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Supernatural Season 9 Hits & Misses - Part Two

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I enjoyed season nine, which made the nitpicks hard to come by (I am not looking forward to season 10 H&M list assembly!), so excuse the loose Misses below. In many cases, it is less that they were extreme/terrible atrocities and more that they garnered a “meh” reaction as compared to other, stellar pieces and parts. So, let's take a look:

Hit: Dog Dean

9.5 dog dean afternoon
This could have quickly gone ridiculous, overly cartoony and too indignant for the Winchesters. Luckily, just the right lines were drawn and it worked, even with the dog. Fun, sweet and worth watching a few times.

Miss: Angel Possession
Unlike dog-Dean, this did take too many wrong turns and ended up in messy territory. Let’s just leave it at that.

Hit: Abaddon’s Death

There are some that won’t agree, but Dean was kind of awesome with the Blade in this scene and Abbadon went out with a surprise and no little amount of fight, so it worked for me.

Miss: Evil/Suicidal Tessa

This character was a good character – initially. And then…. well, let’s just say we didn’t end on a positive note, which is a shame.

Hit: Sheriff Donna Hanscum

Donna: sweet and badass in her own unique way. Instant love. Welcome to the fold, Donna – we’ll be happy to see you any time.

Miss: Leftover Grace

Hi, random filler plot device. Bye, Plot Device. Thanks for stopping in. This was weird and unnecessary. See above: re – angel possession.

Hit: Gadreel Sees the Truth

Despite how he came into our lives, Gadreel (and his portrayer) were interesting additions. Ultimately, Gadreel was a good guy who helped save the day: misguided, but really, how many heroes don’t start off that way on this show?

Miss: Thinman Gag

So many issues with this. Let’s just shake our heads in collective disapproval at the resolution of this plotline.

Hit: Deanmon Surprise

Eyes open. Black. Credits role. Hiatus. Does this require explanation?

Miss: Sharp Teeth

*nitpick alert* This episode is fine overall: the issue is the cultist werewolves – just a bit too much.

Agree? Disagree? Discuss below!

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