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You know, after going back and doing a careful re-watch for this recap, I really found myself being sucked in by Jimmy's sad story and Misha Collins' stunning performance. More so than the first two times I watched this. 

Jeremy Carver is the writer, Charles Besson the director. Since both are rather established on this show by now, I'll just state up front it's another well done effort on both parts. Of course, the acting is incredible. With that out of the way, let's get started.
Nah Na Nah Na Nah Na, Fishing! 
(Guess the reference everyone!) A red and white fishing lure bobs along tranquil waters, and I'm instantly intrigued. Fishing in the teaser? So does some sort of lake monster appear? Wait a minute, is that Dean? It is! He's fishing, alone? He looks so…content. Castiel appears, and now I suspect this is a dream. Yep, it is. So Dean dreams about fishing along with picnics of Lisa? Man, if I were him, I'd never wake up.

Dean might be calm, but Castiel is edgy. "We need to talk. It’s not safe here. Someplace more private." Dean points out the obvious, they're in his head. Apparently, that's not private enough. Others maybe listening. Now I'm wondering how many angels out there are watching my dreams? Considering I often always dream about being naked in public, I'm disturbed now. I know, TMI.
Anyway, Castiel hands Dean a piece of paper with an address and Dean wakes up. The world is dingy again. Sam and Dean complete with flashlights check out the designated place, and it looks like an A-bomb went off. A as in "angel." They find the symbol that Anna drew in her own blood in “Heaven and Hell” on the wall. That means an angel was sent somewhere. Then they find Castiel among the wreckage, out cold. Man, he looks more hot damaged. 
Except it's not Cas! His voice is less authoratative and slighty higher pitched, just so we can tell the difference. The guy's name is Jimmy, and Castiel is gone. Time for a touching hour of "get to know your vessel."
Birds, and wouldn't it be cooler if those were angel wings? Just a thought.
Back at the motel room, and Jimmy is choking down take out like he hasn't eaten in months. Oh, that's because he hasn't. Sam and Dean watch with equal fascination and concern. Dean's worried he'll get angina just by watching him eat. Now you know how Sam feels Dean.

Sam asks what happened back there, noticing it was an angel battle “royale.” Is that like the "royale with cheese?" (Another obscure reference.)  Jimmy doesn’t remember anything other than a flash of white light. Sam asks if he remembers anything about being possessed. Bit and pieces. "It's kind of like being chained to a comet." "Well that doesn’t sound like much fun," Dean says. "Understatement," a still chewing Jimmy replies. It's nice to see someone other than Dean trying to talk with his mouth full.
So what does Jimmy remember? Not much apparently. He doesn’t know what Cas wanted to tell them. His name is Jimmy Novak, he's from Pontiac, Illinois, and he has a family. Hmm, the same place Dean was buried and risen from the dead? I'm still dying to know why Sam buried Dean there. Is it some sort of celestial center? I wonder if that will ever be explained.
Jimmy has the first of many flashbacks to the time when all this started. It’s one year ago. He's having dinner with his wife and daughter, and they join hands for the blessing, pointing out with many anvils that this is the All-American devout Christian family. Everything is perfect, that is until Jimmy is woken up from sleeping in front of the TV on the recliner by the ear piercing screeching of angel. He clasps onto his ears and yells in agony, then goes into a full blown seizure. At least the glass isn't exploding and his ears aren't bleeding like Dean's early Castiel encounter.
Sam and Dean are outside discussing Jimmy. Dean wants to get him a bus ticket home since he has a family, but Sam thinks he knows something but doesn’t know it. Sam wants to get him to Bobby’s, try hypnosis or a psychic or something. Uh guys, you got the last psychic killed, remember? I think Bobby is out of favors with the psychics department. Sam points out it was angel on angel violence, so whatever has happened, its big. Their only lead is Jimmy.
Dean shakes his head, and it’s so clear how much this one eats him up this week. â€œRemember when our job was helping people, like getting them back to their families?” Yeah, you don’t need to tell us that times have changed. Sam claims he’s being realistic. I call it being a party pooper. Sam believes that if they want to question him, the demons will want to too. Dean throws his head back, accepting that Sam is right. 
So, they break the news to Jimmy. He isn’t happy, and doesn’t believe that he has a demon bullseye on his back. He’s done and he wants to go home. â€œI’ve been shot and stabbed, and healed and my body’s been dragged all over the earth, by some miracle I’m out and I am done. I’ve given enough, okay?” Buddy, you haven't put in anywhere near the time Sam and Dean have, and they’ve actually died. Twice.    
Sam jumps in, pointing out his safest place is with them. â€œHow long,” Jimmy asks. â€œWe’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.” Jimmy is now furious. What sort of reaction did you expect with that answer Sam? Jimmy tries to leave, but Sam won’t let him, claiming he’s putting his family in danger. â€œSo what, now I’m a prisoner?” â€œHarsh way to put it”. Sam's been behaving like quite a dick lately, hasn't he? Maybe he needs to have fishing dreams.


# Lynne 2009-05-07 14:04
I love your reviews, Alice!
# Tigershire 2009-05-08 01:28
A very, very long summer. Especially since I'm writing this after watching the new episode.

Shell shocked is my current state. I can hardly wait for your and Elle2's reviews.

So, I didn't get the fishing reference but I did get the Pulp Fiction one. :-)

Now it's time to process....
# Bethany 2009-05-08 17:56
like Tigershire I'm reading this after seeing yeserdays episode and i'm still stunned. I watched it before I went to work and was distracted and upset all day. In the rapture - i liked the elements that foreshadowed the future, the change in cas since he met dean and how he's changed since he got back. what did they do to you? but it was also interesting to see another family and how they got caught up and ripped apart in this war. sam and dean aren't the only ones who've given up everything and i think it's good for them to see that.
and yes it's going to be a long week let alone a long summer