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Season 9: Hits and Misses - Part One

Here we have it – season nine Hits and Misses: Part One. Some of the misses are a tad loose – but what can I say, I mostly enjoyed season nine. It wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t too bad. That made the Misses a little rarer to come by, so do bear with me and mind the nit-pick alerts…..

Hit: Winchester Spa Trip

This was a great episode on every level: unique situation, unexpected villain, new monster and of course, wonderful humour resulting from circumstance and character.

Miss: Kevin’s Death

May or may not be a nitpick here – but I don’t entirely support the decision to axe our prophet, at least not so abruptly and so viscously; particularly in the should-be haven that is the bunker at Sam’s hands (even if he was possessed).  

Hit: Cain

9.11 Cain 1217
Loved the character, loved the actor, loved everything that flowed from this storyline. Hit on so many levels!

Miss: Bloodlines

No Explanation Needed. Right?

Hit: “Proud of Us”

This exchange goes down in the classic Winchester moment list. No matter how many times I watch this exchange, I still choke up. The acting, the atmosphere and unspoken connection between the brothers is beyond words. Every time I think they can’t possible top the last death scene, Supernatural has me weeping in a whole new way.

Miss: Fallen Angels


This is a nitpick and it isn’t about the actual falling of the angels so much as the aftermath. In the early seasons when angels were introduced, they were powerful, mighty and superior beings. With the storyline of the Fall, the angels lost some sheen and became more commonplace, which is somewhat unfortunate at times. I still like the old days when they blew out barns with their magnificence.

Hit: Mark of Cain

9.11 mark of cain 1720
New lore, powerful and complex story and weaponry to accompany it – such a small spot to wreak such havoc on so many lives. Brilliant.

Miss: Abbaddon Overstays Her Welcome

**nitpick alert** As baddies go, Abbaddon was a fierce one – and pretty awesome. At first. But then she stuck around a little too long and her witticisms were more irritating then clever.

Hit: Sheriff Jody Mills

Jodie closeup
The sheriff was a great recurrence in season nine – and later too. It was wonderful to see a happy outcome for one of our favourite (living) maternal figures when she was able to adopt Alex.

Miss: Ghostfacer’s Breakup

SPN 0610
Was this necessary? It felt a little dramatic and overdone. Surely, this isn’t the end of the dynamic duo.

Share your thoughts on these below – and look out for part two coming shortly!