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The fans have spoken, and now it's my turn.  As I do every year, I compile a list of awards using methods that are totally unscientific, completely subjective, and somewhat questionable, but always a lot of fun too.  I mean, who else would think up on this stuff?  Bored minds like myself, that are just trying to get through an impossibly long  Hellatus.  As I've done in years past, I've come up with so many awards, it requires two parts!  So without further delay, here's part one of my choices for the Supernatural Season Nine Awards.

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Best Appearance of Sam Winchester's Hair


SPN 1642

It's a fan girl's dream come true.  Sam's out of control hair vs. The Windy City.  No contest, we all win! 

SPN 1661

SPN 1668


# iamsam1013 2014-07-15 08:25
Sam's hair was probably the only good thing about Bloodlines....w hich definitely made me notice it. Too bad it didn't get more screen time.

And I definitely screamed like a true fan girl at Gabriel's appearance. My husband (who already thinks I'm crazy due to this show) thought I'd completely lost it.

I love reading your award choices. Looking forward to the rest!
# VirileManifestationoftheDivine 2014-07-15 12:52
"Sam's hair was probably the only good thing about Bloodlines..."

LOL! Ain't that the truth.
# nightsky 2014-07-15 10:01
LOL! I didn't get past the first award before you had me laughing out loud! As anyone who read the first part of my Bloodlines BTS report knows, I am a native Chicagoan. Recently I travelled to some other city and noticed the conspicuous absence of wind - any wind. I commented to the locals about the unusually calm day, to which they remarked "It's always like this" (after they gave me very confused looks). It wasn't until that moment that I realized how accustomed I am to having wind all the time. I had really thought "Windy City" was coined from several of the other origins scholars have considered, but no, it is true - it is just really windy here! So Sam Lovers, you're welcome.
# cheryl42 2014-07-15 12:44
Maybe they knew that BL was going to be an epic fail so they made sure there was at least epic Sam hair. ;)
I will have to say though that if you were going to show Sam hair fail Jared needs to not look so adorable.
And thankyou nightsky it was greatly appreciated.:)
# Rene4 2014-07-15 15:05
Agree with the opinions on Sam's hair-love it when it is blowy and fluffy and full. BUT-what about Dean's hair. Yea, I know. He's got short hair. But, as a Dean fan, he is always lovely to look upon (except when he had demon eyes-then it was just scary), I do note when his hair is a good inch longer than usual and when he has just gotten a haircut that is way too short. I wish his character could grow his hair just a few inches longer-it is softer around his face and, I think, very complimentary.
On Curtis's role as Metatron-starte d out thinking he was an OK guy-he did save Kevin in that first episode with him. But as time went on, I began to really dislike the character, even to the point of hate and mistrust. So, I guess Curtis did a good job of playing Metatron-at least for me.
# Alice 2014-07-15 16:15
Funny you should mention Dean's hair. There's a story about that! About five years ago I did a fun Hellatus killing feature, "The Enigma of Sam Winchester's Hair" while going through some screen caps for season three, four, and five. His hair just wouldn't behave and the shots were priceless. Anyway, people loved it, but a dear friend asked for an article on Dean's hair. Well, I was determined to rise to that challenge but after days of trying, I couldn't do it! I went through thousands of Dean screencaps and his hair was just about perfect in every one! That made for a very pretty, but rather boring article when Sam's hair had so much wild variety. So, I ended up doing something else for Dean to compensate, "The Wisdom of Dean Winchester." Each season for Dean I do great quotes, for Sam I do hair shots! That's why you see an award for the Dean Winchester smart ass comment. I also have an award for the Most Outrageous Dean Winchester Act of the Year. That will be in the next set of awards.
# cheryl42 2014-07-15 16:29
Smart ass Winchester: Who else but Dean. The hottest sex scene on any tv show and that was with all their clothes on.
Ouch my heart: I'd have to say Sam's face when he thought he had killed Kevin. To expand a little bit Sam had no clue what was going on. One minute he was on a fun hunt with Dean and the next he was slammed with Dean lied to him, had him possessed by an angel who then killed Kevin using his body as a weapon and then had to fight his way out. And he learned this from his enemy Crowley. Dean on the other hand had just told Sam that Kevin's life was worth the sacrifice. And then he was sad that Sam was angry with him.
Best guest star: TO for me he did so much with just one episode. His story will have impact for who knows how long (hopefully long).
Guest star fail: No contest Metatron
Torture: Yes Dean being tortured right along with Sam. No wonder he wanted to kill Gadreel....firs t rule in SPN you don't hurt Sam.
Best monologue: Hands down Crowley. Crowley can never die.
Surprising episode: So agree 4A's. I have great hope for RB
MOTW: Pishtaco ewwww.
Slumber Party: the witch, Dorothy, Sam's room, Crowley and flying monkeys...what' s not to love.
And the prophet knows all.
Very much looking forward to part 2
# JuliaG 2014-07-15 19:19
I agree about most categories, especially Sam's hair! Oh I wish he would get a haircut.

2 exceptions:

Ouch my heart: The look on Sam's face when Dean said he's "do it again". It was quick and didn't linger (of course) but to me was heartbreaking. Poor Sam. Also, yeah, when he realised he killed Kevin.

Worst torture: Physical: Poor Sam having rods implanted into his head
Emotional: Dean refusing to acknowledge Sam's pain (I'd do it again) As you can tell, I hated Dean saying that. No wonder Sam went off on him after.
# buffsgirl 2014-07-15 19:50
Alice - You made me laugh out loud several times but the one that really got me was the Best (Worst) Batshit Crazy Moment! :) Too much!

And..... if you ever do run into a Pishtaco.... wouldya help a girl out and send it my way? ;-)
# Karen 2014-07-19 00:27
Hi Alice
Love your picks, so far.
I must agree..Sam's wind-blown wispy hair is much more appealing (sexier) than the flat greasy look.
Dean and his smart ass comments....It' s one of the many things I love about Dean.
I also loved the conversation between Castiel and the woman in the church.
Believe me if my local health club had a non killing Pishtaco on staff, I would sign up.
Talk about your
"Best Moment in an Episode That Made Me Scream Uncontrollably Like The Estatic Fan Girl I am"

My heart actually stopped when Castiel turned around to find Gabriel behind him. I was so excited seeing one of my favourite characters. However this excitement quickly turned to total heartbreak when my TV screen immediately went black and the horrific words "We are experiencing Technical Difficulties. Please stand by" were displayed. The station did not restore until well after the episode ended. I of course handled the situation like the adult, mature woman that I am. Although my nephew, who was watching with me may say otherwise, I can assure you I did not uttered the words ' What?....Are you serious....NO! This can't be happening.... This is a joke right? It's the show doing a Trickster prank....It's going to come on any moment now....any moment now....come back any moment.....NOW! You SOB!.... Have you any idea how long I've been waiting for the return of Gabriel! You stupid f@#king station!' :D
Can't wait for part two... Cheers!
# NOLANOLA 2014-07-19 15:17
THE WISDOM OF DEAN WINCHESTER eh....must retreat to the batcave or MoL bunker and read these articles.
Best monologue of the show and there are great one's. I re-watched untold amounts of times, is the CROWLEY AT DEAN'S DEATH BED speech.
# NOLANOLA 2014-08-18 19:55
pretty sure they were in season 8 but I tried to post there.
Yours of course is my favorite this season about GETTING MIXED SIGNALS :D:p:);)