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7) There is a theme about mothers and parallels in the appearance of Mary and Constance are strong (white gown most prominently) in this episode. Was that intentional to suggest Mary wasn't as naively pure as she may appear in this complex game of murder and mayhem?

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Elle2 - I think it was used to set the women in their respective roles: Mary as the loving mother, killed too soon – making the reveals from In the Beginning even more stunning, as well as bringing into sharp contrast the graphic nature of her death with the blood and the fire; for Candace, the idea of ghostly figures being clad in white is so ingrained, I think the choice was made without them even thinking too deeply about it. Then again, perhaps I don’t always look deep enough. ;-)

Metamorphic Rocks - The parallels of mothers - or even more encompassing, of families - definitely seemed deliberate. They are just too blatant not to notice: A dead mother; two children who weren’t allowed to be children (though with very different outcomes); a family forever torn apart by tragedy; the inability to go “home” to what once was – the story parallels abound.

I think having both women wearing white was a deliberate visual parallel that helped illuminate the story parallels. Of course, the ghost mother was referred to as “The Woman in White,” in the lore, so she had to have the white dress. Having Mary in the white nightgown most likely served several purposes: A white gown is a symbol of purity, which Mary would always be in Supernatural mythology, most especially to the character of Dean (even though we later learn she made a bad choice compromising Sam in making the deal with The YED). Also, a white dress has universally denoted an “other worldly” female in works of fiction. Supernatural has certainly used this trope in the past with Mary, Jessica (she appears to Sam in a white dress), Eve, and probably others I can’t recall. The white nightgown also contributed to the horrific nature of that infamous scene when Mary is pinned to the ceiling (the pure white contrasting with the blood red - literally – right before Mary burns). I didn’t see the parallel as suggesting Mary wasn’t as pure as she initially appears (like The Woman in White), but that’s an interesting concept to explore.

Percysowner - Although I hadn't thought about it before, that really makes sense. White is code for purity in our society, but it is established that Women in White are not pure, but instead did damaging things in life and continue in death. Mary wearing white seems to be an example of the white equals innocent and pure view of women, when we later find out she was not so innocent. Since Mary apologizes to Sam in Home, I think it is a good bet that putting her in white was intentionally showing Mary as more than she seems.

Elle - Obviously the mother theme was threaded through the show as well and the imagery of the seemingly innocent mother in white in the forefront. And looking back, maybe it was a teaser choice - Mary wasn't a murderous mother, but she wasn't innocent either, in that her choices led to some serious suffering for her children much the way Constance's choices did. It's only a few episodes later that Mary apologizes to Sam, let's not forget. Both had two children, both made a choice out of grief in response to their relationships. It's not a direct replica, of course, but perhaps just a hint. Kripke is crafty like that, so you never know.


# cheryl42 2015-01-16 21:21
My favorite scene...the moment it started to the moment it ended. :)
# eilf 2015-01-16 21:57
Aw I love the pilot. Sure it's a teeny weeny bit clunky in places but the guys sell it. The entire heart of the show is right there. And ACTUAL horror (ah the good old days)! Scary girl is scary, creepy branch shadow moving impossibly across the side of the house, the two principle women in the boys' lives to that point both killed so awfully. Revenge now required by the brothers - Dean for his mother and Sam for the mother he never had the chance to know or be nurtured by, and for the woman he loved *cries*. The sheer cuteness of the brothers in the first scene they ever shot together (y'all know which one :) ). The fight on the bridge! Someone should do a retrospective of 'important brother moments on bridges' I believe there are a few. If you include 'important brother moments beside water' there is a whole thesis to be written.

I love the escape from the police of half of the Hardy boys due to the quick thinking of the other half, and the later rescue of said other half by couple of devious (and illegal) phone-calls. Actually if they broke phones as often back then as they do now the show might have stopped right there.

The lighting and sets were great, the music was great, the atmosphere was great. The guest-stars were great - hey there's Duane Barry!

I like the pilot a bit (does it show?).
# LEAH 2015-01-16 23:48
I absolutely love the pilot. It wasn't my 1st introduction to the brothers. I had seen a episode from season 2 that caught my interest while channel surfing. I thought it was pretty awesome and went out and bought the S1 DVD and sat all weekend long catching up. The pilot has a special place in my heart because it was the birth of an incredible TV show and introduction to two wonderful actors that I love more each year. From the dark grittiness of the lighting to the great music, coupled with an exciting, surprising story I was instantly hooked. The chemistry of Jared and Jensen just jumped off the screen. I wondered for years what Mary meant by "it's you" and later by her "I'm sorry Sammy" and I am still impressed that it was all explained years later. Sam and Dean look so very young and fresh faced back then.

I very much enjoy these Crew Reviews. Good to see Percysowner included this time. Thanks Nate! BTW where are your thoughts?
# njspnfan 2015-01-17 12:27
I really enjoy these WFB Crew Reviews and am glad you've continued them. Nate - why didn't you chime in with your thoughts? Logged on to the WFB site this morning and it's nice to get away from the Sam vs. Dean wars taking place in the 10.12 About a Boy synopsis article. I thought the pilot episode did a great job of setting up the series. There were a couple of rough patches - the exposition scene on the stairs was a little clunky, but then again, they had a lot of ground to cover in a short scene. And, at the end, it never made sense why Dean came back to Sam and Jess' apartment, but I recall later seeing a deleted scene on DVD which explained it; not sure why they deleted that but, again, a lot of ground to cover in that episode.

The one scene that set things apart, at least for me, was the scene of the brothers researching the case, the way Sam pushed Dean out of the way to take over at the PC. It was a very brotherly thing to do, even for brothers in their 20's, and wasn't that important in the grand scheme of things. But you could see that the actors "clicked", and that attention to small details stood out, at least to me.
Nate Winchester
# Nate Winchester 2015-01-19 18:25
Nate - why didn't you chime in with your thoughts?

I've been busy and not much to say about the pilot other than "like it". ;) Doesn't mean I won't chime in in the future.
# Bevie 2015-01-17 15:54
"What one thing introduced in the Pilot do you wish we had more of these days, (i.e. rock-n-roll, bitch/jerk, urban legends, seeing them scam for cash, be it poker or pool)?"

Haha! ALL of the above! Classic rock for a scene, as in "Renegade" and "Don't Fear the Reaper". The brotherly teasing, as when Dean is covered in smelly muck and Sam says
"You smell like a toilet!" LOL.

Would love to see them scamming for cash as it seems there is no need to do since they found the dragons' cache of gold. They could show them pawning off bits and pieces of it so we know
that is how they are surviving. It was a huge pile and gold is extremely valuable! Always longed to watch Dean hustling pool with some tough guys who would probably want to take his head off later. We did see Sam doing a great job hustle with the poker Witch! Loved that! ALMOST got one of Sammy hustling pool in "I Know What You Did Last Summer" but it was cut way too short when Ruby showed up.

And more urban legends please. Am really tired of dick angels in particular, none have been interesting since Zachariah (great actor). Metatron anybody? And some more disguises than just FBI. Used to be different in almost every episode.

Loved the pilot! Still love it every time! (The boys really WERE boys back then, weren't they? So damn cute!):o:p:p;); );)