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Back to Sam, who finally looks up and catches the frosted glass in the car up above. He climbs up just to get kicked down and slammed into a windshield of one of those classic cars below. Ouch! Little girl comes down but Sam still has frame of mind to swipe her with a crowbar. Poof, she's dust. Bobby does the same with the other girl and Dean inside does the same to Meg by shooting down an iron chandelier in this rather large extra room Bobby has upstairs. Man does he have a big house.  

Dean guesses they're people they couldn't save, which really adds to Bobby's guilt more than anything. Dean mentions the brand on the hand and Sam remembers it from Henriksen. The things you remember as your head connects with a porcelain sink. Sam draws it on a piece of paper because he's still a walking encyclopedia of weirdness. The lights flicker so Bobby grabs some books and declares they're going "someplace safe you idgit." I swear I need to come up with a pet name for Bobby.
A confused Sam and Dean follow to the basement, where Bobby opens an iron door and reveals a supernatural panic room! Walls made solid iron coated with salt, a ceiling fan with a devil's trap, tons of weapons, a desk and a bed. I'm wondering why Sam and Dean never spotted the giant iron door before. You'd think they would have checked it out by now. 

Sam and Dean look around as the camera point out every detail. Bobby closes the door and mentions the wall are "Solid iron, completely coated in salt. One hundred percent ghost proof." Sam smiles. "You build a panic room?" "I had a weekend off." Ha! Dean then looks at him, grins, and says "You're awesome."    Then he sees the dated poster of Bo Derek from "10". She doesn't look like that now. If anyone remembers the scene of Bo Derek running down the beach with dreadlocks while "Bolero" plays in the background, well, you're old like me. 

Sam and Dean are making the rocksalt shells and Dean brings up the God thing. He brings up the philosophical question for the ages. "You see, this is why I can't get behind God. If he doesn't exist, fine, bad crap happens to good people, that's how it is. There no rhyme or reason, just random, horrible, evil, i get it, okay, I can roll with that. But if he's out there, what's wrong with him? Where the Hell is he as all these decent people are getting torn to shreds. How does he live with himself, why doesn't he help?"
Sam avoids an answer this time, looking at Bobby. "I ain't touching this one with a ten foot pole." Bobby found the symbol, mark of the witness. The witness to the unnatural. They didn't have ordinary deaths. They were forced to rise and woke up in agony. He doesn't know who it is, but the spell is so powerful it left a mark. This is called the "Rising of the Witnesses," which is an ancient prophecy from the non-tourist version of Revelations. Judging by the Hebrew he was reading he has the real doom and gloom version. This is a sign of the Apocalypse. Man I'm going to have to put in some time studying my biblical folklore. I always goofed off in Sunday school. Then again, they weren't teaching the end of the world to fifth graders. 

Dean can't grasp this. ""¦the four horsemen, the pestilence, five dollar gallon of gas apocalypse?" Ha! Sera Gamble's been following the SAG negotiations. Sam wants to know what they do now, Dean says road trip. "Grand Canyon, Star Trek The Experience, Bunny Ranch." Dean really needs to take that trip to Nevada and Arizona he's always wanted.  Hear me now Mr. Kripke, I demand we get the episode! Spoof it as a Supernatural version of the Brady Bunch, I don't care. I just want to see it. The Star Trek Experience is closing, so they better hurry, but they've got plenty of time for the Bunny Ranch. I think Sam would get more out of that trip though. 
Bobby wants to survive what's out there first, and has a spell to send the witnesses back to rest. It should work if he translates it correctly. I have faith he will, because Bobby is that awesome. They have to do it over the open fire in the library. With shotguns loaded they come out and run into Ronald from "Nightshifter". He was a lot cooler in that episode than this one. Bobby blows him away because he's not sucked in by the guilt like Dean.  "If you're going to shoot, shoot. Don't talk." That's straight out of The Good The Bad and The Ugly, the best of all the spaghetti westerns. Bobby is the winner in the best lines contest tonight. 

Bobby sends Sam upstairs and Dean to the kitchen for needed supplies while trying to ignore those little girls during his setup. Sam searches and I'm wondering what's in all those bedrooms at Bobby's house, especially when Sam and Dean slept on the couch and floor. Sam runs across Meg who calls him out on what he's been doing lately. Why doesn't he send Ruby back to Hell for possessing all those people like her? "You're a monster!" Sam gets angry and blows her away. Hmm, doth protest too much Samuel? She's got you there.

Back to Dean, who faces Henricksen in the kitchen and again Dean is ridiculed by guilt when Henricksen tells the gruesome tale about Lilith's long torture in the jail. Henricksen reaches right into Dean's chest and grabs his heart! Yikes! Henricksen really twists the guilt screws now, asking why he died while Dean was saved from Hell. Why does Dean get another chance. I think Dean's trying to figure that out. Dean grunts in agony but a shotgun appears and Sam blows Henricksen away. "You alright?" Sam asks.   "No!" Dean yells while writhing in pain. What answer did Sam expect? 

Back in the study with Bobby and Ronald appears in front of Dean. "I'm going to eat you alive." Dean replies, "Well, I'm not a cheeseburger." Huh? What happened to you are what you eat?   Anyway, Meg, then Henricksen, then the girls over and over again come after them. Sam and Dean blow them away while Bobby does the ritual, but they can't load the ammo fast enough and Dean's shotgun goes flying. A desk slams into Sam, and I get really disappointed. I was waiting for Sam's powers to kick in and he throw the desk off with one hand swipe. He thought about it judging by his look but we don't find out because Meg does the heart grab trick on Bobby. Dean casts the bowl contents into the fire and the ghosts go away.  Crisis averted.