like bringing him bad news. Are we clear?" Actually," she says, "I have an idea. I could use your help."

Sioux Falls Hospital - Dr. Gaines comes across Annie humming "Ring Around the Rosy" behind a privacy screen. She asks, "Are you a Dr. Sexy?" Grinning, embarrassed, he asks where her parents are. "Is it true?" she asks--"surgeons can just cut into whatever body they want?" "WHAT?" he asks. "And remove whichever organs they please?" she continues. "Where in the world did you hear. . .?? "I want to be a surgeon when I grow up!" cries Annie. She grabs his arm and squeezes, hard, her strength apparently leviathan. "LET ME GO!" he shouts, in agony. "AND I WANT TO GROW UP NOW!" she insists, sending Dr. Gaines to his knees. There is the horrific sound of smashing, cracking bones, and we see TWO Dr. Gaines, one on his knees, one standing. The screen is splattered with blood.

A bit later, Dean, aka Special Agent Ian Anderson reports for duty and is told to watch out for the NC-17 schznickel by CSI. (No clue here, folks!) Lockers are toppled over. There's sure a lot of blood. "Damn it," says Dean.

Jody Mills awakens to find Dr. Gaines standing over her roomie, trying to force anesthesia on her in the middle of the night. "Shhh, Just breathe deeply," he whispers. "But my surgery isn't till tomorrow," she protests. "I'm Dr. Sexy--your surgery is when I say it is," the surgeon insists. He knocks her out and wheels her out. Jody pretends to be asleep, but when they're gone, she says, "Not weird at all."

Back at Bobby's, Sam gets a phone call from Dean: "We're positive for ick--same kinda stuff that came outta Cas, and two of the swim kids were missing, they stole one of their parents' cars." Lucifer is sitting there, reading something trashy, and tosses the paper aside, remarking he thinks Prince Waylon has found the right girl. Sam asks Dean if he thinks these creatures jump into people, like Eve did. "I dunno, it makes sense, right?" asks Dean--"anyway, State Troopers got surveillance cam on the kids about six hours old, they're gassin' up just south of the Dakota line, so I'm headin' back your way, just track 'em from Bobby's." "Sounds good," says Sam. "How ya doin'?" asks Dean. "OK," says Sam, sounding sincere. "Hang in there," urges Dean. "Just OK?" asks Luci, stabbing a knife into the table. "I'm havin' a GREAT day!"

Jody, wearing hospital gown and wheeling along her IV pole, heads hurriedly down the corridor. She peers through the window on a door and watches in horror and disgust as Dr. Gaines devours her roomie's liver. Holding her own stomach in, Jody turns to flee, running into her nurse. "Miss Mills, what are you doing out of bed--are you OK?" Jody faints.


Jody's nurse tucks her back in bed. "You gave us quite a scare," she tells her. Dr. Gaines comes in, wiping his mouth as if after a meal. He wants to know why she was wandering the corridor. She babbles that her stitches were itching and she got up to find out if that was normal; she feels fine now. She could have ripped open her stitches after a fall like like, he tells her. "Don't make me go back in there," he warns. Noting the nurse is giving her a sedative to help her sleep, Jody assures them she'll sleep just fine, but Gaines insists--"Doctor's orders. I'll see you later." That's the LAST thing Jody wants, of course, and the second they're out of the room, she says, "Kiss my ass, Dr. Monster Face." "She exits bed and yanks out the IV with an ouch. She feels faint. "Oh no," she mutters.

Bobby's - Finding Lucifer practicing his golf swing, Sam suggests, "If this is a dream and you've got power over it, why don't you just end it?" "End it? This?" asks Luci--"your not knowing what's real, the paint slowly peeling off your walls, c'mon, man, this is the sweet spot, why would I end it? Not like we got HBO in the pit. All I got is you, floatin' over the coals, with half a hope that you're going to figure it all out--there's only one way to figure it all out, Sam--it's up to you--it ends when you can't take it anymore. I think that's maybe why we were cleaning our guns." "Shut up," whispers Sam. Luci shakes his head mockingly at him. "I SAID SHUT UP!" shouts Sam. "Hey Sam," says Bobby, joining him, "you have a little bag lady moment?" "Sorry," says Sam. Bobby hands him a beer and Sam thanks him and says, "You know, after everything, all these years, all that we've been through. . ." "You've beat the devil before, kid," Bobby reminds him. "It's kinda different," says Sam, staring at Luci, who is holding a long, deadly knife over Bobby's shoulder. "You'll get a handle on this, too," Bobby assures him, "you will. You're not in hell anymore--you're here with us." Luci shakes his head and shoves the knife through Bobby's back until it comes out through the very center of his chest. "Ya hear me, Sam?" asks Bobby gently. Sam can't take his eyes off Bobby's pierced chest, even as he calmly replies, "Yeah, I hear you, Bobby." The phone rings. "That's my local," says Bobby, and answers. It's Jody. "Bobby Singer, my surgeon is a monster," she whispers. "Come again?" says Bobby. "He took my roommate and he ate her liver," explains Jody, "listen! His face, his mouth was this horrible. . ." "Who is this?" demands Bobby. "Jody Mills," she says, "SHERIFF Mills!" "Gotcha," says Bobby. "I can't exactly call a deputy here," she says, "when you and I killed zombies that one time, I KNOW you handle this kind of thing, please get your ass to Sioux Falls General before he eats me, Singer!" She hangs up. Bobby stares at the phone a second before he does, too. (And I remembered anew why I LOVE this show so damned much.) "Either Sheriff Mills is having an Obama care insured opium dream, or somethin' is eatin' people down at Sioux Falls General Hospital," explains Bobby, grabbing his jacket, "I don't wanna bruise your ego or anything, but. . ." Sam urges him to go, he'll watch the phones. Right after Bobby leaves, Lucifer appears. "So, just you and me, huh," says Luci with a joyous grin.

SIOUX FALLS GENERAL HOSPITAL - Edgar shows up at admitting with the two high school swim team kids who devoured the other three. The same nurse who helped Jody (and is still normal) insists they must fill out forms before seeing Dr. Gaines, but the latter shows up with forms. "These youths obviously require immediate care," he insists, and whisks them inside. Edgar exchanges a look with the nurse and gives a tour. "This is where they bring their bodies to be fixed, but the truth is, often they die here, instead--and they never question it!" Dr. Gaines tells Edgar. We can feed discretely. A few of us in the right position, we can feast every single day. I'm thinking the Head Nurse and the Staff Administrator first." They come across the latter, struggling, tied to wheelchairs. "I have to hand it to you," exults Edgar, "this is exactly what the boss asked for." "Iron box thinking," brags Dr. Gaines. "You're off the swim team, boys," says Edgar, "time to pursue a career in medicine." The two kids move to attack the two prisoners. "OK, check-in," says Edgar. "You won't stay?" asks Dr. Gaines, "I would LOVE to grab us a good anesthesiologist." "He asked me to check into some other business in the area," says Edgar, "seems you've got things well in hand." Noting silence from the victims, Edgar asks, "Why can't they scream?" "I severed their vocal chords, of course," says Gaines, "a delicate procedure, but very doable." There's more blood spatter as another Leviathan takes over the Head Nurse's body.

Sam is timing himself as he takes his gun apart and puts it back together. Dean meets him at the door and grabs the beer Sam had intended for himself. Dean followed the swim kid Leviathans back here to town and thinks there's more than one. Bobby's working his own case, Dean needs back-up and that means SAM! "I know, you're bonkers," says Dean, "but luckily I just need you to keep the engine running and wait by the back door. And don't let Satan change my pre-sets." (Ed. note: The breezy manner in which he speaks set off instant alarms with me. What about you?)

Bobby hurriedly wheels Jody out of the hospital in a wheelchair and into a cab. She's worried about Mrs. Hackett, who never came back. "You get some rest," orders Bobby, "I'll come back for you later."

In the Morgue, Bobby checks on Mrs. Hackett, who died this morning, was supposed to have foot surgery, has already been autopsied, and looks awfully sloppy inside. "What the hell?" he wonders.

Driving together, Dean asks, "How you doing, Sam, devil still riding shotgun?" "Not right now," answers Sam, "but yeah." Dean suggests professional help. Sam isn't interested in being stuffed full of pills; they'll figure out some other options. "What ARE your other options?" asks Dean, "you remember when Martin took his nosedive and started shootin' at nothin; he started to unravel fast." "I'm not Martin," Sam reminds him. "You are crazy," Dean reminds him, "that don't wash out, you get that, right? You are never going to be OK, Sam." (I remember thinking to myself that Dean would never say these cruel things to Sam, that this had to be Luci talking. What about you? Especially when I saw the hurt and betrayal in Sam's eyes.)

Dean returns to Bobby, ALONE, calling Sam (and still Sammy, notice)? He receives no response. "Aw, crap," he says. (As do I, but more explicitly.)

Fake-Dean (FD) drives Sam to an office building with plenty of windows and five people upstairs. "Damnit, there's five of them," says FD. "Are you sure?" asks Sam. "Yeah," says FD, "and when we get up there, you gotta keep it together." Sam realizes he's holding a gun in his bandaged hand and assures him he will. "Because if you're seeing Lucifer, you could be seeing all kinds of crap, you just don't know," FD says quickly. "How is this helping?" asks Sam nervously. "I'm just sayin', Sam, you're outta control," says FD. "I'm dealin' with it the best I can," Sam says defensively. "Dealing?" chuckles FD--"sorry, that's just funny, how can you deal?--you think this is an office building, right? Sorry. Wrong." FD opens the office building door (Morning Star Endeavors Ltd.) to let Sam in. "Where the hell are we? the latter asks. "You think I'm me?--riight," FD grins cruelly, and morphs into Lucifer: "You poor, clueless son-of-a- bitch." "Stay the hell away from me," orders Sam, backing away, running. "Your world is whatever I want it to be, understand?" calls Satan. "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" screams Sam, firing twice at. . .no one in an empty warehouse. "Now we're getting there," says Luci, re-appearing, "Pinocchio's seeing his strings." "Shut up," commands Sam, whirling around, aiming at him. "It's the big crescendo." "I said shut up!" shouts Sam, firing again. "Wanna point that gun at someone useful?" suggests Luci, appearing elsewhere--"try your face." Advancing on Sam, he says, "Wanna know the truth? Wanna skip to the last page of the book?" He places his finger against the underside of his throat like a pistol and makes a clicking sound. "You know where to aim, Cowboy." Sam, breathing heavily in fear, confused, terrified, ponders it.

"It's like a freakin' doggy bag in here," comments Bobby on Mrs. Hackett's torso. Dr. Gaines enters. "Can I help you?" he asks. Bobby quickly flashes him some ID in his wallet. "You can maybe still help this hospital," suggests Bobby, holding up the file, "who's responsible for this sloppy bit of documentation?" Unfortunately, Gaines recognizes him--"We saw you, through the angel's eyes"--and Bobby, hoping for amnesia, whomps him across the face with a hammer from the tray next to him. This brings out our first glimpse of the face of the Leviathan--a lot of sharp teeth and a forked tongue. Bobby wrests his rifle from his duffel and shoots several times, but the creature reverts back to Dr. Gaines and a bunch of little bugs go crawling away on the floor. "Fair enough," says Bobby, and flees.

Tracking Sam on his GPS, Dean mutters, "This can't be good." He enters the warehouse. "Oh, look, another me," FD tells Sam. Real Dean enters; Sam points the gun at him. "Whoa, whoa whoa!" says RD. "I thought I was with you, Dean," says Sam, near tears. "OK," says RD, "well here I am." Exchanging glances with Lucifer, Sam shakily says, "I can't know that for sure. You understand me?" "OK, we're gonna have to start small," says RD. "I don't remember driving here," says Sam. "That's because I drove--you thought," says Lucifer, cupping his hand to say, "Sam is very suggestible". Sam fires at Lucifer. "Whoa whoa whoa!" cries RD, "Sam, this discussion does not require a weapons discharge!" Sam is terrified. "Look at me," urges RD, "you don't know what's real? I've been to hell. I know a thing or two about torture, enough to know that it feels different, and the pain of this regular, stupid crappy THIS. . ." "How can you know that for sure?" demands Sam. "Let me see your hand," asks RD, "your gimp hand, lemmee see it." "Smell you Florence Nightingale," teases Lucifer. RD grabs Sam's injured hand. "This is real," he says, "not a year ago, not in hell, "Now--I was with you when you cut it, I sewed it up. Look! He presses his thumb against the wound, making Sam hiss with pain, which also makes Lucifer flicker like a faulty light bulb for a few seconds. "We've done a lot more with pain," brags Lucifer. "This is different than the crap that's tearin' at your walnut, right?" says RD, pressing harder, tighter against Sam's injured hand while maintaining determined eye contact, "I'M different, right?" Sam snatches his hand away from his brother. "Yeah I think so," says Sam breathlessly. "Ya sure about that, bunk-buddy?" asks Lucifer. "Sam?" says RD--"Sam?" Sam presses into his own hand with his thumb, causing Lucifer to flicker. "It doesn't mean anything," insists Luci. "Hey!" says RD--"I am your flesh and blood brother, okay, I am the only one who can legitimately kick your ass in real time. You got away. We got you out, Sammy." "Sammy, Sammy," says Lucifer desperately as Sam presses hard against his wound, "I'm the only one who can. . ." "Believe in that," insists RD as Lucifer winks out, "believe me--you better make it Stone Number One and build on it, you understand?" Sam nods. "Yeah, yeah, okay," he says. (Ed. note: This would have been the perfect place for a hug, but Sam's phone rang, damn it.) It's Bobby, reporting from his car that the hospital thing is definitely their kind of thing. "Double-barreled one of 'em in the morgue--silver buckshot, no effect," reports Bobby, "bled black ooze." "Leviathan here," says Sam, looking at Dean. Bobby says to meet him at his house; they'll re-group. "Bobby's got a live one," says Sam.

Driving back in the Impala, Sam assures his brother he's good: "No white rabbits, I'm not seeing anything." "Okay, baby steps," says Dean.

When they pull up in front of Singer Salvage, there's been a ferocious fire, and Bobby's nowhere to be seen.

The brothers frantically search the wreckage. Dean finds Bobby's destroyed hunter's journal. "That place was torched; somebody knew what they were doin'," says Dean. He calls Bobby's special number. The message: "This is Bobby Singer's direct hotline, you should not have this number." "You cannot be in that crater back there," says Dean as the phone rings, and he leaves a message: "I can't. . .if you're gone. I swear, I'm going to strap my Beautiful Mind brother into the car and drive us into the pier. You asked me how I was doin'. Well not good! You said you'd be here. Where are you?" He hangs up.

Sam walks the yard, calling Bobby's name. Dean adds his voice. Amongst the wrecked cars, Sam runs into Edgar. "Winchester," the man says, "congratulations, apparently you two are competent enough to be worth annihilating. I'd take it as a compliment." From the side, Dean shoots him in the head. Edgar falls, but immediately stands up again and attacks Dean, beating him badly before Sam intervenes and Edgar hits him hard on the head with a tool. The brothers maneuver Edgar into position where they drop a car on top of him; black blood oozes out around his exposed hand, gross and satisfying.

Dean, worried, crawls over to his unconscious brother. "Sam, Sammy, I'm the one with the broken leg, you've gotta carry me! Sam!" He reaches into his pocket for his cell phone and dials 911.

In the ambulance, Dean begs, "Sam, stay with me, y'hear? The ambulance tech ticks off Sam's condition to the hospital: "Male, late 20's, head trauma, increasing inter-cranial pressure." Sam opens his eyes and sees Lucifer, who says, "Hey, so maybe I'm not real. Nothing's perfect, but I'm not going anywhere, Sam." To Dean's horror, Sam goes into convulsions. "Yeah, he's seizing," says the ambulance tech, "copy that, we're just pulling into Sioux Falls." "Sioux Falls General?" repeats Dean, panicking--"no, no, no, no, no, you gotta take us somewhere else, anywhere, please!" "Yeah, okay, buddy," agrees the tech, humoring him, putting something into his IV to knock him out.

Back at Singer's Salvage, the black blood is retreating back into Edgar, and the still fingers flutter back to life.


Comments:  I love Sheriff Mills and hope she and Bobby get together someday for marriage and babies.  They both know what's really out there, they're no-nonsense people and if he can't have Ellen, I want him to have Jody.  They lost their loved ones to the supernatural, and could be a cool hunting pair, too, if they choose.  When she orders him to come save her before she is eaten, I wanted to hug the two of them and die laughing.

I love the way Dean got through to Sam, although it broke my heart that it had to be so painful and violent. Then again, torture and pain are Luci's weapons of choice, too, right?  The devil even says so.  I kept begging Sam to realize that Dean wouldn't be so cruel to him, wouldn't say so many mean things, and I was hoping that he would realize that was Luci with him, not Dean.  I'm hoping that, over time, he will learn to tell the difference between Luci posing as his brother and his real brother.


Do you think the Leviathan faces are scary or kind of silly?

Do you think we will ever see Cas again?  It seems they fixed it so anyone can be a Leviathan.  Do you think Cas will just appear as “The Boss”?

How did you feel when Dean fished Cas' trenchcoat out of the water?  Did it make you feel like it was a sort of burial for Cas?

What did you think of the humor in this ep, like the Dr. Sexy references and Mrs. Hackett's story about doctors who don't know the difference between an appendix and a vagina? I love the continuity and how they again mention Biggerson's.  Wonder how many free meals Sam and Dean collected there.

"I can't. . .if you're gone. I swear, I'm going to strap my Beautiful Mind brother into the car and drive us into the pier."  This line choked me up.  What about you?

Are we going to see Bobby again?  What about Cas?   

Now That Lucifer has vowed to keep torturing Sam, what are the chances of his survival, mentally or physically?  I sure hope Dean doesn't think he's won the war for Sam.

I give this ep an 8 out of 10.  I thought it was pretty damn good.