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Sometimes these remixes write themselves. Sometimes you get so many possibilities it's hard to pick. Though I've fallen behind on the series working on a fanfic contest so I'm kind of cheating a bit by having this remix sort of tie into the next...

917girl I lost my faith.
917sam2 How? Why? You saw that demons were real AND that Catholic exorcism rites expelled them! Most never witness such a confirmation of their faith ever in their life!
917girl Uh... well... see I...
917sam2 Hold on. Where's Dean?
917girl Who?
917sam2 My brother he...
917girl Son it's just been me and you here the whole time.
917sam1 So whatcha doing?
917dean1 Looking for Abaddon.
917sam1 Did you try that spell Dad and Bobby and even we have used before?
917dean1 ... This is why we broke up, Sam.
917sam1 Huh? No we're back together now.
917dean1 Yeah we did... except you're not here...
917dean2 Did you just make an STD joke?
917crowley It's what I do, why are you surprised after all the times we've hung out?
917dean2 We haven't hung out before.
917crowley You want to kill Abaddon, don't you?
917dean2 Yeah, now that she's scratched up my car!
917crowley But... the Mark of Cain...
917dean2 What about it?
917crowley You have it.
917dean2 No we were talking about getting it. I think...
917sam1 It all seems... familiar.
917dean1 How so?
917sam1 Like when I didn't have my soul.
917dean1 But you didn't paint anything with your blood.
917sam1 Yes I did.
917dean1 ...True. But you did it to escape, not write a manifesto.
917sam1 Touche.
917dean1 And you didn't go postal on random people.
917sam1 Well maybe everyone experiences soullessness differently.
917dean1 Then how do you know they're soulless?
917sam1 Because they're acting like me.
917dean1 But the don't act like you.
917sam1 Because people experience soullessness differently.
917dean1 Then how do you know they're soulless?
917sam1 Because they're acting like me.
917dean1 ...
917sam1 ...
917dean1 You been feeling deja vu lately?
917sam1 It's not deja vu... Believe me after Gabriel I know.
917dean1 But things feel... out of sequence, don't they?
917sam1 Yeah... think the time traveling we've done has something to do with it?
917dean1 Or maybe something's happened after our grandpa and Abaddon came here.
917sam1 I don't think so Dean.
917dean1 Then what could it be?
918metatron M: Dammit! I knew I should have numbered these pages.


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# Lilah_Kane 2014-05-12 14:32
All I can say is: Lol! An that is a compliment. :D
# cheryl42 2014-05-13 03:50
# eilf 2014-05-13 13:18
This was really one of the season's better episodes for me :D I like your take on it so far, sometimes Winchester logic does not resemble our earth logic! You are spot-on with the 'I recognize this, it must be soullessness'. If it had been the other way around I think Dean might have recognized it as Croatoan (since Sam only saw one Croatoan victim and Dean met a lot more).
# cheryl42 2014-05-13 14:43
Except Sam saw a boatload of them in the wharehouse in TMTM.
# Puck 2014-05-13 14:46
Nate ftw. You always make me laugh, and I needed it today.
# digyd 2014-05-13 17:26
lol! That soulless explanation part was the best of the rest. They took a huge leap with that one. I know Sam is smart, but that must have been his psychic ability coming back into play. I still didn't really see it as soullessness even after he said it, but clearly that's because it affects everyone differently - and that's how you recognize it. I'm getting dizzy.