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Impala pulls into motel in a great overhead shot (anything that glorifies the Impala wins with me), and Sam walks over. They can't find Traci. Go figure!  They're greeted by larger than average kid in a great astronaut suit. "Trick or Treat". Dean tries to get out of the fact that he ate all the candy, and tells the kid bluntly, "Well I think you've had enough." Ouch Dean! Kid flares the evil eye, and somehow we know that's not the last Dean's seen of him. No candy means war! 

You know what else means war? Coming back to find two angels waiting for you in your motel room. It's so rude to drop in unannounced. Sam pulls the gun but Dean tells him it's Castiel, so Sam turns into a humble pile of mush. "Oh my God" he says, and then realizes that might not be what you want to say to an angel.  Aww, he's so adorkable as he stumbles over his words and offers a handshake to an angel that's 2,000 years behind on human customs. 
Castiel eventually takes Sam's hand after a long awkward stare, shakes it, and then grips it with his other hand as well. "Sam Winchester, the boy with the demon blood." Well that's one way to say hello. "Glad you hear you've ceased your extra curricular activities." Yeah, I'm as confused as Sam is right now. I suppose "bless you my son" would have been out of character though. 

Other visitor says "let's keep it that way," and Dean responds by calling him "Chuckles". I think it's safe to say he's not sweet candy with sugar on top or a dead clown on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Pleasantries end for urgency is at hand. Did they find the witch? Umm, yes and no. Castiel pulls out the discovered hex bag from the wall, and they share that they're looking for the witch. Um, I don't think the angels believe that's good enough. 
The raising of Samhain is one of the 66 seals. While Dean talks with Castiel and Uriel about their lack of humor over his Lucifer remark (those angels are so damned touchy), Sam's eyes move back and forth in the background, clearly disturbed by all this. Yeah, I'm with you there Sam.   

"Lucifer cannot rise. The breaking of the seal must be prevented at all costs." I would pay attention to Castiel's urgent warning, but I'm too distracted by how outrageous this week's motel room is. Brown walls, bright purple bedspreads, an emerald green couch and red and green square tiles? Quite an eyesore for an intense discussion between two almighty angels and some minions. 
Dean asks Castiel where's the which, for they'll "gank" her. That's the third episode in a row to use that phrase. How about a thesaurus guys? The same can be said for the word "dick", but that's coming later.  The witch is too powerful even for the angels to find her. She's cloaked. She's a witch Castiel, not a Klingon. I dunno, I'm not buying it. If they can pull Dean out of Hell and heal just about every scratch on him (even restore his virginity), they can't find one witch? 
Sam's gung ho on finding the witch, but Uriel isn't happy. Dean wants to know who the Hell Chuckles is, for it's clear he doesn't like him. Castiel identifies him as a "specialist." Dean asks what kind, and now he and Sam are very worried as both angels give that "you tell him" stare to each other. They're warned to leave town, for the angels about to destroy it. Ah, Chuckles is a "smite first and ask questions later" type of angel. 

Sam is shocked that they would consider such a thing, Dean is mad. "I understand this is regrettable," says Castiel. I'm with Dean, they're going to murder 1200 plus innocent citizens and it's described as regrettable? Man are these guys out of touch. Castiel goes for the "bigger picture" argument, and Sam pleads for a chance to save the town. Instead of getting a blessing for his work, he gets called a "mud monkey" by Uriel whose ready to do some smiting. That gets a reaction from Sam, who lectures the angels on how they're supposed to show mercy. 
"Are you both a couple of hammers?" Dean asks, very mad now. Come on Dean, the plan comes from heaven, it must be just. Castiel throws the fact at Dean that he obeyed every order John Winchester gave him. Nope, that doesn't impress Dean one bit. He walks up to Uriel, flares his badass, jaw-clenched glare of defiance, and announces they are not leaving town. He guesses that the destruction is not supposed to happen with him there, since he's worth something to the man upstairs.   
Pulling rank on two angels? That's pretty ballsy Dean. I guess Castiel's warning of obedience so far didn't sink in. Dean goes to Castiel, announces they're finding the witch and will stop her, and Castiel pulls a "talk to the hand" on Uriel. "I suggest you work quickly." Hmm, they bought that? Something is up.   

Oh no! The Impala! It's been egged! Poor baby. That's more tragic than anything I've seen all season. Egging Dean would be fine, but the car? Dean's pissed, looks all around and shouts, "Astronaut!" That even manages to get Sam to crack a smile, who desperately needs it right now. 



# halloween 2009-06-17 22:59
if this is ture that he is in the winchester famly. he has a lot yet to come. and the storys of his home! :roll::
# halloween 2009-06-17 22:59
if this is ture that he is in the winchester famly. he has a lot yet to come. and the storys of his home! :roll::