If you have not seen tonight’s episode then beware that there are spoilers below.

Brief recap: So this was an interesting diversion. Episode opens with the murder of a taxidermist and we know we’re about to get all kinds of weird. But we did get a second Game of Thrones reference and I’m so totally reading that as telling me to compare show to the cable show that features incest. *Linda waits for Sam to lose his hand.*

Back to the boys, who have apparently rescued Kevin from a ho-down weekend in Branson that left him hungover. Really? I mean does Kevin not get a Vegas weekend as well? I call discrimination! *Linda feels bad for the teenage prophet whose action probably included a male impersonator of Dolly Parton.*

Anyway, it was a funny episode, for sure, and proves yet again that Jensen Ackles can do comedy, like for real. The episode was a straight forward “monster of the week” with a human who dabbled in shamanism to put off death, kind  of like you know letting your brother be possessed by a supernatural being to stop death, but I’ll let that go...for now. *Linda hates your angel, show.*

So the main case was tracking down the weekly villain, who was eating animals and animal parts. At first they think it’s the owners of a vegan bakery who are animal rights activists. They started “SNART,” which totally should be funny but kind of falls flat. Anyhoo, it turns out the real villain is a gourmet chef. Dean figures out that the first victim’s dog, the Colonel (who has an amazing voice), was indicating he knew something so Sam calls Kevin and gets a magic spell so Dean can talk to the dog. Because you know how Dean loves dogs. Comedy ensues, which includes Dean playing fetch, Dean barking at a postman, Dean ogling a poodle (and now I have trauma, forever), Dean talking to all the animals including a rather hilarious exchange with a pigeon (because animals have a universal language like Esperanto), Sam petting a gay yorkie for information, and Dean being alpha of the dog pack. I’m waiting on my A/B/O fic now, show. Don’t tease if you won’t please.  *Linda types out other fanfic tropes and puts in envelope addressed to writers’ room.*

Now the snark reviewer in me wants to note the abundance of kinks in this episode, but I’ll refrain and let y’all do that, for amusement’s sake. But there was pussycat eating, so yay for the metaphorical vagina. The episode ends with the bad guy chef trying to eat Sam, who was healed by Zeke after getting slashed in the throat, so bad guy thinks Sam is a super-duper crispy happy meal with cool toys – seriously, I’m not making this up. Dean interrupts dinner. Chef Villain eats a wolf heart and is two seconds away from a knotting meme when he is killed by a pack of dogs, Dean’s pack. (Not kidding, really). Of course we had to have the deep, not very subtle discussion about the cost of stalling death by unnatural/supernatural means. The episode ends with a new trope for this season - Dean being woobie over a dying person and looking like Jensen Ackles lost his shoe. The final act includes Sam’s “WTF is happening to me” face and Dean’s “I got guilts” expression, as well as Linda’s “I’m going to burn everything with Zeke in it” rage. *Linda focuses on Ackles doing puppyplay.*

Top Five Favorite and Creepy Moments:

1.       Dean ogling the poodle. I’m shipping Doodle.

2.       Dean resisting the urge to sniff Sam’s butt and lick him.

3.       Jensen Ackles comedic timing. Pure frigging gold.

4.       Sam trying to not laugh at his bitch of a brother.

5.       Sam petting the gay Yorkie.

Top Three What the Hell Moments:

1.       Zeke. Always Zeke.

2.       Kevin, the disappearing prophet and new Bobby.

3.       No Cas mention…who is somewhere being homeless.

Theories for the week:

Theory, the first: Ardeospina mentioned that she thinks perhaps the duel Game of Thrones reference may be a hint that the show will follow the battle for king of Hell.

Theory, the second: I think Sam is smart enough to know Dean is lying and will get more curious as time goes by and as Zeke starts to take more control, outside of Dean’s purview. Zeke is like a kid who needs boundaries or a demon child who will suck your soul from your body.

Theory, the third: I believe Kevin will become a burlesque dancer in Branson and choose “Zelda the Welder” as his stage name.

Theory, the fourth: Serious theory – I think that the theme for this season is the consequences of the brothers’ love and that Dean is eventually going to have to learn that letting Sam go means letting Sam be. Dean has played fast and loose for a long time with near god-like powers. He’s made decisions that were not his to make and I think the chef was a way of not paralleling Sam but confronting Dean with the maniacal nature of desperation. Even though the chef’s physical nature was close to Sam – being possessed and being healed – his emotional state was much closer to Dean’s.

Feel free to share your reactions, theories, and other thoughts below.